10 Best Managed Web Hosting Providers for Your WordPress Website

Maintaining a website or blog made with WordPress is no more a simple task. With WP getting updated on a regular basis, a special care should be taken of everything .i.e. content, marketing, site design, choosing a good WordPress Development Company and many other things. So in order to make your website work smoothly, you need to make sure if your WordPress hosting provider is not giving you any kind of issues.

Nowadays, most of the hosting providers focus on cheap and quantity solution, but they miss out the quality at lower cost. They provide with a shared hosting provider which are the best option for startup, but not for a medium-sized or business website. So for these, a managed hosting is preferable. This newly sprung technology is becoming popular among bloggers and developers using WordPress development. This managed WordPress hosting aims at providing faster loading times, better security, and expert WordPress support.

The servers of these hosting services are configured in such a way that it provides better and faster performance of the website made by any WordPress Development Company. Here are the finest hosting for WordPress.


wpengine hosting

This is one of the best-managed hosting options available in the WordPress development. It is costlier than other managed hosting service providers but it is because the hosting provides great support, fast loading times, and more secure servers. It is a team of WordPress experts will keep your site fast and secure and also is a popular hosting company. Brands like HTC, Foursquare use this! It has a one-click backup and restores process included in all the hosting plans. This also scans the hacking attempts and also it fixes if the website gets hacked. Any major WordPress development Company can help you with its easy installation.

PROS: It can easily add CDN to your website.

It offers a great support.

It makes your website work faster.

It does not require any caching plugins.

CONS: It is expensive.

Offers lower flexibility.

2. SiteGround

Total Domains:


  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .info
  • .us
  • .biz
SiteGround domains insights provided by webhostinggeeks.com for 21 Sep 2017

It is the perfect option for those WordPress development services who are looking for cheap hosting providers. It provides unique WP security and speed solutions at an affordable price. It offers WP installation, free domain name, support, free WP migration, email accounts and a lot more only at $3.95 for a month. It is one of the top preferred hosting services as it makes the website work faster and safer by using latest speed technologies and free SSL Certificates.

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PROS: It offers convenient auto install along with an auto update.

It offers comfortable staging features at a very lower price.

It comes with Git, WP-CLI pre-installed and also migrates WP for no added cost.

The security team is very proactive. They have account isolation option and regularly patches security exploits of plugins. An efficient WordPress development company will always recommend this plugin.

CONS: It is available only with Cloudflare.

3. Flywheel

flywheel managed hosting

It was built by designers with an aim to offer managed hosting that specifically suits the needs of the customer. It is not only a perfect hosting provider but also streamlines the workflow of web designers. Some of these feature easy collaboration, billing transfers to the clients, and staging website. With this, multiple websites can be managed.

PROS: It offers quick load times for the website.

Along with easy scalability, you can use any of the plugins out there.

It has a highly-qualified staff of WordPress experts who takes care of your requirements.

CONS: It lacks the clout of big names like WPEngine.

It is also more expensive.

It may be difficult for you to learn a new interface on the top of all those recently used by you.

4. Bluehost WP hosting

It is a promising WP hosting that offers fast, secure and managed hosting services. It offers the service at an affordable price. It’s the lowest plan that allows 100 million visits every month and includes 2GB RAM, 30GB storage and 30GB backup storage. It also offers advanced Cpanel, 24/7 support, and up to 5 WP sites management for added convenience. For this hosting, security is the major aspect and hence comes with a SiteLock CDN.

PROS: Comparatively affordable.

SiteLock security, VPS and also includes ManageWP.

CONS: Expensive than some managed WP hosting plans.

It may not include all the features listed in the plan.

It doesn’t scale up as high for the largest developer requirements.

5. Kinsta

It is a very fast managed hosting solution powered by Google Cloud Platform. It is different from other hosting services as it offers unlimited visitors and unlimited page views with all of their plans. So if you are beginning with a new online business you should prefer this to host your website so that you don’t have to switch between hosting plans after receiving traffic on your website.

PROS: As powered by Google Cloud Platform, it offers server-level caching which gives your WordPress website a competitive advantage when comes to performance.

With Kinsta, you can assure that your website will be monitored every day.

Extra visitor or page views won’t be charged extra.

CONS: It is costlier than other shared hosting services.

6. Pagely Hosting

This is one of the popular WP hostings which emphasises on security. It focuses on high-class security and fast loading websites. It offers an auto update of WP core, plugins and also offers daily backups and a PressArmor WP configuration.

PROS: Highly rich with features.

Focused mainly on security.

Offers PRESSCDN and varnish caching that result into quick loading of sites.

CONS: It is not affordable for everyone.

7. Pressable

When launched, it was known as ZippyKid. Pressable is now a unique hosting service that advertises itself as rated #1 in customer satisfaction. The services provided by this are built on custom RackSpace hardware. It has an appealing list of clients and testimonials. It charges $25?month and is capable of 15000 shared pageviews per month.

PROS: You can totally rely on this. It is recommended by most major WordPress Development Companies in the USA.

It is a high-quality hosting which is mainly designed for businesses.

It scans malware and removes.

Alco contains SFTP, SSL, and CDN.

CONS: Costly as compared to other hosting providers.

It may not offer very largest plans for those who has an extraordinary requirement.

8. WebSynthesis

This is a hosting service is a hosting server that makes use of NGINX architecture to result into twice traffic while consuming ⅛ of the resources. It uses MediaTemple dedicated server. Its plan starts at $ 47/month. This hosting service was produced by the developers who produced Genesis theme framework.

PROS: As it uses NGINX, offers fast load times.

Comes with SEO and contenting marketing tools.

It includes Site Sensor uptime to monitor and enhance security features which will, in turn, provide high-end security.

CONS: Costly than other competitors and is out of reach of new developers.

9. WordPress.com VIP

It is the first hosting provider that came into existence. It is totally different from the general web hosting services. It charges $5000 per month. It is totally aiming at higher traffic websites such as Time, GigaOM, MSNBC, and TechCrunch. It is a perfect option for those who are looking for an enterprise level solution.

PROS: Best hosting service from the makers of WordPress itself.

It includes SaaS, CDN, backups and 24/7 support.

CONS: Costly.

As it is apt for enterprise level people, it is not at all an option for new developers.

10. DreamHost

It is among the largest hosting providers that hosts 1.5M sites. It offers instant provisioning. It doesn’t use Cpanel and provides their own control panel software. It isn’t complicated to learn the system. It makes WordPress setup easier and effortless.

PROS: It provides 24/7 support.

Provides better page speed

CONS: It does not provide phone based support.

Thus, you can choose your Hosting easily now!

Author Bio: The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a professional WordPress development Company & global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.


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