10 Crucial Tricks To Wrap Your Ecommerce Store From Fraud Protection (2021)

Although eCommerce is expanding over the web with a huge popularity across the globe, there is an equivalent risk of theft associated with it. Security is a crucial concern for any business and for eCommerce it becomes much more important as being transparent and open-source.

The risk of fraudulent activities is increasing at the same rate with which number of customers using the online users are rising. It becomes quintessential in this context to follow few preventive measures that can safeguard you against suspicious activities and a big loss.

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Different Ways in Which Online Fraud Can be Conducted

There are basically 2 major ways with which fraudsters are doing their deeds. These are-

Identity Theft- It is simply the act of stealing the username, password, credit or debit card details and other related information of some other person to perform transaction.

Account Takeover- It happens when the intruders hack into your database via different phishing schemes and take control over your online account. From there, they can change password and make it tough to log in and can easily perform evil deeds.

Any eCommerce website development company can get affected from the above threats and thus it becomes quintessential to follow few safe measures to be protected.

Tips that You Can Follow for Being Safe in eCommerce

Employ 3-D Secure

Three-domain secure can be treated as an effective security protocol to offer protection in online debit and credit transactions. It is offered by several credit schemes to ensure that a customer is a legit credit card holder. This process allows them to have a unique username and password for their card.

3-D Secure method has the ability to offer a liability shift that states that you can avoid paying high chargeback fees. Precisely, this security feature protects your store and your customers as well.

Set limits

To set transaction amount limits by a single user is quite helpful for being safe. This will ensure that when you get hacked, you be in minimal loss. In eCommerce world, it is important to keep safe from your end by following few attentive steps so that you will be in minimum risk.

Prefer PayPal

PayPal can be considered as the safest way for eCommerce stores. PayPal employs multiple ways to keep your online store secure. Passwords in PayPal asks for account logins to ensure that they won’t be cracked easily.

Regular Update is Must

Regular updates of your website and hosting systems are required to maintain full security. Some of them are done automatically and some of them require action. It depends on what kind of ecommerce platform are you using. In case. it’s WordPress or other CMS, keep your themes, plugins and CMS version always up to date. You might want to look for hosting which includes updates and backups in their services, you’ll save time!

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We also recommend using EV SSL certificate for ecommerce stores which will protect your customers with HTTPS protocol. It’s very common technology required by most of the customers!

AVS and CVV are preferred

AVS -> Address Verification Systems -> is an important tool for detecting frauds by comparing the address on the credit card with the address which is recorded on the credit card company.

CVV -> Card Verification Value> is the three digit number which you can find at the back of the card that can be used as an extra tool to keep fraudsters away. It’s a bit harder for scammers and easy for the actual owner (holder of a card).

Suspicious Orders Need to be Reviewed

An alert eye can keep you away from big losses. If you notice any kind of suspicious activity or find something above ordinary, it is the alarming time to check if everything is going right. Like for say, if someone will buy 20 sets of televisions, it is a matter of concern. Similarly, fake email addresses, suspicious shopping address and multiple orders for the same time are few negative activities that needs to keep track of.

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Tracking numbers for all orders

You can combat with chargeback frauds by giving tracking numbers for every order. It is of great importance for retailers who drop ship where you will get a unique number for all the orders to preserve them from theft.

Layering the Security

Layering your security is the easiest way to keep your business safe from cybercriminals. Firewalls are the essential element to stop attackers from breaching your network and gaining access to your critical information. Adding extra layers of security to a website and few applications such as login boxes, search queries and contact forms is must. Implementing these measures ensures protection on E-commerce environment from application-level attacks such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Secure eCommerce Platform

Your eCommerce store must carry a robust platform that makes the use of object-oriented programming language. An effective platform allows admin panel to be inaccessible to the attackers completely removed from our public facing servers. Moreover, some added protection can be offered with a secondary authentication to verify users with an internal Windows network.

Strong Passwords Will Also Work

Although it is the responsibility of retailer to keep customer’s information safe from back-end, customers can also use a strong password for maximum protection from their end. An optimum password requires the combination of minimum number of characters and use of symbols or numbers. Long and more complex login details will make it tougher for criminals to breach your site from the front-end.

Sum Up

It is a hot topic in recent times to protect your eCommerce store from fraud. This is because it is the most preferred gateway to perform smooth business over the web. It increases the number of users doing online shopping and thus risk of theft increase in parallel. The above stated factors are of much help in keeping an online store safe enough, far away from any malicious activity.

Author Bio: This blog post has been written by author who is an expert web developer at CSSChopper and loves doing technical write-ups related to eCommerce safety. His writing skills are solely meant to make people aware of fraudulent activities and suggest them measures to be safe.

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