10 Things That Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework In 2019

Laravel is the best PHP framework of today. If you are not much familiar with a word ‘Framework,’ I would like to mention that in software development industry, a software framework is providing generic functionality that users can change by additional code.

Thus, the framework allows developers to connect to various APIs and lets them determine the structure of the application in question. The ultimate benefits of software framework are many including:

  • It eases work on the complex application
  • It allows reusing code for fast, smooth, and clean development
  • It promotes consistency in code, cut bug incidents, and bring flexibility in complicated application development process
  • It eases testing, debugging, and quality assurance jobs

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Laravel PHP Web Framework

Let’s have a brief introduction of Laravel at first glance.

  • Laravel is a web framework or web application framework specifically designed to support web development using web services, web resources, and web APIs for various purposes
  • Laravel is an accumulation of PHP classes that can alleviate the overhead related to common web development activities by helping web developers through various ways. Thus, it makes customization of an application easy
  • Being an open source PHP framework, Laravel has a big growing  community
  • It is based on MVC paradigm and capable of delivering results quickly and accurately
  • It focuses on performance, features, and scalability, so modern web developers love it

However, these are common features that you can meet with other leading PHP frameworks too. Now, the question is that what are distinctive characteristics of Laravel framework that can render it the best PHP framework in 2017?

Let’s see roughly ten things, which can establish as one of top PHP frameworks in 2017.

1) Object Oriented Programming Libraries

Laravel is enjoying a unique position in the world of the framework by offering a variety of pre-installed libraries. The highly useful library of Laravel is the Authentication library to provide advanced login and database security solutions.

Other advanced OOP features are checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, and encryption.

2) Database Migration

During development phases, developers are making frequent and tons of changes in databases of the application through different development interfaces and development machines. Therefore, updating database needs secure and faultless data migration or synchronization at the end of work or the day.

For easy migration of databases, developers have to keep database work in migrations and seeds, which may make migration easy so the life of developers!

3) Artisan Included

An artisan is an awesome tool developed for Laravel to use Command Line Interface. It has a big list of commands built-in, and you can see it by issuing ‘PHP artisan list’ command to it. Moreover, it offers building custom commands tool to modify according to your needs and preferences.

The role of Artisan is to

  • Make a controller
  • Make a model
  • Be service provider
  • Migrate data
  • Create test data using tinker

4) Excellent Caching

Caching mechanism in the software industry, particularly for web-based software where frequent access to remote servers, databases, and other resources taking place. Caching mechanism acts as a buffer and provides the best performance for websites or web application interacting with remote resources or services.

Laravel provides faster solutions for web caching such as pre-built support for Memcached and Radis. It improves development process significantly.

5) Routing

Laravel makes routing easy and quick process during development. The developer can trigger route with greater flexibility in the application and control to match the URL.

6) Composer

We know composer is highly useful in software or plugin installation and updates. Therefore, Laravel supports and uses composer feature for its installations and updates.

It allows developers manage those processes easily. Composer manages dependencies easily and lets the developer declare, install the library dependencies or update it. This sweet help makes Laravel cloying for PHP developers.

7) Excellent Authentication & Security

Configuration: In Laravel, almost everything configured well, and it provides features to organize authorization logic as well as control access to resources.

Authentication: Thus, Laravel implements authentication simple and enhance the security further. It also offers HTTP basic authentication, authentication drivers, and authentication of users.

Password Protections: Other security measures available in Laravel, which are the use of salted and hashed password, so it never saves as plain text to retrieve easily from the database. Besides safe storage of password, it offers password reminder and reset features.

Encryption: Moreover, Bcrypt is hashing algorithm to create an encrypted representation of password to make it stronger.

Avoid User Input: To deal with injections, Laravel uses prepared SQL statements. Apart from this, Laravel provides a way to ignore user input, hence chances of user injection of the script tag.

8) Dependency Injection

To manage class dependencies, Laravel has an excellent tool, IoC (Inversion of Control) container. Dependency injection methods help in removal of hard-coded class dependencies. Therefore, this feature highly used in Laravel.

9) Automatic Pagination

Laravel is capable of simplifying the task of implementation of pagination. Therefore, it automates the pagination process by replacing usual manual implementation methods.

10) Template Engine

Laravel has an intuitive templating engine called Blade, which helps developers to work with typical PHP or HTML spaghetti better way. Moreover, Blade comes with no performance overheads for your application.


With these insights, we can say that we are Laravel is a superb choice for your PHP framework. If you are a business and want to leverage Laravel for you next PHP-based website development or web application development for your bespoke requirements, you must find out an impeccable team with skills in the latest version of PHP programming and Laravel framework for it for 2020.

Author Bio: Arang Vyas, CTO at Perception System, a leading Laravel PHP Development Company, founded in 2001.

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