10Web Image Optimizer For WordPress (2021): A Review

If your WordPress site has slow page load speeds, the first thing you should do is to check the size of the images used on your pages. The underlying cause could be that there is vast difference between the natural and display sizes of the images used on your site. Image optimization can help significantly increase your page load speeds. Page load speed is a crucial factor in user experience (UX), which is itself a big factor in search engine optimization. 10Web is a comprehensive WordPress management and optimization program that provides you the right tools to optimize your site’s images.

Need for Image Optimization

Images can be compressed up to a fraction of their original size without compromising on quality. Among other benefits, image compression helps in saving storage space. Compressing images to a higher degree can allow you to add more pictures to your webpages. This will help enhance your site’s looks and allow you to present web information in a more engaging and useful way.

Optimizing all the images on your website could be a time consuming and cumbersome task. 10Web is a platform that allows you to maintain your WordPress website, manage one or multiple WordPress sites from a single interface. The platform comes with +60 premium WordPress themes and plugins that will help you enhance the design and functionality of your WordPress site.

So let’s dig in one of 10web services – Image Optimizer, and see what features it has.

10Web Image Optimizer Features

10Web provides you with image optimization plugins to boost your WP site’s page load times. The main image optimizer features of this platform are as following:

1. Automatic Image Optimization

Once you install image optimization plugin, all you images added to your pages will be automatically optimized. In fact, there is a scheduled optimization feature. The program even allows you to set up when your images are optimized. Set your site images to be optimized daily, twice daily or even hourly.

2. Multi-Image Optimization

The system allows you to shrink one or multiple images all at the same time. This will help you save valuable time. Whether it’s the existing images on your WP site or you add new images, you can have all of them optimized automatically without having to go through the process one image at a time.

3. Different Compression Modes

When it comes to image optimization, it is not a one-rule applies-to-all principle. Different images have different levels of importance on your webpages. 10Web allows you to choose and set different images at different compression modes. The 3 different levels are extreme compression, balanced compression, and conservative compression.

4. Convert to Different Formats

Another advantage of using 10Web is that it allows you to convert the images into the right format based on your needs. So you can convert select image files in JPG format into PNG. GIF files can be converted to PNG, PNG into webP, JPG into webP, and you can also do vice versa. Convert the images into file formats that address your specific needs.

5. Control Image Quality

10Web also allows you to optimize the quality of your site’s images. You can determine the quality of the PNG, JPG, PDF and GIF files. There are 4 different quality levels to choose from, including:

  • Maximum Lossy
  • Lossy
  • Lossless
  • No Compression

This furtheradds an entirely different dimension to WP image optimization.

6. Optimization Reports

You can also check the compression results for each image in detailed reports. Generate a wide range of reports to help you achieve the desired results.


Whenever someone visits a page on your WP site, the page and its files have to load on their browser to be made visible. Images are relatively large sized files and loading the heavy images every time a page loads, can slow down your site. Page load time is an important factor in search results. If you were to optimize each image on your site, it can be a time consuming task. But with 10Web you can ensure that not only are the existing images optimized, all the newly added ones also get optimized on an automatic basis. The plugin optimizes each image’s quality, compression, and format to ensure that the best result is achieved.

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