3 Reasons Using Container Technology when Developing an Application

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Software developers spend long hours and sleepless nights perfecting the code of an application that they are developing. You see, programming code is very sensitive. Something as simple as an error in spacing alters the functions that they aim to achieve, so the developer must really pay close attention to details at all times.

Given that, one could just imagine the frustration that they feel when they run the application in another computing environment, and they see that it is not working as intended. This happens because the computer that they developed the software in might be configured differently from the unit that they are now testing the application in. The differences in configuration might have altered the code and other back-end settings of the product.

What’s annoying is that these problems are not really obvious. The developer has to review every detail to see what went wrong. You could just imagine how time-consuming and annoying this process is.

If you don’t want to experience something like that, then using Docker’s container technology is something that your IT business should consider. We’ve outlined here the three major benefits of using this on-the-rise technology.

It affords application portability

In a nutshell, what container technology does is provide a safe and highly portable operating system for an application. This means that all the files that are needed to run the specific software are isolated from the rest of the computing unit in which it is developed. These files are saved in a single container.

When the application is tested in another computing environment, the container that contains the isolated back-end files is easily transferred to that other unit. Again, it is still isolated from the configurations of this new unit so no ‘code contamination’ or alteration is expected.

It allows for the isolation of issues

Because the portable system that the application operates in is isolated from its host computing unit and from other applications in that unit, it is essentially protected from getting infected with digital viruses and malware. This makes the application and the saved data within it safe and easily retrievable, especially in cases where there is a security breach.

The technology is still being improved

Recognizing that their product has great potential in the programming world, Docker has decided to keep the technology open to every interested developer. This means that people can have access to its source code so that they can make modifications to the technology’s functions as they see fit. The various ways that the product is customized by its users give the company an idea on how to make it better in the future.

Aside from this, Docker as a company also has a lot of business partners who are willing to invest millions in research and development to make the product much more efficient.

Because of all this, there is indeed enough reason to believe that container technology is the present and future of the programming world. With this, it is truly important for you as a business in the IT field to make an effort to learn Docker. There are professional training programs that you can easily avail yourself of online.

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