3D Cart Review (2021): Build Your E-commerce Store

You can find all the tools you need and so much more in one platform – 3dcart.

3dcart is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that you can use to quickly and easily build your own business on the internet. Their plans come with hundreds of built-in features, as well as access to an app store with even more integrations. They also boast that their selection of payment processors is larger than any other cart. 3dcart makes all of this available for a price that businesses of all sizes can afford.

As you can see, this platform does a lot, so there’s a lot to cover. I’ll go through each of these, one at a time.



When you create a website with 3dcart, you get access to a wide variety of built-in features. They cover an extensive range of needs, from customization to SEO to just giving your customers more options for their shopping experience.

Having such a comprehensive set of features has been important to 3dcart from the very beginning. Before founding the company, Gonzalo Gil did commission work that involved customizing shopping carts for companies. He noticed they would keep making the same requests for custom features.

Taking inspiration from this experience, Gil eventually created his own shopping cart and included as many features as he could. That way, anyone trying to set up an online store would have all the tools they need, and all the tools they might want.

The following are a small sample of them:

  • FTP Access

If you want to make in-depth customizations to your site’s layout and files, FTP access lets you dig right into the code and make changes there.

  • Built-in SEO Tools
    Increase your website’s ranking on search engines with a variety of features and methods. Alter URLS and page titles, add meta-tags, and more.
  • Real-Time Shipping Calculation
    You don’t need to surprise your customers with the shipping fee. Instead, you can have that fee update in real time as they adjust their order and pick a carrier.
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
    Reduce cart abandonment rates by saving customers’ carts. You can even send them a reminder email, in case they forget.
  • Dropshipping Support
    Any business interested in utilizing a dropshipping model can connect their online orders with trustworthy supply companies through 3dcart.
  • Massive App Store
    3dcart has many friends, and you can have access to all their software. Find the integrations that work best with your needs.

The best part is that all the features I just mentioned are part of the most basic payment plan. Now I’ll tell you about a few that you can get with the more high-end plans.

  • Automation Rules

Customize your software to automatically run email campaigns, add customers to groups, change the statuses of orders in progress, and more.

  • CRM

Use this module to encourage and keep track of interactions with your customers.

  • Pre-Orders

Some people just can’t wait until release day. Activate this feature and they’ll have the power to pay for an item before it even comes out.

Payment Processors

One factor that makes 3dcart stand out from the competition is the sheer number of payment processors they support.

Some platforms only give you the choice of using the three or four most popular gateways. Some bump that number into the tens, or maybe even the twenties. 3dcart’s selection includes more than 160 gateways.

This astounding diversity does not come at the cost of quality and safety, either. By signing up with this ecommerce platform, you can easily get your website certified as PCI compliant. Once you meet those security requirements, you can guarantee that your customers’ private information remains private, no matter which processor they use.

On that note, this varied selection does not come at a more literal cost, either. You can use any of these payment solutions without having to pay any fees for integration. 3dcart and its partners won’t skim from your business’s transactions, either. Everything we do is for your convenience.

Your payment processor options include the usual suspects like Paypal, Square, and Stripe. However, they also go far beyond.

Digital Wallets

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More and more people are using digital wallets for their online shopping, especially mobile users. You can ride this wave and choose for your store to accept payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Masterpass, Allied Wallet, and others like them.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Banks classify certain industries as more high-risk than others, and many of the more popular processors may not want to work with your business. You can integrate some of the ones that cater specifically to businesses in these industries, like PayKings, eMerchantbroker, Maverick BankCard, Plug’n Pay, and others.

International Gateways

3dcart doesn’t only offer payment providers that work for American-based companies. They have gateways that are supported in many countries all over the world. Whether you’re based in Denmark, Nigeria, or Singapore, you can find something that works for you.

All in all, 3dcart has all the tools you need to create your own online store and run it with a strong sense of control. On top of everything else, they have a 15-day free trial so you can try all these features, check out all these payment providers, and learn more about the platform. Give it a shot today and see if it’s a great fit for you!

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