4 Content Marketing Trends for 2021

Content is still and possibly always will be the king of marketing. But the scene of content marketing is an evolving space. What is trending this year will be replaced by something new in the coming year. While short limited words keywords have been the trend for quite a while, longer-tail keywords have started gaining prominence recently. Thus, you have to be on top of the latest trends every year to ensure the most effective content marketing.

The post below offers a brief on the top content marketing trends to check out in 2019.

1. Content customized for voice search

The increasing popularity of smart assistants like Alexa or Siri has fueled the concept of voice search big time today. Also, the majority of the population prefers to browse the internet from their mobile phones now. Speaking is easier and faster than typing especially when you are mobile. So the growing use of smartphones as online browsing devices has further boosted the popularity of voice search of late.

Thus, one of the biggest trends of 2019 is to construct marketing contents customized for voice search. The example of long-tail keywords mentioned in the first paragraph is one of the vital features of contents for voice searches. We tend to use longer sentences while speaking. But when we type, it’s usually limited to a handful of words. Thus, you have to use long-tail keywords if you have to tailor your content for voice search.

2. Relevant and original contents

Around 80% of consumers have noted their preferences of personally pertinent contents. In fact, relevant and original contents have shown to influence purchase intents to a great extent. Thus, one of the vital trends of 2019 content marketing strategy is the elimination of clickbait copied contents and increased use of relevant and authentic contents.

You have to be really informative and creative with your contents this time. If you are not that confident of your creative instincts, it’s better to consult professional content writers. Focus on extensive research to make your contents more data-packed than your competitors.

In regards to making the content more relevant to your audience, you have to stress on personalization efforts. Personalized content is specially tailored to the reader’s preferences and likes. You can count on the feedback of your customers to help you here. After they make a purchase at your store, just ask them to post a review. Encourage them to write about both the best and weakest parts of your service. This information will enable you to arrange your future content accordingly.

3. Multimedia content

The word “content” today is not just limited to textual pieces today. It also includes images, videos, charts, and infographics. The human brain is designed to capture visual information faster than the textual part. Hence the visual quotient of your content will ensure a quicker reach compared to a text-only content.

Now, textual content is still significant. But the current trend is to support the textual piece with imagery, video and other visual information. But be careful to use high quality and polished images for the best impact. If your shooting skills are not that great, you can always fine-tune your photos with a photo editor program. Movavi Photo Editor is a reliable tool here and it is packed with both basic and advanced editing tools. From cropping a photo to eliminating unwanted objects to adding special effects- you will be able to do all with the Movavi program. Find more details of the product here https://www.movavi.com/photo-editor/.

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4. Collaborative content

This year, we are going to witness a great surge in collaborative contents in the digital marketing space. Collaborative content is a concept where two or more brands join hands to create comprehensive content. For example, let’s say you run a hotel. You have ties with related services that come with accommodation like cleaning and dining. So, together you 3 can create an inspiring marketing content that will highlight all the businesses at their best.

But remember, your content partners here should only be the brands who offer services related to your services. For example, if you run a nursing home, your possible partner for a collaborative content will be a leading manufacturer of surgical equipment. And of course, the content-partner brand should never be a direct competitor.


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