4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Live Streaming (2021)

The usage of the Internet has resulted in several advantages for companies and businesses. However, it also means that the attention span of customers has gone down. So what your business needs are to catch the attention of your customers quickly and engage them.

There are several ways to do this, but one of the most effective strategies is using a video medium. Like television commercials, videos hold the attention of someone scrolling through their social media. It gives them an insight into what you have to offer and attracts them towards it.

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With live streaming, the utility of video takes one step forward. Not only are you showcasing your business, but you are doing it live. There are a thrill and excitement to watching a live video, which would appeal to your audience. Plus, live streaming brings a number of new possibilities with it. Read on to find out just a few benefits of live streaming for your business:

Explaining To Customers

If you have a somewhat new product or service, making a video about how to use it is a great idea. In this manner, the highest number of people would be able to see how your output works. If they were forced to go to a shop or even make a call to get this knowledge, their interest would mostly vanish.

For instance, you could have a kitchen gadget on your hands that may make many people’s lives easier. It could be a new means of chopping vegetables or be something like a potato spiralizer. Many people today may not be aware of how to use it. If they did know its use, they would obviously be more likely to buy it.

However, putting an infomercial on television is not such a good idea. YouTube and Facebook Live are now more in vogue with those customers who would actually consider trying out new things. Hence, it is much better to put up a live video demonstrating the use of the new gadget.

Another great advantage here is that interest viewers could put in their comments and questions right away. This leads to a very high and quick rate of feedback. The quicker one responds to those questions, the more viewers are likely to relate to the video.

If you operate on a corporate level, you may hold a Q/A session on a live stream video. This would involve people asking you questions and getting to know your work better. Your company’s popularity would likely go higher as a result.

Building Trust

When you put a face to a business or company, people relate to it more. They are thus likely to have a feeling of empathy and attachment to your brand. What follows is a higher rating and higher sales, hopefully. Of course, your product or service would also have to be of decent quality in order to retain your customers.

Basically, a live stream video is invaluable in building up a connection with your audience. You can talk about anything that’s relevant to your brand, or even express interest in current events. A video is more likely to stay with a viewer than even the most colorful of static content.

Check out example how live streaming can boost local business:

Making Announcements

You may already have a product line that runs pretty well. However, in launching a new product, you need to make sure that your existing customers hear about it. Plus, you also want those who most need the product to get wind of it.

Businesses could do worse than use live streaming for announcing their new product or service. Plus, their video could actually serve more than one purpose.

For instance, if you’re a publishing company, you could have a live stream at the launch of a new book. You obviously want a lot of people to buy and read the book. However, they cant all be invited to the launch. Plus, you want to reach people in all corners of the globe.

With a live stream video, you could introduce potential readers and buyers to the author, the publisher, even the illustrator of the new work. if the book is popular enough, it may even be picked up by a movie director or an esteemed book reviewer. This would not just end up getting more sales, but also in increasing the value of your brand name.

Reaching Out And Giving Back

If your organization has charitable leanings, live streaming is again a most valuable tool for achieving results. With this instrument, you could actually show potential donators how much their contribution means to the less fortunate.

One example could be a company who collects Christmas gifts for the poor, much like the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They could attract more attention if they put up some videos of children getting just what they asked for at Christmas. These videos would surely be heartwarming to see and may inspire new people to come forward. Also, those who have already donated to the cause would be reassured that their efforts did not go to waste.

The beauty of live stream here is that it adds to the effectiveness of the video. Donaters would eagerly log in to see a child getting their gifts firsthand, without having to be physically there.

On another note, live stream of places that were hit by the recent hurricanes could also play an important part. When people view the destruction caused there, they would be more likely to offer help of any kind. Hence, live streaming is a good option no matter how you look at it.


While live streaming does have many advantages, it does require quite a bit of effort. For instance, you need to make sure you have a decent microphone, video quality, and a high-resolution camera/webcam. Additionally, you would also need a proper online presence so that it is easy for potential customers to find you.

Branching out in order to capture more interest obviously takes quite some time and hard work. However, the fruits of your results are plentiful and almost never-ending. Not only would your customers be more informed, but you would develop a close relationship with them. This makes for a pleasant as well as effective marketing and customer experience.

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