5 Small Tweaks To Make Your Content Visible and Shareable (2020)

No one can deny that fresh content does have persuasive power over your readers. When they take a sip of it, they may feel refreshed and love it. Or they may hate it. They either share it or completely ignore it. When your content doesn’t get enough attention, you should ask yourself why. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is no good. Although you have diligently fulfilled all the rules and served freshly squeezed content straight out of your brain, maybe it’s time to try a different approach e.g. formatting tweaks as to help your text get some attention.

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Here are some tips to make the content visible and shareable:

1. Break that line

Many of the recent studies have shown that the readers don’t actually read the text when they come across it. They just scan it from top to bottom, searching for useful or practical information. Consider making the content more readable by introducing some white space between the sentences. Just remember to keep it short. One idea in one paragraph will do the trick and draw the scanners’ attention.

Maybe it sounds like a longshot, but it’s worth a try.

So, highlight the most important part of content by using a line break.

You can write more sentences in one line. However, write no more than four.

2. Point out bullet points

For the same reason as in the previous example, you should write using bullet points because:

  • It emphasizes the crucial points
  • It makes the content easily readable and visible to scanners
  • This will instantly convert the scanners into your readers
  • It’s kind of pleasing to the eye, right?
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Avoid sub-bullets as its complexity can put off the reader. Try to keep it simple. Write the beginning of each sentence in the bullet point in the same manner and grammatical form. Never write complete sentences.

3. Get down to linking

Attractive content rules internal and external links. External links can help your site increase its visibility with the audience because they trace from one domain to another. Thus, your readers will appreciate more information on the topic. On the other hand, internal links tracing within your own domain will unveil the content of your site to anyone browsing through it. Therefore, linking can be a useful strategy as to get your content in the spotlight.

4. It’s all in your head-line

As a writer, you have probably tried many ways of writing a perfect headline. One way is to write it after you have finished the whole paragraph. Another is to write the headline first and then continue with the paragraph. Sometimes, the idea just pops in your head, other times, it just won’t. Naturally, it is impossible to always have a catchy and informative headline or subheads. However, the headline is the most important part, so when you find yourself in a dead-end, solution is to explore what are existing headlines for that idea, or to create a headline with online tools. When you can take the easy way, go with it.

5. The key tweak

Keyword research is your key tweak as to make the content shareable. Especially nowadays, you can no longer afford the mistake of writing an article before searching for the right keywords. If you do, you will be left with the tedious task of enforcing a keywords phrase in your text. As a result, some parts of the article will sound unnatural and imposed. This will definitely put the readers off. If you find this to be too difficult, consult web marketing agencies about their premium SEO services. This will save you some time to focus on the content.

In case of the content needs a boost

There are many tips on how to boost the content and make it draw attention and traffic. If you wish the readers to keep their attention on it, you need to create a bond between you and the readers. By associating your story with senses like taste, feel, sight or emotions you can achieve this. Some studies show that this approach can appeal to readers. Share the article through a fictional story, too. Moreover, adding some beautiful pictures or video is also plus.

Take a sip… Is it fresh enough?

In the end, writing content is much like making lemonade. As to get to its vital core, you need to cut it in half by using a brake line or bullet points. After squeezing it, to this fresh content we shall add a mix of links and keywords. Sweeten it up as to attract your readers, but don’t overdo it. You still want them to get that original taste of the fresh lemon. The last thing to do with that “lemonade” is to share it on the right platform and to the right group of “lemonade” consumers.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, isn’t it?


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