5 Visual Trends in 2021

The last couple of years have been pretty turbulent, at least when it comes to internet and social media. We’ve had to face all sorts of events which have never happened before in history. First, there was the whole issue regarding fake news and the role of social media platforms, such as Facebook, in presidential elections. We have also seen new trends, such as augmented reality. The digital landscape has become more complex, and in the years to come, users are going to be looking for something authentic, organic, and real they can hold on to in terms of content, design, and experience.

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They will also be more analytical and careful when it comes to forging their online identity, privacy, as well as their perception in the media, especially if they are women. It is up to the media to guide them through the process and clarify things. The world is becoming more aware and has started to shift toward technologies which are eco-friendlier and based on sustainability, which will have a profound effect on every area of our lives, and that includes design. These days, people are bombarded by intense images every day, which will cause them to become more selective and seek out rawer, imperfect, and non-manufactured visuals.

According to John Gordon, who works as a designer for Essayontime, we can expect the following 5 visual trends in 2018:

Video Will Be Even More Present

According to research, video traffic made up for 74% of all online traffic, which is a number that is set to grow in 2018. We already know that YouTube is the second most used search engine and the third most visited website in the world, but we have just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to using video on social media.

Example: Logitech Branding Video

Over 70% of professional marketers and small businesses have stated that including video in their marketing strategy has had a positive impact on their business. Video also produces higher engagement on social media than video on any other platform. Video production costs and the ease with which it can be created have also made it more accessible for both companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Bright and Vivid Colors

A few years ago, software companies began to design applications which looked clean, sleek, and simple, while relying on simple and intense colors. The same trend is now taking over all other areas where visuals play a huge role. For instance, bland stock photos will give way to attractive and bright photographs which feature vivid colors and simple compositions. Think shapes, patterns, and colors which are cleverly contrasting.

Still life images are perfect for this approach, but also elements which can be found in nature, such as leaves, flowers, and even some animals. They can be made to look more abstract, which places a focus on their colors, shapes, and patterns. And we aren’t just talking about photography, but also infographics and animation, which will continue to rely on intense, yet simplified graphics.

Different Views of Reality

Augmented reality might have started off as a novelty, but ever since the whole Pokemon craze, it has proven that it has the potential to become really popular. Expect designers and artists to incorporate more of it in 2018. Also, 3D, no matter how complicated it may have seemed, is becoming more user-friendly, not just when it comes to experiencing it, but also in terms of tools and applications used for its creation.

We also mustn’t forget about virtual reality, which has also taken some huge leaps. Virtual reality hardware is really close to becoming more affordable, and software is already miles ahead. On top of that, the increased affordability of drones and cameras has made it possible for anyone to create stunning footage of things we are used to seeing from our usual, boring perspective, as well as those which we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

More Female-Centered Visuals

Expect to see more diversity in terms of gender, as more and more women will find themselves in front and behind the camera. This trend has been going strong for a few years now, thanks to Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Wars, and Mad Max, all of which have featured strong female characters, and has culminated this year with the release of a Wonder Woman movie. Action movies are usually dominated by male protagonists, but all of that will change in 2018. This approach can easily be applied to your design in order to feature more female-inspired, as well as more female-created content.

Real People, Real Images

In 2018, images will be more spontaneous and natural. Instead of having perfect lighting and featuring a ton of edits, they will be displaying real people and real emotions. Motion blur, lens flare, and distortions will also be used as tools to tell stories and make photos look more dynamic and exciting. Attractive will not necessarily equal perfect, even when it comes to portraits and selfies, as diversity will be celebrated.


In 2020, we will have more tools than ever at our disposal in us to create stunning and unique visual experiences. Keep an eye on the 5 trends described in this article, and rely on them in order to boost your business, grow your following, and challenge yourself to come up with your own stunning designs. Good luck!

Author Bio: Justin is a teacher from Leicester, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education and self-improvement with other people on different blogs and forums.You could follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

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