6 Most Powerful Words for Sales in Digital Marketing (2021)

“Words can inspire, words can destroy. Choose yours well”. Quoted by someone very rightly. Words act as the powerful tool to turn your prospects into customers. Thus, for a marketer using the ‘right words’ is incredibly important.

How you converse with your audience, the way you deliver your message, dramatically effects the outcome of any conversation. Use of right words and phrases can nudge your audience to take an action such as making a purchase, visiting your website, download your ebook or open your emails. Whereas wrong selection of words can turn your audience away and I am sure you don’t want to take chances here.

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So, here we have put together a list of 6 most powerful words for sales in digital marketing that will help you connect with your audience and ultimately improve your conversions.

1. You

‘You’ this tiny three letter word is powerful and when used properly can help you pull out all the stops between you and your customers. Remember, selling is not about you or your company rather it is about your prospects. So idea here is when communicating any message to your audience make use of word ‘you’ as much as possible.

For example: So many brands effectively make use of word ‘you’ in their marketing messages and slogans. L’Oreal-brand’s slogan says “Because you’re worth it”. How cleverly brand has taken this beauty concept and makes it a personal matter, giving a message to every woman that how much they deserve glamour and beauty. These kind of marketing strategies are a hit with small and big brands alike.

So, whenever you are addressing your customers, make your prospect the subject. It makes the other person feel important and valuable, so every marketing message you craft or copy your create, needs to be about consumers. With the words ‘you’ , ‘your,’ you can give a personalized touch to your message and this goes a long way in increasing your conversions.

2.  Value

When marketing your products or services, your prospects are not interested in knowing about features, USPs or benefits of your products rather they are more interested in knowing how this is going to add value to their life. Again, make it about them not about your products or company.  

You need to highlight the ‘value’ customers are going to receive for their money.  

So, instead of boasting about impressive features that your product contains, you need to focus on how your product or particular offering can create value for your customers. Customers respond when they clearly see value they get, so use this word in your marketing pitch or branding to give a compelling reason to your prospects to take action.

3. Free

Who doesn’t love freebies?

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Well, let’s agree we all love freebies. The word never loses its value and appeal and always attract customers. Customers are often intrigued when they see ‘free’ word being used. Such as Download a free ebook, Free subscription for first month, Free product samples, free membership and more. The word free naturally resonates with the prospects and effortlessly makes a purchase look more convincing and attractive.

The moment, customers come across the word ‘free’ they believe they are getting a great deal. As an example, many online retail or e-commerce stores emphasize on the word ‘Free Shipping‘ to entice customers. Company can charge lower prices for the products and let customers pay for shipping instead but they chose to go with the Free shipping. They cleverly play with the psychic of the buyers and highlight free shipping. Now, you know the power ‘free’ word holds.

4. Now

This is a very positive word that conveys urgency and gives your prospects a much needed push to take action. Moreover, in the present competitive environment, nobody likes to wait especially when they no there are endless options they can easily get right away.

By using the word ‘now’ customers feel they can get instant gratification and it also entices customers to take an action immediately.

Word ‘now’ is attention-grabbing & quite effective when used in the CTA’s or subject lines of emails or headlines and drives higher conversions.

5. OR

This two letter word is all powerful when it comes to marketing. Let’s say you present a proposal or some offer to your customer and if you don’t give them flexibility to chose between A or B then the only option they are left with is accepting it or rejecting it. But, if you present your prospects with two or three different variations then you have better chances of  ‘yes’.

So, as a smart marketer you need to have the skill of negotiations, give them options so that they can pick the one that is most suitable to them. Next time when you pitch something, always give your prospects Version A OR Version B, to pick the preferable option. Options always give customers a feeling of customization and makes them feel special and important, so boost their confidence in your brand by including the word ‘or’.  

6. Exclusive

Exclusive’ is an effective word and makes an offer look more special. Use of this word shows that your offering or product is for few privileged customers not for the masses.  When brands use words like ‘this offer is exclusively for our best customers’ or ‘an exclusive product or service for prime customers’ then customers get a feeling that they are valued so much that they have been granted access to products that average customers does not have.

This feeling of importance and exclusivity pushes them not only for purchase but also for brand loyalty.  

Again, use of this word makes any opportunity seem more special and give your customers a feeling that the specific product or service has been customized for them based on their preferences or lifestyle.


The above-mentioned are most powerful marketing words for sales in marketing. Whether you are creating ad copy, sales, marketing or advertising, you need to be deliberate with your word choices so that you can trigger expected response in your prospects. Happy Marketing!

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