6 Reasons You Need to Create a Mobile App for Business

There are many great reasons to build a mobile app for your business. It can boost traffic and sales and more. Read on to learn why your business needs an app.

What makes your business a success? Is it great customer service, cheap prices or convenience of service and ease of access? Vikings Pizza in York, an ancient town in England, have cottoned on to something.

Although an independent business with limited resources they have developed a basic app all of their own, offering 20% off their already cheap pizza to all those who order in their app. This reduces the queues by allowing people to order in advance but also attracts lots of customers from the big student residence across the road, home to over 600 students.

Students could order from the comfort of the common room, receive a notification when their food was ready and then poodle across the road to pick up their order.

Apps can save your business time, increase your revenue, streamline the process for your customer and reduce crowding and queues in your shop, even if you’re a small business. 

Here’s why you should create a mobile app for business.

Apps Streamline Payments

If you’re a business that handles a lot of cash then you might want to think about creating an app that lets your customers pay by mobile payment. According to Forbes, 24% of iPhone users in the U.S use Apple Pay. 

A mobile payment system negates the need for you to handle as much cash and run the risk of a late night robbery but also reduces the time it takes to process a customers’ order since their payment has already been taken care of. 

Apps Advertise Your Business

Every time a user scrolls through their home screen they are going to be constantly reminded of your business when they see your app’s logo. There can surely be no greater advert.

What’s more on many phones, users are asked at fairly regular intervals if they would like to receive notifications from you. Many press yes just to get rid of the message and this would then allow you to send them information about promotions or discounts tailored to their needs.

If they get halfway through purchasing an order, the app can remind them to finish ordering. 


A great business is one that rewards its regular customers. In the past this was done through flimsy plastic or paper loyalty cards that could easily get lost, bent or generally laying forgotten in a draw at home and never used.

An app can help users keep track of their rewards and allow you as a business to flag any rewards that a user is eligible for that they might not be aware of. 

Loyalty card integration into a mobile wallet system is also an added bonus and means that your business’ brand and logo are now visible in another app whenever a user opens their wallet. 

Branding On Point

Having an app also gives you the ability to design a coherent brand and marketing strategy for your business that works seamlessly across the app, your website and any printed adverts or signage you produce.

If you’re thinking about re-branding then launching a mobile app could be a great way of kick-starting the process as the design of the app could reflect the design of the business rather than trying to make the current brand work for the app. 

Check out the articles in our branding section for advice on how to really develop your brand. 

A Global Audience

Apps can mean your business operating outside your local area as anyone in the world can download them. Like word-of-mouth, word can get around if you’re providing good service on the internet and if your app works is working well it can get a good rating in the App Store.

This might lead to it getting more exposure and, in turn, you get more business from users from around the world. 


An App can give you statistics and figures on your business like never before. The amount of traffic you’re the app is getting and how many of the clicks in your app leads to sales can help you tailor your business to improve sales and grow like never before. 

Even if you yourself don’t have the resources to interpret and unleash the potential that these statistics might bring, you can choose to bring in a business analyst to help you. 

Mobile App for Business: What Are Your Options?

So what types of business should create their apps and what kind of functionality do users expect?

The level of functionality an app can offer are limitless and are set only by you when you’re designing the app in an app creator. If you’re offering a healthcare service, perhaps you could integrate artificial intelligence into your app to assist your patients.

If you offer a taxi service perhaps you could use your app to book and pay for regular weekly rides you need to schedule in advance, even selecting a driver of your choice. In fact, many taxi services have created their own apps to compete with the likes of Uber, Lyft and Grab in Asia. 

Apps Can Boost Your Business

It may sound crazy to think that something as simple as a mobile app can double or triple your income for your business but apps really are that effective. Building an app with an app creator is now a relatively straight forward process.

Even a basic mobile app for businesses with standard functionality can do loads to boost your business simply by acting as free marketing on the mobile phones of anyone who downloads it. 

To find out more about how the internet can help you market your company and boost your sales check out the business section on our website. 


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