9 Free HTML5 Animation Tools & Software Options (2022)

In the last couple of years, HTML5 has emerged as the new standard for incorporating rich media, motion graphics and interactive elements into a website.

Not only it has almost completely depleted the use of Flash, but also it is now being used by developers on a large scale to create mesmerizing animations that make a website more interactive and visually appealing to users

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Although these animations can be produced manually using a deadly combination of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, creating such animations often proves a quite arduous and time-consuming task for developers due to it requires writing a lot of code.

Keeping this problem in mind, here we are presenting you with a fantastic collection of HTML5 animation tools and software options that are freely available in the market today. Using these handy tools, you can create vivid and beautiful animations effortlessly – without writing a single line of code.

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So, let’s start! 

Google Web Designer

create html5 animations

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google Web Designer is a powerful yet easy to use animation tool offered by the search engine giant Google. Using this intuitive tool, you can easily create beautiful, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that will run smoothly on all kinds of devices.

It comes with two animation modes, Quick and Advanced, and offers you several robust animation tools, including Text tool, Shape tool, Pen tool, Tag Tool, Gradient Editing tool, and 3D tool. Even, it also allows you to hand-edit all the code behind your designs.


Bannersnack is a free/premium tool to create animations and dynamic effects for your website. It comes many features and it’s a complete tool for amazing website work. You can find many tutorials on youtube which will help to get work doen way faster.

This software is definitely one of the most user-friendly and professional tool for werb designing dynamic elements and bring your website to live! You might wanna consider premium options as well since it comes with enourmous amount of features and great support.

Some of the best features and highlights are:

  • pre-made animations to save you some time
  • custom animations
  • advanced variables
  • video guides and tutorials
  • detailed documentation
  • Magic animator previewing tool to animate visually
  • plenty of pre-made HTML5 banner templates
  • etc.

Check out the basic tutorial on how to start with Bannersnack:


html5maker - for animations

HTML5Maker is another popular and widely used online tool for creating outstanding animations with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with a number of ready-to-use templates, using which you can easily create amazing animations in just a few minutes. To keep your work always safe, it also offers you cloud storage where you can store, edit, and download your animations.

html5 wordpress themes
Check out some of the most popular HTML5 WordPress themes and designs


GSAP - for HTML5 Animations

GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) is an extremely lightweight and freakishly robust suite of tools that empower developers to create scripted, high-performance HTML5 animations that work flawlessly in all modern mobile and web browsers.

As this tool has no dependency on any of third-party tools like jQuery, animations built with GSAP deliver outstanding performance as well as load much faster than your expectations.


  • High performance & speed
  • Robust functionality & features
  • Compatible with all browser and newest technologies
  • You can animate anything
  • Comes with support
  • etc.

TweenJS – HTML5 Animations

TweenJS HTML5 Animation Software

TweenJS, a part of the CreateJS suite of libraries, is a simple but powerful library that gives you the power to code sequences, tweens, and animations using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Designed to work stand-alone as well as integrate well with the EaselJS library, not only it supports the tweening of both numeric and non-numeric object properties but also it has support for the tweening of CSS style properties. It comes with a very powerful API that makes creating complex tweens a breeze for developers.


If you are looking for a powerful tool to create videos, animation and real-time graphics on Mac OS X, then Radi would prove the best animation tool for you. With this fantastic visual design application, not only you can draw vector shapes, but also you can bring them to life with motion animation and shape poses.

With a very short learning curve, Radi produces 100% standard and human-readable code which can easily be embedded into web pages and apps.


BLYSK - HTML5 animation software

Blysk comes with an intuitive interface that uses a WYSIWYG approach to make it possible for both beginners and professionals to create animations. Combining the power of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, it lets you create smooth and lightweight animations that run on every device and web browser around the world.

What’s more, using its one-click preview feature, you can easily see how your animation appears and functions before publishing.

Express Animate

Express Animate - HTML5 animation tool

Express Animate, built by NCH Software, is another intuitive and user-friendly tool that gives you the ability to create HTML5-powered animations and motion graphics. Using this handy software, not only you can animate shapes, text and imported images, but also you’ll be able to integrate numerous digital effects to your animations and videos.

For experienced graphic designers and HTML5 developers, it offers advanced features like vector masks, blending modes, key-frame motion animation, and character animation. Available for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10, Express Animate allows you to export your finished projects to several formats, including HTML5, video, flash, and animated GIFs.NodeFire.

NODEFIRE HTML5 – N/A at the moment

NodeFire is considered a very reliable and lightning-fast tool to create responsive HTML5-based animation effects and widgets, for both standalone applications and web applications. The best feature of this tool is the automatic handling of mouse and touch events with a custom delay timer support.

Also, NodeFire allows you to track animation changes while in design mode. It has no dependencies and a very small file size of 18K (Gzip) only. Definitely of the best softwares for web design and creating awesome web elements to make you website look professional.

Author Bio: Ashish is an experienced web developer working with XHTMLJunction – PSD to HTML Coder. He always tries to keep himself up with the latest web development trends and technologies so he could boost his productivity and capabilities. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

We hope you’ve found these HTML5 animation software options useful and you will be able to create some great animations for your website. In case you have some suggestions or feedback feel FREE to add in the comment section below. We are always open to new ideas.

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