7 Best AD Management WordPress Plugins 2021

When you are looking for a way to manage ads on your website, you need to find a platform that will do everything you need. Your blog or website is too difficult to manage if you are also releasing all your own ads, rotating your ads, and tracking earnings by-hand.

There are seven amazing ad plugins listed below that you should try, and each of the plugins does something different from the next. You may choose to deploy one of these plugins to see what it does, and you can buy into the pro version when you are ready to use it every day.

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Ad Management WordPress Plugin

AdSanity is a simple ad plugin that takes control of all the things that you do with your ads. There are a number of ads that you may release from banner ads to PPC ads and everything that is created by an outside service like AdSense. You can use this program to rotate your ads, to release ads at particular times, and to check their performance.

On top of all these good traits, this plugin allows you to create ad blocks in your posts so that you do not need to alter your theme or do any tricky coding that is hard for many bloggers to do. You can mix and match your ads as much as you like, and you can check your revenue from the ads so that you know which ads are making you the most money.

If you are running more than one ad style at a time, you can place those ads anywhere you like on your site. Plus, the plugin will allow things like coding from Google AdSense to target the customers who need to see certain ads.


AdRotate does more than maximize your ads by rotating them so that your visitors do not get bored. You do not need to rotate the ads on your own, and you can set up all the ads for your site in this program before it begins its work. You can enter all the information from the ads you related yourself and the ads that are produced by another company. You can rotate everything from a banner ad to every ad that sits in your posts.

The coding for the plugin is free for the most part, but you need to step up to the pro version when you would like to use geo-targeting and the impression management that is required if you sell advertising. You can use affiliate ads when you are on ad rotate because they can be targeted at the people who are most likely to buy. Plus, you need to be sure that you have tried out the ad creation function that allows you to edit some of your ads before they are thrown into the mix.

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ad management wordpress plugin

DoubleClick is made by Google to assist with their AdSense program and all other ads that you would like to create. Part of what makes DoubleClick amazing is that it allows you to work with all ad styles instead of forcing you to only use Google when you are publishing ads. Yes, you can put your Google ads into DoubleClick, and you can use other ads if you think they would be necessary.

You can sell ads through DoubleClick as it allows you to take competitive bids for ad space. The plugin will determine how much space you have, allow you to take bids, and help you choose the best option for your site. You can offer any sort of ad you like including the PPC ads that will help you make a little bit of residual income. This also means that you can change the ads around until you find the right sport or them. You may choose to make your own ads to put into the program, and you can remove any ad that is not performing.

DoubleClick is one of the most popular ad plugins you will find, and it also helps you create reports for your ads so that you can review all your earnings. You can determine which ads are not working well, and you can double down on the ads that you like most. You can put ads into your posts so that you do not need to alter your themes. You get all the functionality you need, and you can even step up to pay extra for more functionality.


AdInserter does exactly what it says. You can use a plugin to ensure that you can plug your ads into any of your posts with no trouble. You can use the AdInserter to make ad blocks for your posts, to choose the location in each post, and you can even alter how ads will be placed in certain categories. In this way, you are targeting ads to the reader who is reading certain types of posts.

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AdInserter does have a pro version that will give you more options for geo targeting and reporting. You can use the plugin when you would like to change the sort of ads that you have placed in each of your posts, and you can get the AdInserter to alter your ads. You can make small adjustments to the way that you present your ads, and you may find that a couple of alternations makes your ads more popular.

If you would like to sell ad space or expand to ads that come from a place like Google AdSense, you can place those ads into the inserter. You can use ads that you just made yourself, or you could place the coding for an ad you sold into the plugin. You get reports for all these ads, and you can label all the ads so that you know which ones are yours and which ones belong to Google or a third party.

Quick AdSense

quick adsense - ad management plugin for wordpress

Quick AdSense can speed up your use of the AdSense platform and simplify everything for you. You might find that it is hard for you to use traditional AdSense coding on your site because it does not fit in the places you thought would work. The Quick AdSense plugin will take all the AdSense coding, put it in the right place, and save you time.

You will see reports for your ads that explain how many impressions you have and how much money you have made for something like a PPC ad.

Quick AdSense also has a menu that you can use to randomly insert ads into any post that you like. You can choose the conditions under which your ads will be posted, and you can alter those conditions at any time. Because of that, it is very easy for you to adjust how your ads appear on your site. You do not need to enter all the conditions into WordPress, and you do not need to mess with coding that is often too hard for a blogger to understand.

When you are using Quick AdSense, you can set up your website to rotate ads, to run the same ads, or to sell ads. You can put your ads in the appropriate posts, and you can cut off ads from certain posts that you believe should be ad-free.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a program meant for ad management that comes to you as a plugin. If you would like to use this program, you must be prepared to make some coding changes when you want to do ad placements. Not every placement works well, but the general feel of the plugin allows you to rotate ads, track ads, and determine how much money you are making on each of those ads.

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When you are not making enough money on a certain type of ad, you can move on to another ad that might be much more beneficial to you. Also, you can use the publisher to ensure that you have placed your banner ads in the right spots, improved the way that the ads look when you are trying to arrange each page or post.

Because you may need to make some adjustments to your site themes, this is a good program to use when you have some coding expertise. You will not feel like you are stuck with the options that the widget gives you because you can make it fit into the style that you would prefer.

Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is the perfect plugin for people who do not know how to code and feel confused by even the simplest coding and options on WordPress. You also need to remember that this plugin was designed for people who have just started running a website. You might get more comfortable with WordPress over time, but you need something very basic when you get started.

You copy the ad code that you plan to use on your posts, choose the Insert Post Ads widget, and enter the code. After you have entered the code, you can choose where the ad will go. You can literally choose the exact paragraph where the ad will go, and you can customize each of your posts to ensure that your organization stays the same.


When you are looking for a way to manage ads on your website, you need to think about what you want your ad widget to do. You can sell ad space, manage your ad revenue, make your own ads, or coordinate ads from multiple sources. You may also choose to simply insert your ads or rotate them as you go.

Choose the plugin that you think will work the best on your site. Plus, you must find a plugin that feels intuitive when you use it. Some of the plugins are very simple, and others give you the chance to make complex choices about ad placement.

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