AidaForm Online Form Builder Review (2021): Creating Online Forms

Do you want to sell your products or services online via your website but don’t want to invest in a full-fledged ecommerce platform? Make no mistake all you really need to start making sales is an online order form to collect the necessary information.

The one problem with that is that creating online order forms can be tricky. If you were to try to create or customize one manually you’d need some experience with code and web development – otherwise you may not be able to capture all the information that you need.

That is why you should try using AidaForm to create online order forms instead. As a user-friendly online form builder, it will let you graphically custom-build an order form based on your exact specifications.

How to Create an Online Order Form

Before you can create any form using AidaForm, you first need to sign up for a free account and log in. Once you do that you can click the ‘Create a Form’ button in the members’ area at any time and it will just take a few steps once you do:

1. Select the template

In AidaForm there are a number of basic templates, but seeing as order forms are unique you should select the Blank template and start from scratch. To proceed you will need to name your form, then click ‘Create’.

2. Build the form

Within AidaForm’s Form Editor you can open up the Form Elements section and start building your form with the fields that are there. Each element can be dragged and dropped into place wherever you want to put it.

Some of the fields that you may want to use in order forms include the readymade name, email, and delivery address elements, multiple-choice or checkbox elements to select products or variants, date selectors to set the delivery date, and Paypal integration to process payments.

3. Customize the appearance

In the Form Designer section of AidaForm you’ll find themes that you can use to customize your order form’s appearance with a single click. Considering the form will be published on your website, you should make sure its design fits – and can customize the fonts and colors further as necessary to ensure that it does.

4. Publish the form

After you’re done and fully satisfied with your order form, you can publish it by clicking on the ‘Publish’ button. To place the form directly on your website you can export the embed code and copy and paste it. However you may want to consider directly linking to the form instead, which will let you publish it as a button on your website or directly onto social media and other platforms.

That is really all there is to it but for more details, you can visit

Once your form goes live it will be ready to start collecting orders and you can set AidaForm to send you a notification every time a new order is placed.

Integrating the Order Form into a Workflow

As noted previously AidaForm can integrate with Paypal to process payments – but that’s really just the start. In fact, you can integrate your order form more closely into a workflow if you want to, making processing it all the more convenient.

In particular, some of the ways that you may want to integrate AidaForm into your workflow include directly integrating it into your existing CRM or using Zapier to connect it and manage customer information using the thousands of apps that it supports. On top of that you can export email lists to MailChimp so that you’re able to conduct email marketing campaigns.

Suffice to say you’ll have no shortage of options available – and it is up to you to decide which ones you want to take advantage of.

Final Words

Overall creating order forms using AidaForm is easy and you shouldn’t have any difficulty at all. In fact it will let you focus on other areas that are important, such as making sure you comply with data protection laws and optimizing your form to be more effective.

Seeing as AidaForm will let you fully customize your form, you will find that it is easy to make any improvements if necessary.


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