6 Best Countdown Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Whether for a goal, big event, or a deadline, having a countdown in easy view helps site visitors keep up with an impending date. There are few things that grab interest more than numbers counting down to something. Readers will take interest and pause to investigate every time. They provide something to look forward to, meaning visitors have a higher chance of returning to update themselves.

Not being above losing track, it can help blog or website creators to keep up with the event, as well. Blog countdown widgets have been around for well over a decade now, but they are far from stale. New, ever more clever designs roll out constantly, and for good reason – they are always in high demand. Countdown widgets come in a wide variety, and one can always be found to fit a blog or website’s needs and aesthetic.

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jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

Sleek and utilitarian, this open-source widget is highly customizable. While it is finished and no longer being actively updated, the creators provide free support, as well as a complete list of shortcode options for users. The T(-) Widget’s graphics are crisp and clean, making it perfect for anyone who employs a more spartan feel for their website or might be looking for something that doesn’t distract from the surrounding content.

This widget’s array of graphic options fit in well with any layout. For those who enjoy some pop culture familiarity, Star Wars allusions run throughout option names. The most basic visuals are a set of black or white backgrounds (Darth and Jedi), both unbordered so that the countdown blends seamlessly right into a sidebar or post. Also provided is an attractive though subdued woven metal graphic (Carbonite). Completing the array of choices are a pair of classy metallic sheen effects in copper and black (C-3PO and Tie-Fighter).

The plug-in’s settings menu is clear and easy to use, with all of the usual choices, plus options that allow the user to decide on the way they wish to display the spelling of various details that will show up on the widget. It allows for recurring countdowns, giving users the power to schedule multiple events. And for blog runners who have a grasp of CSS, the plug-in offers the ability to custom edit code, making the possibilities quite literally endless.

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WooCommerce Sales Countdown

Geared toward online shops, this is the ideal widget for anyone promoting in a sale campaign. It provides options for counting down to sales on individual products, functions as a timer for sales to run out, and can notify buyers regarding how much time there is left to purchase products under a discount. It also allows for a display of the number of items sold. Sellers can create a timer for upcoming sales events, as well as set just how many of any particular item that is on sale have been sold before a created clock expires.

This plug-in claims to boost sales, which is quite believable, judging by both its ease of use and the tendency buyers have when it comes to leaning into countdowns. It can be installed virtually anywhere in an online shop – category page, individual product pages, or sidebar areas. The settings menu is a snap to handle even for a beginner or individuals changing over from a different widget. When it comes to appearance, this plug-in is very lightweight and unobtrusive while still allowing for complex configuration by sellers. It can be used in its pre-loaded themes or made to blend in with any color scheme via easily edited personalized color settings. Compatible with all WordPress WooCommerce themes, it is even multilingual ready. The widget can be translated into any language needed on the display.

The WooCommerce Sales Countdown garners high praise from its user base for the plug-in all around. Prompt customer support, high-quality code, and a broad range of features are the most commonly appreciated features.

jCountdown Mega Package

Filled with eight different styles, this affordable mega package of countdown widgets truly has something for every user who enjoys a subtle countdown timer. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the color options are simply black or white. Options allow users to adjust the widget’s opacity, blur, and the reflection beneath. This paired with the four styles to choose from in the menu – flip, slide, metal, and crystal – make for a myriad of possibilities. A feature providing the ability to adjust the size is worth the entire plug-in, in itself.

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This array of widgets is simple, easy to read, and beautiful addition to any blog or website. With an intuitive settings menu and highly attractive display, it fits in everywhere.


redcoundown wordpress plugin

For those in search of a plug-in more unique than the commonly seen bar-shaped variety, this circular timer might just hit the spot. The circle graphics featured on this widget progress around depending on how much time has passed in each displayed unit. It comes with 12 presets, including widgets in easily read red and white, rainbow circles on a black background, bold gold on navy, a subtle sky blue timer, rainbow on white, plain black and white widgets, and more.

The easy to use and unusually attractive settings menu allows users to edit quite a lot of minutiae. This includes the color, style, background, and font of each unit of time from day all the way down to seconds, as well as allowing the user to decide how they want each labeled. The circles can be edited in color as well as width. The redCountdown circular widget works in every browser, something that can be iffy with counters currently. Its creators have acquired high user ratings for code and design quality, flexibility, and customization, making it a unique choice.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Ultimate is definitely the word for this plug-in. Beyond versatile, it can be used for regular countdowns on websites and blogs, as well as for sales purposes. It was created with events, product launches, offers, and discounts in mind. The sheer amount of customizable features allows users to make it an eye-catcher for visitors, increasing chances of drawing traffic where the timer directs.

Included with this plug-in are 13 basic styles of display, including flip countdowns, a simple clock timer, and circular countdowns with a ticking or smooth motion. The background width is flexible, and options provide the ability to choose image and color, so the widget can be just as beautiful or utilitarian as users choose. Color and wording can be chosen for each daily time unit individually, as well. The plug-in offers 100% language versatility. Countdown Timer Ultimate’s package includes a CSS editor for users who know their coding and prefer to customize even further.

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This plug-in works with WooCommerce coupons and EDD discount codes, and can be set up to show coupon expiration dates. Users have the ability to set any chosen message to display after their timer completes. It is quick and easy to set up, and the easy, intuitive settings menu makes getting started a breeze. Even for new users, there is virtually no learning curve when it comes to installing and editing the widget. Support provides quick responses, and the plug-in is highly rated by users.

YITH Topbar Countdown

Clever and attractive, this plug-in places the countdown widget right at the top of the page. Being the first thing most people will see upon visiting a website using it, this provides an immediate benefit. The sleek bar style design allows it to fit visually into any layout, and it can be made to appeal to almost any user’s personal tastes.

Made to work with website and blog runners who offer sales and promotions, the YITH Topbar Countdown plug-in is an excellent tool. The countdown graphics themselves are fairly simple. This simplicity has a purpose – it allows for the customization of almost everything about the widget. Users can edit the background image and add a banner, customize displayed text and font, and insert their own link. Despite the number of choices, the settings menu is easy to navigate and use.

Developers provide English as a default for the plug-in’s language, but users can choose Italian or Portuguese, as well, if they prefer. Developers also encourage users to create and update their own language packs to send in so that they can be bundled with the plug-in. Sleek, nice to look at, and highly customizable, it’s no wonder users rate this plug-in highly on form and function.

There is a countdown plug-in out there for quite literally any user with any needs. They are credited with not only increasing visitor traffic, but also bringing repeat visitors, and in the case of product oriented sites, they tend to increase sales. Aside from traffic and sales, they’re a fun way to add an aesthetic feature to a blog or website. Useful and attractive, the decision to employ a countdown widget is never wrong.

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