15 Best GDPR WordPress Plugins for Your Website in 2019

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Data protection is one of the pressing issues in online business and many website owners have faced the music of not complying with data protection law. The recent Facebook data leak scandal is one example of how data leak can affect the reputation of a firm.

Interestingly, Facebook was also the first company that was sued for $8.8 billion dollars for not complying with the GDPR on the same day the law was implemented.

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So if you don’t want to save yourself from such a whopping fine, you should consider installing one of these best WordPress GDPR plugins:

WordPress GDPR

Have you ever wished for clicking a single time and getting the best result that you want? Now the best GDPR plugin WordPress is all compiled together to make an Ultimate One for its users. This plugin is made for its users to make their work easier and faster to save time.

It also assists the Controller, Data Processor, and Data Protection Officer to meet the security measurements and rights under GDPR.

WordPress GDPR deals with consent management, privacy preference management, all privacy policies, right to delete ones data whenever needed, re-assignment of user data on request, data processor settings, all rights to access data by admin, data subject, right to portability and export of data, encrypted ported logs for lifetime, data subject secret token, data breach notification, telemetry tracker for visualizing plugins and website data, and many others.

Cookie preference management consists of three options. They are always active, Toggled and Opt-out Link. They can be used as per users need.

Also one can register consents through the settings page. It can be optional or not. They come with the privacy policy consent by default that user has to agree on in the terms and conditions page.

For all other consents, there’s an option to display or hide your content.

It is important to know that this plugin is not responsible whether you meet your responsibilities and obligations of GDPR or not. And every individual organization has to meet its own customized responsibilities and have to take extra care to meet all the obligations required by the law.

Total GDPR Compliance – WordPress Plugin for GDPR Compatibility

This one is considered as the best WordPress GDPR plugin ever because of many new features that are never seen and used before.

It was last updated on 30th of November 2018 and has very high resolution.

It is compatible with browsers like IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. The files included in this plugin are JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, and PHP. Plus, it has many software versions like WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, and WordPress 4.5.

The new features of this plugin include adding or editing your own custom cookie list for advanced features that can be controlled through “service’s or “posts” section. You can even edit your own made settings later whenever you want as per your requirement.

6 different cookie services are WordPress default, Google analytics, Google advertisement, woo commerce, facebook pixel, and YouTube.

Another new feature that this plugin offers you is the ability to add custom advanced cookie category. And the default setting comes as Necessary, Analytics, and Advertising.

One can even create its own completely customized category, if not sure about the preference or if you think your cookie does not fall in any of them.

Last but not least, they have offered another feature that allows you to either show or hides the cookie info to the visitor outside the European Union (Or not, as you wish). You can set it from the settings section. After your selection, the plugin will check the user’s origin and filter the cookie as per users choice.

Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle for WordPress

Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle for WordPress is a complete package of customer privacy management for web developers. It is integrated with a cookie consent feature that restricts the access to cookies of the user’s system unless he approves his consent.

Besides, the application has cookie policy configuration assistance that will keep you updated regarding the EU laws. It comes with a premium version which offers more features to add in customer privacy management.

Weepie Cookie-Complete GDPR Cookie Consent Solution for WordPress Plugin

If you cater to the European market or own a website in the European region then you are obliged to comply with the GDPR Law and this is where this plugin comes into play. With this plugin, you can tweak the cookie settings according to your country.

Whether your website operates in the United Kingdom, Holland or Italy, you can easily set the criterion for use of the cookie to comply the GDPR law.

Additionally, you can connect the website visitors to the privacy policy page of your website as well as block third-party cookies. The plugin offers many styling options in terms of text, colors, and layout. You can easily configure and edit this plugin without any hassles.


This is another best WP GDPR tool to ensure the privacy of your customers. This plugin enables the Data Protection Officer (DPO), Controller, and Data Processor to meet the data protection requirements of their clients. Some of the notable features of this plugins include consent management, privacy policy page configuration, pseuodonymization of user data, audit log, data breach notification, and telemetry tracker to name a few.

WP GDPR Compliance

A hot favorite of WordPress developers, this plugin is integrated with many features for customer privacy management. It is compatible with contact form 7, WooCommerce integration, and Gravity Forms. The other options include cookie popup consent, data archive, and the option for users to delete their entire data from your website.


This plugin by WordPress has many features that make it an essential tool to ensure customer privacy management. The best thing about this WP plugin is that it gives a simple and easy way for website users to access their personal data.

All they need to do is create a URL of the personal data of users that they can share with the website visitors who want to access their personal data. If any website visitor finds something fishy, he can request web developers to remove their personal data from the website.

In addition, this plugin integrates with a number of add-ons, such as WooCommerce, MailChimp, Gravity Forms, Flamingo, and Contact Form DB7.

Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit Premium WordPress Plugin

This WP GDPR plugin offers a comprehensive package of features for WP developers who want to secure the privacy of their customers. When you install this plugin, you can get a dedicated data access form, you can do the pseudonymization of personal data of users, and you can get notifications in the event of a data breach.

It can easily be integrated with other WP plugins that include MailChimp, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, and Events Manager etc.

All-in-One GDPR

All-in-One GDPR is a powerful GDPR tool that enables you to turn off any APIs or third-party service from their website. In addition, it allows you to delete personal information of the website visitors from the database of your website as well as the APIs and third-party applications that your website will be using.

Once it is installed, it pops up a cookie notice to seek the consent of website visitors and log their private information only if they approve of it. In addition, you can generate a ‘Privacy Center’ where website visitors can submit a request for use of their personal data. You can also easily remove scripts of cookie tracking apps, such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Hot Jar.

Besides, you can request a full archive of user data using the subject access request. This will show you the entire data details of a particular individual who is using your website.

Delete Me

What can be more transparent than giving the website visitors a right to delete their personal data just when they want? This plugin gives your website visitors the privilege to remove their sensitive data if they are not comfortable sharing it with you.

When they remove their data, it will automatically remove all their comments, posts and links that they have shared on your website. This plugin is particularly beneficial for bloggers who have a big readership and can allow any subscriber to remove their personal data once they leave the website.

Privatecontent-Multilevel Content Plugin

This is another fantastic WP plugin that gives you more control over the privacy of your website visitors. This plugin is that it restricts access of users to different sections of your website. What is incredible about this plugin is that it is fully customizable and you can change the user permission. All you need to is set the access to data at different levels depending on the type of user.

In addition, it provides website visitors with other useful functionalities that include user membership, form framework, and content restriction system to name a few. The other notable features include 1 Click Website Clock, WordPress User Sync System, and skin builders etc.


It is an exception in this list as it allows the users to extend GDPR for third-part plugins. It features ‘WordPress Core’ which lists the user profile including his name, password, email and username. Besides, website visitors can delete their account at their discretion.

In addition, it also has a ‘Custom Section’ where the admin can add or edit the various personal details of users. With this feature, the admin has the authority to control email notification and WordPress Comment Privacy.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

When it comes to cookie compliance, there is no better plugin than this one. This plugin is particularly helpful for website owners who use multiple types of cookies. However, this plugin first needs to be customized by a website developer in order to make it fully functional. With this plugin, you can:

  • Set privacy settings of visitors
  • Tweak cookie info-bar settings
  • Change the customization options for default cookies as well as third-party cookies.
  • Allow the website visitors to enable or disable cookies

WP GDPR Compliance Free WordPress Plugin

As its name suggests, you can use the GDPR Free WordPress Plugin without any fee. However, it does not make it any less useful plugin than others. This plugin offers a faster way to integrate the GDPR feature into your website.

All you need to do is install this plugin and it will automatically activate the GDPR option in your website. The main features of this plugin include privacy policy page, data storage time stamps, consent popup, user data request link. This plugin also works with add-ons like WooCommerce, Gravity Form, Contact Form 7, and WordPress Comments.

Policy Genius

Creating a privacy policy is an important part of website development and this plugin makes it a breeze. With this WP plugin, you can create short code to make it easier for your website visitors to see the privacy policy where you have mentioned about the use of cookies.

With this plugin, you can create a cookie notice, data protection policy, company information, and the use of cookies. Using this plugin, you can specify the criterion of how you are going to use the cookies and how you will protect it. With this plugin, you can set up a privacy policy in a few easy steps.

Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries

This WP plugin is a gem for web developers who want to create advanced forms. It adds entries in your WordPress database and also allows you to mail the entries to third-party applications.

It automatically deletes entries from the WordPress database when they are no longer in use which means the entries will be only available in the mailbox. So now you can easily manage form submissions of website visitors without compromising on their privacy.

GDPR Comments

This plugin is particularly helpful for bloggers and website portals that host a community of users. With this nifty plugin, you can let your website visitors know that you comply with GDPR requirements. It comes with a ‘term notice’ to let the visitors know about how you will use their personal information. The other features include an extra checkbox, anonymized IPs, and compliance label.

The aforementioned are some noteworthy GDPR plugins that you can integrate into your website to ensure the privacy of your website visitors. So now you can stay away from the legal repercussions of violation of GDPR law.

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