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Playing Minecraft with friends is one of the best ways to enjoy the modern-day classic. Setting up your own Minecraft server lets players from around the world join in exploring your worlds and building a community. Here’s a look at the best Minecraft server hosting services today.

Minecraft Server Hosting Comparison Chart

Web HostingApex HostingMCProHostingServerMiner
 Apex HostingMCProHosting logoServerMiner logo
PriceCheck Hosting PlansCheck Hosting PlansCheck Hosting Plans
Steve: 1GB
Villager: 2GB
Witch: 4GB
Enderman: 6GB
Wither: 8GB
Herobrine: 10GB+
Stone: 1536MB
Coal: 2048MB
Lapis: 3072MB
Iron: 4096MB
Gold: 6144MB
Diamond: 8192MB
Bedrock: 10240MB
PlayersUnlimitedSteve: 25
Villager: 35
Witch: 70
Enderman: 100
Wither: Unlimited
Herobrine: Unlimited
Stone: 15
Coal: 20
Lapis: 30
Iron: 40
Gold: 60
Diamond: 80
Bedrock: 100
Instant SetupYesYesYes
DDoS ProtectionYesYesn/a
Ultra Low LatencyYesYesYes
Automated BackupsYesYesYes
Free SubdomainYesYesn/a
Server Locations16218
Money Back Guarantee7 days7 DaysPay as you go

Apex Hosting

Best Minecraft Server Hosting: Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is a Minecraft-focused hosting service offering dedicated hardware and extensive support. You can get your Minecraft server up within 5 minutes of purchasing a plan. Newcomers to Minecraft hosting will appreciate the smooth process in setting up their very first server, since Apex Hosting handles all of the technical details.

You can run both Minecraft versions on Apex Hosting servers. Its hosting plans range from 1GB to 7GB RAM, with unlimited player slots. All modpacks are available on the 5GB and up plans and you can install them in one click. Apex Hosting integrates Bukkit, Votifier, Spigot, and more plugins so you can setup donations, monetization, and other features hassle-free.

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Setting up a website for your Minecraft server is also easy on Apex Hosting. Their website builder doesn’t require coding knowledge, so you can pick out a theme, customize it, and get it up in no time. You get your own subdomain so players can easily connect to your server. Apex Hosting has more than a dozen server locations around the world, ensuring ultra low latency, and they have multiple avenues for customer support.

Key features and benefits:

  • Instant setup and one-click modpack installers
  • DDoS protection for all server locations
  • 24/7 uptime with ultra low latency
  • Automatic backups 
  • Custom web-based Multicraft 2.0 control panel
  • Professional support staff

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: MCProHosting

As one of the first game server hosting providers, MCProHosting is one of the largest ones as well, providing 21 server locations across 5 continents. Server uptime is also one of the best, which is saying something considering how long they’ve been in the biz. They have branched out to offer game server hosting to games other than Minecraft, too. 

MCProHosting has an excellent customer service and support system, with friendly staff who are quick to respond to issues and requests. You can get a Minecraft server up and running almost as soon as they receive your payment. Newcomers and veterans alike can utilize their server management packs to get expert assistance in customizations, or you can take full control of plugins, modes, JAR files, etc., yourself. You’ll have full file access and even your own MySQL database.

You’ll be able to manage your game server on the go using their self-developed iOS and Android app. Their custom control panel is intuitive and provides numerous premium features. You get unlimited storage no matter which plan you choose, while daily backups are automatic and stored for up to 1 year. 

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Key features and benefits:

  • Premium server fleet hardware with dual processors
  • Ultra low latency courtesy of global network
  • Automatic daily backups to off-site locations for up to 1 year
  • Fast ticket response times from dedicated support team
  • Free web and FTP file access plus MySQL database
  • Server management packs and plugin/mod support

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: ServerMiner

Like most top Minecraft hosting providers, ServerMiner sets up your server almost instantly after paying for your order. You can create and upload as many worlds as you like and control all of their settings via their custom SMPicnic control panel, which has one-click installers, player tracking, and more.

There are eight ServerMiner locations to choose from with packages ranging from 1.5GB to upwards of 10GB. Storage is limited to 50GB, but you get unlimited world size so there’s no need to worry about insufficient disk space. You can freely switch between mods without deleting worlds, letting you enjoy different mod packs for any world you play in. 

ServerMiner also includes a free Mumble voice server, mySQL database, an Enjin advanced tier website, and BuyCraft Premium. There’s a wealth of tutorials on their site to help you get started and troubleshoot. For more difficult issues, you can submit tickets to get quick assistance from their support specialists. 

Key features and benefits:

  • Instant server setup after payment
  • DDoS protection
  • Unlimited worlds and world size
  • Single-click version and plugin installers
  • Player tracker

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: BisectHosting

BisectHosting specializes in Minecraft game servers, though they provide similar services for other games. You can choose either the original Java or mobile Bedrock version and get started immediately. With the Multicraft control panel, you can modify your server’s mod packs and plugins as you like. You’ll also get a free dedicated IP, your own subdomain, and MySQL database.

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15 server locations allow BisectHosting to provide low latency connections to players around the world. They offer a huge number of premium and budget packages ranging from 1GB RAM to more than 32GB RAM, making them ideal if you’re keen on building an enormous server. All premium packages include unlimited player slots, daily backups, modpack updates, and unlimited SSD space (subject to fair usage policy in their TOS). Budget packages have limited player slots, from 12 to 160+ players, and are only available on select server locations.

Key features and benefits:

  • Hosting plans for up to 32GB RAM servers
  • Unlimited SSD space and player slots for premium plans
  • DDoS protection and daily backups
  • Free modpack installations
  • Custom JAR support
  • Free dedicated IP, subdomain, MySQL 

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: ScalaCube

With some of the most affordable Minecraft hosting plans, ScalaCube can be an excellent starting point for those new to game servers. ScalaCube lets you install unlimited game servers in a single VPS server and they can accommodate more players than the listed 10 to 600 slots as long as there’s sufficient RAM and CPU juice. 

You can run any Minecraft version on your ScalaCube server and configure it using their custom control panel. Single-click installers for popular modpacks and minigames are included. You can use Forge to pack your favorite or self-made mods into new modpacks. ScalaCube even lets you crate your own Minecraft game launcher, making it easier for players to update their files and connect to the server.

Key features and benefits:

  • Instant setup and full file access
  • Unlimited game servers and slots
  • Pre-installed website and forum
  • Customizable game launcher
  • Automated backups and DDoS protection
  • Ultra low latency

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