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Karaoke is a fun addition to a party. Some people love it, some people hate it. Nevertheless, if you want to have a little fun singing, it can be quite hard to find a full-blown stage with a karaoke machine. That’s where the karaoke Android apps come in extremely handy. If you want to sing alone, sing along with your friends or add an exciting new element to your party, your phone can become the karaoke machine you want and need.

When you open the Google Play store, you will discover that there is a ton of karaoke apps available. That’s where this list of best karaoke apps for Android comes in handy. Check it out and download the app you fancy the most.

Free and Premium Karaoke Apps for Android

Most of the karaoke android apps are free to begin with, however, a lot of them offer some sort of premium features you can opt to pay for. This most often comes in a form of advanced functionality or extended song library. In some cases you will have to pay to be able to sing your favorite songs.

Whether it’s worth your money or not is up to you. I will try to give you relevant information on what’s free and what you need to pay for in each of the apps listed below.

1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

smule - karaoke app for android phone

The Sing! Karaoke app by a music app developer Smule is one of the most popular and top rated karaoke apps in the Google Play store. You can sing your favorite songs and record yourself doing it (video recording option included). What’s more, you can enhance your voice using various audio effects, which might come in handy to those of us who weren’t blessed by a nice singing voice.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule has an extensive database of famous Bollywood songs that you might know and love. And when it comes to duets, you can sing along with various famous pop artists.

The app itself is free, but in order to gain full access to the entire music database, you will have to opt in for a VIP membership that costs around $10 for a year.

2. Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing & Record is another popular karaoke app, made by Yokee. It’s very easy to use and extremely user friendly. Its use of material design and clear navigation make it just a matter of seconds to find your favorite song and start singing. After you’re done, you can easily share the result with your friends. Well, at least if you selected the Sing & Record option.

This app is also free and also has a VIP subscription, which will give you an unlimited access to VIP songs and make the entire app ad-free. The subscription costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year if you opt in for the yearly option.

3. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

best karaoke app for android

Red Karaoke Sing & Record is an app that’s very similar to the first two in this list, however, there are some differences to be noted. Most importantly, it features a great community full of people who you can share your singing talent with. So, if you are not shy, feel free to showcase your skills and enjoy the feedback. If you are good, you can be featured on the app’s trending list.

What’s more, it’s fully compatible with Chromecast and other similar technologies, which might come in really handy if you have a full room of people that want to sing along or just watch the lyrics on a much bigger screen.

4. Kids Karaoke

Singing is not only for adults. Kids like it too. Kids Karaoke in a karaoke app catering especially to younger generations, although it can be enjoyed by the grown-ups as well. This app features well-known nursery rhymes, as well as many other songs that children love.

Apart from having fun while singing, your children can improve their reading skills by listening to, reading and singing the lyrics of the songs. What a great way to have fun and learn at the same time!

5. Midifun Karaoke

Midifun Karaoke app is very simple with its basic user interface. That being said, it does offer quite a rich functionality and it’s free. Completely free, without any option to purchase a VIP package and with no required in-app purchases.

Moreover, Midifun Karaoke excels when it comes to accuracy of the on-screen lyrics. That, unfortunately, can’t be said about all of the karaoke apps, not even some of the apps featured in this article.

Midifun Karaoke also features a guessing game, in which you can test your knowledge of the lyrics of your favorite pop hits and much more. This feature doesn’t affect the primary function, which is karaoke, but it’s a nice addition.

6. The Voice: On Stage

If you know and watch the worldwide karaoke show “The Voice”, you might have noticed what’s special about this app. Yes, The Voice: On Stage is the official app for this show. So, if you want to feel like a star of the show, try out this app.

The functionality of this app covers everything you might expect. You can sing, record yourself, enhance your voice and, of course, share your effort to the social media.

7. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

The last app of this list is quite different than the others, but if you can’t find your favorite songs in the libraries of other apps, it will be very handy. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s will help you convert your music MP3s to their karaoke versions. Now, it doesn’t work perfectly every time, but you can still try and see for yourself.

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We hope you enjoyed this selection and found your karaoke app! Please let us know in the comment if you think there should be some other app added. Thank you.

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