10 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android in 2022

When someone is looking for screen lock apps, they are often trying to get as much functionality out of the app as possible. There are several on the market that are quite useful, and someone who is investing in screen lock apps will need to get the things that do everything they need while also allowing for customization.

This is especially important for personal security because some screen lock apps are not as safe as others.

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LokLok is one of the more unique lock screen apps on the market because it allows people to use their phone for communication while also leaving notes on the phone itself. If the user has downloaded LokLok, they can get all their text and messenger notifications from the home screen. This allows the user to send a quick message back to friends and family.

The user can also leave notes or pictures on this lock screen so that someone who comes by can see that a message was left. This is especially important if someone has to get up from their desk or needs to go attend to a small errand. When their companion comes back to the table or seat, they will see the message on the phone.

LokLok is the kind of phone that people can use as a personal whiteboard when they are with friends or family. Plus, it is fun to use with a stylish when writing messages.


Go Locker from the Go dev team has been described as the most stable screen locker for Android and is compatible with over 8,000 phones, which means that it may work on some phones when other screen lockers don’t. The app has been downloaded nearly 100 million times and has earned 4.4-star rating from over a million reviews.

Go Locker conveniently provides shortcuts to settings and system switches, including the ability to turn off running apps to free up memory on the device, Bluetooth, and data, so users can change settings without unlocking the phone. By default, the locker includes a link to messages, the phone app, and The lock screen also displays messages from social media and other apps along with missed calls.

Not only does this app add security to a phone by preventing unauthorized users from accessing the device, but it is compatible with a number of themes, including those that can make an Android phone appear like an iPhone. This allows users to customize every bit of their phone experience.

One unique feature of Go Locked is smart page, a second screen that provides access to the most frequently used apps without having to unlock the phone.


Zui Locker wants to make the lock screen elegant. It does this, in part, by offering high-definition wallpapers that automatically updated. In addition to this, Zui Locker allows users to customize the lock screen layout, which includes a weather layout option, to express their personality and have access to the content that matters the most to them. Zui Locker ensures that the user’s phone never looks generic.

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This screen locker never sacrifices security, either. A unique and colorful photo unlocking option known as the Unlock Portrait ensures that only the people who should have access to the device can unlock it. The app allows for pin and passcode unlocking. Zui Locker will take a selfie of any intruders to further protect the phone.

The function continues with a quick menu that has options for changing wallpaper, turning on the flashlight, launching settings, and making a phone call. The screen locker will clear apps to reduce memory usage. Users can readily make a distress call, too. Additionally, users can access their frequently-used apps and view the media player to control music right from the lock screen with Zui Locker.

Zui Locker supports multiple languages.

Solo Locker

When someone wants a simple lock app that will do everything they need, they can use the Solo Locker. The Solo Locker is a very nice thing to use because it starts out with some nice wallpapers that offer a pretty background. The app will supersede whatever has been chosen on the phone, and the app will also allow the user to decide which widgets they want to see on the screen.

The screen can be arranged in any way that the user likes, and the screen will provide the user with a very simple lock and unlock method. The user can decide how they would like to unlock including a slider, passcode, or PIN. The screen lock can be shifted for people who are left or right-handed, and the screen lock can offer notifications or turn them off for security purposes.

Plus, the users can send back messages if they would like to turn on that option. The phone becomes much easier to use when the lock screen allows for so much functionality. There is a low battery function that will allow the user to turn down the screen so that it does not use as much energy, and the phone’s battery level is shown if the user is charging.

Hi Locker

Hi Locker is designed in the iOS style with the Material theme. However, it also has a bit of the modern Android Lollipop feel that people like to see when they are using newer phones. This is a great app to use when people want to protect their personal data, but it also has a nice feel that is far more pleasing than a lot of other apps that are on the market.

When the user wants to try the fingerprint function on more advanced phones, they can use that function with this app. Also, it allows for changes in widgets and backgrounds so that the phone feels customized once the user is done setting up the app.

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Next News Lock Screen

Next News was created by Microsoft to be used on all Android devices especially their own phones. These are many parts of this app that make it very interesting to use. The user who would like to get notifications can turn them on at any time. The app allows for any password that the user likes, and it also offers a function where the screen can be turned back off without unlocking the phone.

The camera is accessible through this app, and there are music options for people who want to run Spotify or Pandora while their phone is locked. This means that the user can see what music is playing, like the music, change to a new song, or pause the music. This is the kind of functionality that people expect when they have a nice phone.

Plus, this could be a phone that is attached to a speaker during the day to play music while showing notifications. The user can leave the phone locked, save battery power, and still get the music they need to be productive.

The New News Lock Screen also comes with many wallpapers that are fun to look at. If the user would like to use fingerprint unlocking, they can set that up with this app so that they can get in and out of their phone very quickly.


This app allows for a lot of unlocking options including the pattern that might be useful to everyone. Someone who is very conscious of their security can turn on the photograph option which will take a picture of anyone who tries to open their phone without their consent.

The app can be set up to ensure that the user can use fingerprint unlocking so that they can use the newest phones that offer this option.

There is a pro version that offers more wallpapers, more advanced unlocking options, and a few widgets that might make the phone a little bit easier to use when it is locked. If the user goes with the pro version of this app, they will find that they can use their phone with a bit more confidence. There is no need to b worried about losing the phone, and the app itself offers great support if there are any issues.

SlideLock Locker

Slidelock Locker is very easy to use because it is so simple. When the user would like to open the phone, they will slide the lock screen over so that the user can unlock the screen with the pattern, PIN, or passcode that they have chosen.

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The user can access their camera without unlocking the phone, and they can add a widget for every app that has one. Plus, the user can see their messages on the screen if they want.

This locker app also allows for a better design so that users have something nice to look at when the phone is locked. If the user wants to have an option to use every app without having too many customization functions, this is the perfect app.


AcDisplay is a nice app that allows the user to have a dynamic background that is not available on other apps. This dynamic background alone is very much like a screensaver, and there are a few people who would like to add their own picture because they want to make their phone feel familiar.

The user can get to their camera on this app, and they can set up the unlocking style they want. There are some places for widgets on this app, and the app allows people to reply to messages without opening the phone. People who want to use their phone without unlocking it all the time can use this app because it allows for a lot of functionality without leaving the phone open all the time.

CM Locker

CM Locker is a very advanced product that can be used at any time when someone wants to protect their phone. The people who are using the CM Locker can locate their phone using GPS, and they can even lock their phone remotely from another device if the phone has been stolen.

The password can be changed from another device if the user is afraid that the thief has their password, and the app will turn off all message features when it has been stolen.

When the user is using this app as normal, they can write back to friends or set up their widgets so that they can access apps when needed. It is very simple for people to use this app when they download it, and it would be wise to put the app on another device so that a stolen phone can be found or locked down.


Getting a lock screen app helps protect an Android phone, and it is very easy for people to use these apps when they would like to use their cameras, set up widgets, or choose a personal unlocking style. Some of these apps allow for fingerprint unlocking, and still more allow users to send messages to friends and family.

The best part of these apps is that they are all slightly different. The user can get a complicated app that will take a picture of someone who is entering the wrong passcode, or the app could simply allow the user to enter their pattern or passcode.

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