Best Paypal Plugins for WordPress Websites (2021)

PayPal, since being one of the largest Internet payment companies, needed some easy and agreeable ways to be integrated into the websites. Since the customers and clients are concerned about the safety of their data and privacy of information they provide online, the most important issue programmers and developers had to address was security, as well as easy accessibility and user-friendly interface. Since 1998, when PayPal was founded, the monetary payments online have changed and improved significantly, but due to the reports of hacker attacks and data theft, the matter of security not only prevailed but also remains the number one concern to this day.

In order to provide complete service to its users, WordPress had to find e-commerce solutions. Businesses using WordPress needed trustworthy methods to sell their products and process the PayPal payments. There are many solutions and according to the needs and requirements, it’s your sole discretion to choose the most appropriate one. So here are the best PayPal plugins, and among them is probably the one well-suited to your preferences and business.

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is a pretty convenient plugin allowing you to place an “Add to Cart” button on your website. You can do this for any product or service you want to sell directly from your site. It will display the contents of the cart to the shopper and let them manipulate it by changing the quantity of items or removing it completely. If you use the shortcodes dynamically you’ll be able to create products, and it won’t slow down your website. You can sell ebooks, audio files, images and all other media files through your website and your customers will receive them in an e-mail.

PayPal Responder

paypal responder plugin for wordpress

PayPal Responder is an oldie but still pretty useful and praised. It allows you to sell anything in just one click without the cart, checkout or any other additional procedures you are used to. After the buy, the customer will receive an auto-responder and be returned to the URL you want. Practically, it goes like this: customer buys an image by clicking on the “Buy” button and is taken to the direct PayPal checkout. When they complete their payment, they will be redirected to the URL of your choice, for example, a “Thank you” message or another similar offer, while the image is emailed to them.

PayPal for WooCommerce

Being the most used eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce has a support for PayPal accounts. But PayPal for WooCommerce plugin prevents you from going back and forth between this two so you can complete the order. The great thing about this plugin is that you will have support for PayPal express and PayPal Pro API, and the certified engineers ensure the quality of payment services since they personally tested it for errors and issues.

Easy PayPal Payment Accept

If you need a “Pay Now” button then Easy PayPal Payment Accept plugin is the best choice for your WordPress website. It allows you to place up to six choices of widget appearances, and you can even build your own using the shortcodes. It can be positioned in the sidebar or page of your website, and it doesn’t take long to install. It also allows you to configure for several currencies and multiple payments depending on the products and your preferences.

Quick PayPal Payments

Quick PayPal Payments plugin looks simple at the first glance, but it is actually quite useful and powerful. As its name suggests, it allows options for quick payments to be set up and added to your websites using shortcodes. This fully editable plugin is easy to use and multi-lingual, and it also accepts all PayPal approved currencies.

PayPal Donations

paypal donations plugin for wordpress

PayPal Donations is very simple and does as the name says. Shortcode and sidebar widget will be added to the WordPress theme the moment you install it, but you can choose which donation button design you want to use or maybe add your own. Options are also available for different currencies, localization, custom payment and return page. The plugin is translated into several languages and if yours is not available, you can always choose to contribute. It’s ideal solution for charity / non-profit WP websites, unless you don’t have it included in your charity WordPress theme

CP Contact Form with PayPal

Contact forms are great if collecting data is important for your business like booking details, event reservations, and registrations, appointments, orders, etc. This form will be connected to PayPal Standard or PayPal Express / Credit payment. Forms will appear in the WordPress settings area under “Paid” or “Not Paid” sections with all the information available on the person who submitted the form. For example, if you want to use the services of a hub for SEO resellers, all you would need to do is state what you need in the form, fill out your information details and proceed to make the payment. Once the payment is registered, you will receive an e-mail with the purchased SEO phrases. It’s as simple as that.

PayPal Pro and PayPal Express Checkout for Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is also a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress with built-in PayPal support. This plugin allows you to add Pay Pal Pro and PayPal Express Checkout features meaning that your customers can make payments via credit cards directly on your website. This not only provides a better user experience but is also more secure than PayPal standard. It’s important to note that PayPal Pro is available only in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, while PayPal Express Checkout is offered in most countries.  

To conclude

When you’re choosing the appropriate payment method for your website, make sure that you know all its features and if it’s useful for your business. Sometimes all you’ll need is a simple plugin, but if you want to conduct more complicated actions you will need to use more complex solutions. Most importantly, your primary care should be about your customers and confidentiality of their data since that will be their main concern and will directly reflect on your reputation. Paypal takes away that issue and can provide for you great security. You should definitely have it as payment option but along with other options. People are used to paypal but not everybody likes to use it for they online purchases.

We hope this collection / selection for BEST 8 paypal plugins for WordPress was useful for you and you’ve found solution for your website. Make sure you test few of them before you choose the best fit for your ecommerce store.

DISCLAIMER: this article contains affiliate links to “premium” products which might lead to commissions for us. 


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