5 Best Practices for Better Application Security in 2020

Don’t let thieves steal your intellectual property such as software programs and applications. Protect your company with these application security tips now.

Are you doing everything you can to secure your software? If not, you’re playing a dangerous game.

The 2018 FBI internet crime report shows that internet crime is at an all-time high. You’re putting your business at risk by not taking application security seriously.

There is a lot to consider when hardening your app, but there are a few things you can do to start.

Follow the five tips below to help maintain a secure application

Sanitize User Input

Have you ever heard of SQL injection? It happens when an attacker inputs SQL code into forms in your application.

This input breaks your program and executes unwanted statements on your database. You can prevent this attack by sanitizing your user input to strip out any malicious input.

Don’t Put Confidential Information in Your Codebase

It might sound tempting to put your API keys and passwords in your codebase. But this is the last thing you should do.

New security vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, so you never know who will compromise your codebase in the future. It could even happen with a disgruntled employee.

Instead, store this information inside of environmental variables. Attackers won’t be able to find this information without access to your actual server.

Isolate Different Parts of Your Software

The more access you allow to the different parts of your application, the more damage can be done. Instead of keeping your application as one monolithic piece of software, separate it into pieces.

You can do this with containers. Each container will contain a part of your application with its own application security protocol. This isolation can help protect it if another piece of your software becomes vulnerable.

Monitor Security News

It seems like there is a new threat every week. Make sure someone on your team pays attention to security news so you can find potential risks for your software.

Most software packages are good about patching security problems when they come up. If something you use does have a security issue, patch it as soon as you learn about the threat.

The longer you keep an unpatched system, the more vulnerable your application is.

Encrypt Everything

When you send traffic with HTTP, anyone can intercept your data. Make sure you only allow HTTPS requests so that all data your application sends is encrypted.

You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for SSL certificates anymore. A service like LetsEncrypt will give you a free SSL certificate.

Similarly, if your application connects to any third-party services, make sure you handle those requests through HTTPS. Even if your third-party service has errors with their certificate, pause your connection until they get it fixed.

Take Application Security Seriously

The web is a dangerous place today. If you don’t take application security seriously, then you’re putting your application and users at risk. Use the tips above to start securing your application against attacks.

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