7 Best Royalty Free Music Sites in 2021

It’s 2019, and there are now more successful content creators and artists than ever before.

If you’ve got the urge to show the world what you’ve got with entertaining videos or are working on a documentary or other project finding royalty free music can be a bit of a drag. There are honestly too many sites out there providing copyright free tracks, finding the best one is really hard.

Today we’ll cover some of the best royalty free music sites available, explain how their business model works, and make it easy to pick the best one for your needs.

1. SoundStripe

SoundStripe is a major player in the no copyright music game with an excellent model for small to large content creators. Instead of paying per track they offer a low monthly membership program.

This allows you to use as many tracks as you need with no restrictions on how they can be used. For creators putting out several videos a week, this can equal out to major savings over more traditional royalty free music sites.

They offer curated playlists based on your previous picks and add new tracks to their library every week. Best of all, any song you download for use while a member is yours to use in perpetuity.

If you decide to slow down your production or rest on your laurels you still have full rights to use the music you’ve already placed in your content.

2. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is just as its name describes, free tracks available for any use. It has several hundred tracks across different genres available without required attribution.

It includes tracks in MP3, WAV, and AIFF. There’s no signup or other information needed to get started and anyone can download unlimited tracks.

As with many other free choices its library is lacking in variety.

3. Youtube Audio Library

One of the best places to start your search for no copyright music is Youtube’s own audio library. It has hundreds of different sound effects and music free for anyone to use

It includes both tracks requiring attribution and ones that don’t. The only real downside to the Youtube audio library is its size. It can’t really compare to the tens of thousands of tracks available from larger competitors.

4. Epidemic Sound

It has been around for 10 years with the goal of providing royalty free tracks for Youtube creators. They offer a fairly large library on a subscription basis.

For independent content creators, they’re a very viable option.

5. Incomptech

Incomptech offers hundreds of royalty free tracks across dozens of genres. You can use their tracks for both commercial and non-commercial uses but you do need to create an account to download.

Incomptech requires you to provide attribution in a specific format to all creators. They regularly update their library with new tracks but don’t have the same depth of content as many other paid sites.

Their site is easy to navigate and their search function is effective. 

6. TeknoAxe

TeknoAxe offers more than 1500 different tracks in a range of different genres. You can find everything from EDM to classical and orchestral music.

All their tracks are licensed under C.C. 4.0. This requires very specific attribution including:

  • A link to the TeknoAxe Youtube channel
  • A link to the TeknoAxe website
  • A link to the video where the track was used

This allows you to use tracks for cultural and non-commercial use only. If you’re planning a commercial project you’ll need to look elsewhere for your royalty free tracks.

7. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat is a subsidiary of ShutterStock, one of the most well-known stock images companies in the world. It has a large library of no copyright music curated by musical experts.

It includes a ton of stock music and background tracks across a variety of genres. Tracks are available for as low as $49 for non-commercial use or $199 for a revenue-generating application.

Their interface is reasonably easy to use but the search functionality definitely could use some improvement.

Protect Your Content

Finding the best royalty free tracks is a lot easier now than in the past. There are tons of sites available with large libraries of music that help protect your channel from copyright strikes.


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