Best Survey Plugins for WordPress 2021

In order to build a successful web-based business, entrepreneurs need to gather information about the market by different means. It allows them to get a detailed knowledge of the utility of a new product, website usability, user’s reaction towards their products and services, quickly identify the needs of a potential customer, etc.

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Most of the business individuals make use of the Internet Marketing Survey, encourage respondents to answer questionnaires in electronic form and collect the much-needed data to determine hidden business opportunities and make policies accordingly to grab them.

If you run a WordPress website, you can use the Survey Plugins to create online surveys easily and quickly in 2020. Just have a look at some excellent options highlighted here below:

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings is an extremely popular survey plugin that has a large user base. Using this plugin, you can easily design, host and control all your custom surveys in the dashboard of your website. The plugin allows you to conduct your survey in different languages and there are 20 design options to choose from. Based on your needs, you can either keep the survey data private or make them public at any time.


WP-Polls is an extremely user-friendly rapid questionnaire development plugin that can be used without having any programming skills. With this plugin, you can easily create and conduct large-scale surveys and get Built-in reports on different metrics. All this help you to make important business decisions and get success in the field of online business. Moreover, the plugin comes with several customizable options. So, you can customize surveys easily and collect the substantial feedback from customers without any fuss.


OpinionStage is an outstanding WP Plugin, which allows you to create professional looking online surveys and questionnaires in an easy way & Manage all of them from your site’s dashboard. It is ideal for conducting all types of surveys, such as employee and customer satisfaction surveys, website evaluations, product reviews, etc.

You can easily install it on your WordPress website without seeking anyone’s help. Just make use of easy-to-use survey builder to create and design online surveys from scratch or use an extensive library of survey templates offered by the plugin. You can Poll your site visitors anonymously using their social media networks. It allows you to View the full poll participant list social profiles, filter them easily and creating personalized marketing plans to generate the maximum leads/sales in an easy way.

YOP Poll

YOP Poll is a survey management solution used by all leading WordPress website owners and bloggers. The plugin comes with an extensive feature set, which allows entrepreneurs to create, manage and analyze survey data and increase survey completion rates by intelligently guiding the respondents at all the times. This plugin allows you to conduct all types of surveys on your website and meet the varying needs of your business in an easy way.

With this plugin, you can easily view and manage survey participants by grouping data in accordance with participant type, region, purchase history or placing them in their own custom fields. The plugin enables users to trigger new tasks or alerts on the basis of survey data submitted. It also allows you to user access levels and assigning permissions to maintain the sensitivity of data.

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master offers the complete solutions that facilitate survey design, data collection, analysis, reporting and administration of online and offline surveys in an easy way. You can easily customizable surveys, interactive questions, mask answers, personalize text and route questions based on replies given by users in the earlier survey. The plugin also helps you to conduct in-survey calculations by re-categorizing answers as and when the survey is filled.

WordPress Survey & Poll

WordPress Survey & Poll is another outstanding survey plugin which allows users to create and distribute customer surveys easily on WordPress websites. This plugin lets you have a chat-like survey experience and works as a helping hand to make surveys more engaging for the targeted audience.

The plugin comes with sharing buttons which allows users to share custom surveys with targeted audiences in the least possible time and across all web platforms, such as the global internet, users to share custom surveys with targeted audiences. It also has the recurring survey feature, allowing enables users to automate and conduct surveys easily at all the times.


The Survey is a simple, yet highly usable survey creation & management plugin, which allows users to create custom, dynamic, and branching questionnaires and forms, automatically launch surveys based on any trigger criteria, monitor responses in real-time, and complete all tasks related to online surveys. The plugin allows you to create custom surveys and questionnaires with multiple question types, including ranking, voting, single and multiple choice, numeric, open-ended, and more.

It also facilitates Personalized invitations and reminders, to be sent out automatically to responders, and questionnaires are provided in a range of languages to match responders’ requirements in an easy way. You can easily monitor Response rates and results in real-time. You can get reports for data presentation, including tables, charts, graphs, statistics, etc, using this plugin.


If you are looking for a useful WordPress plugin to create questionnaires, online forms, quizzes, polls or surveys in an easy way, the poll is perhaps the best option. You can create unlimited polls with unlimited responses using this plugin as it comes with a powerful drag & drop interface. You can deploy your survey online, offline, and even on mobile devices with its help.


eForm is an online survey and a feedback management WP plugin. It provides individuals a user-friendly platform using which they can easily collect visitor data and important ideas for further improvement in websites/blogs/apps. The plugin aims to deliver a simple survey and feedback management solution with ready-to-go’ surveys, customizable questions and intuitive reports.

The plugin is equipped with a responsive survey tool for the collection of visitor’s data easily and quickly. You can add and remove survey questions conveniently as per your needs.

Modal Survey

Is a real-time feedback and survey tool, which allows entrepreneurs, companies, and firms to gather, evaluate and understand data easily via surveys and quizzes. This premium plugin comes with multi-channel sharing, offline data collection, and industry-specific templates. All these allow you to conduct any type of survey in an easy way, know the intention of visitors and make business marketing plans accordingly for getting the desired success. Features such as multiple question import, real-time analytics, and data export, plus smart surveys, user management, etc., increase the usability of this plugin up to a great extent.

Final Remarks:

Online marketers, instructors, businesses & government organizations, firms, individual business operators always look for easy tools to quickly create online polls/surveys in an easy way. These are the top 10 survey plugins for WordPress website owners and bloggers. They can use it to create custom polls easily and make them more engaging and interactive. All these plugins help you to access detailed and insightful poll statistics and make business plans accordingly to acquire the desired success in the web-based business.

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