5 Best Survey Websites to Make Money in 2021

Millions of people across the world earn extra cash taking surveys online. Even more, people miss out on the fun and the money under the assumption that survey sites are nothing more than scams or that they don’t pay enough to make it worthy of the time.

Many scam survey sites indeed exist, but when the time is taken to compare and research the survey sites, finding those offering a fun, profitable experience is easy.

You won’t get rich taking surveys at home, but earning extra cash each week is possible with the right websites. Don’t waste time using the wrong survey sites or missing out on the cash and gift cards because you think that it is all gimmicks. Instead, browse the five survey sites below and join one or two and learn what it’s all about.

The five sites on this list pay out thousands of dollars every year to their members. Users site the following sites as their favorite among all the survey sites.

SurveyJunkie ~ $2 – $125 per survey (ONLY US, UK, AUS)

SurveyJunkie is a free survey site that pays members to complete short, interesting surveys and participate in focus groups. Pay per survey or focus group ranges between $2 – $125. After signing up, complete a short demographics and interests survey to get matched with compatible surveys. The surveys are then sent to the email provided at registration when available.

SurveyJunkie isn’t a market research company, but instead a lead generation company. They match members with research companies and other lead generation companies with offers available. This provides members with more opportunities for surveys than many of the competitive sites. Completed surveys are awarded as points redeemable for direct bank transfers, PayPal cash, or gift cards once reaching 1,000 points.

Members appreciate the chance to give companies their opinion about various products and subject matter and it’s always fun testing (and keeping) products that companies sometimes offer to members. Banking points is simple for anyone who completes just a few surveys each week. Users won’t get rich using SurveyJunkie, but they can certainly easily make extra money.

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Pinecone Research ~ $3 per survey

Undoubtedly one of the best-paid survey sites around, Pinecone Research is open by invitation only. When a membership is open, a short survey determines those who match the demographic needs of the company and membership is granted. Members may sign up to receive one or unlimited surveys each week. Each survey pays $3.00, with pre-qualification before the survey is sent to the member to save time and reduce frustration.

Pinecone sends members interactive surveys covering various topics such as food and beverages, makeup, media, movies, and more. Pinecone occasionally sends members products to test and keep in exchange for completing a survey (which is also paid.) The market research company enrolls members of all ages and backgrounds from across the world.

Members accumulate points for each survey they complete, which they can then redeem for PayPal cash or other prizes from the Pinecone store. There is no minimum payout; users may cash out for cash or a prize at any time after accumulating the required points. This survey site is by far one of the best around so keep an eye out for open memberships and get in with the fun.

LifePoints ~ Points System

MySurvey has paid its members more than $15 million since its 2012 inception, according to the website information. It currently ranks as one of the most trusted survey sites around today. Check out their website and its the self-proclaimed #1 survey site in the world.

Members qualify for more surveys than not and say that earning points is simple. Once accumulating enough points, members can redeem them for cash or gift cards.

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Members 18+ register with their email and receive surveys to that address as they become available. Registration takes only a couple of minutes. The number of surveys members receive each week varies according to demographics information. Disqualifications aren’t common but occur quickly so it doesn’t waste a lot of time, which is a common problem amongst survey sites.

Members may redeem points for PayPal cash, charity donations, or gift cards at one of dozens of retailers. A 1,000-point minimum threshold is needed to redeem a prize, which takes 15+ completed surveys. The MySurvey surveys are fun, easy-to-complete, and flexible for anyone seeking a top-rated survey site.

YouGov – 500 points per survey

YouGov is a political market research company interested to know how consumers feel about various issues, including gun control, Presidents, and even some fun topics like movies and sports figures. Registration is free and members can redeem points (most surveys pay 500 points but some quite more) for gift cards to retailers such as Foot Locker, Amazon, and others.

Everyone in the home can register for an account with YouGov, which gives the whole family their voice and the chance to rack up some special goodies in exchange. Registration is open to anyone 13 or older. Surveys are short and fun to complete, with as many as 10 surveys sent to the provided email address per week.

Although YouGov is based in the UK, it accepts members from the U.K., U.S., Asia, and around the world. Of the survey sites out there, YouGov has the most interesting content. It feels like you’re making a difference when giving your opinion with this survey site. Since the results of all surveys/polls are posted, you can see how your views rank with others.

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Panel Polls – $1.00 – $300 per survey

panelpools - best survey website

Why should adults have all the fun? Panel Polls is a survey site for children, teens, and their parents where every survey earns points redeemable for a check (sent via U.S. postal mail) or an Amazon e-gift card. Panel Polls has fun surveys that cover topics kids love, such as cartoons and movies. Focus groups, surveys by phone, and other fun opportunities also exist.

Each survey pays between $1.00 – $300.

Register for free using a valid email address and start receiving surveys within a few short hours. Most people qualify for the surveys sent by Panel Polls, although answers to initial survey qualification determine the frequency of approved surveys an individual receives. Kids enjoy completing surveys because they make a difference in the programs, shows, toys, and products they love and earn a little bit of money from home. Parents can help the littles if it is necessary. And, since membership isn’t limited to one person, the whole family can get in on the survey fun with Panel Polls.

Children 2- 17 may register for an account with Panel Polls, as well as young adults 17- 34. Members receive several survey invitations each week. Registration is free but may be limited if spots are unavailable. Registration is open only to residents of the U.S.

Last Word

Survey sites such as the five listed above make it easy to give your thoughts concerning various subjects and earn a few bucks for your help. Choose one or more of the above survey sites, complete the websites simple registration, and prepare to fill your pockets with all sorts of extra cash as you take surveys from home at your convenience.

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