7 Best Team Members WordPress Plugins in 2021

A company with a face is a company with credibility. Being able to relate a face, or several, with a business also provides a human touch, which is important for attracting new clients or customers and maintaining strong relationships with current ones.

One of the best ways for a company to achieve this is by having a team member section on its website. However, it can’t just be thrown together; it has to be done right. The good news is presenting everyone’s bio in an attractive, eye-grabbing way isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

There are several team member WordPress plugins that look great, work great, and help make the process easy as can be.

Here’s a look at seven of the best:

AWSM Team Pro

AWSM Team Pro is a versatile team member WordPress plugin with a variety of features to help create and manage team pages in a professional, systematic, and refreshingly easy way.

It offers multiple styling options and several preset layouts, including four-card layouts, three table styles, two list styles, and much more to help make team sections as attractive and appealing as possible.

That said, perhaps the best feature of AWSM Team Pro is its ability to let users customize the positioning of their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media icons. Most other WordPress team plugins don’t offer this flexibility.

It’s also fully responsive and works well with all types of mobile devices. Plus, it’s compatible with the Visual Composer WordPress plugin, giving users the ability to drag and drop team members anywhere they want on the page. Users can also add custom CSS as well.

Overall, it’s a great team member WordPress plugin with plenty of options and a clean and clear design.

AWSM Team Pro Top Features:

  • Clean and clear design
  • Eight unique presets
  • Multiple styling options
  • Fully responsive
  • Touch enabled
  • Detailed documentation

Team Showcase

Team Showcase is another best-selling fully responsive WordPress team plugin designed to showcase team members in a variety of stunning ways. Like AWSM Team Pro, it’s highly customizable and offers several different options for customizing and enhancing team member layouts.

There are four different layout options to choose from: Grid, Grid with Hover, Thumbnails Pager, and Table. In addition to these easy-to-use layouts, endless customizations can be made. Users can set a custom number of columns, align text, add background images, change font colors and sizes, choose different image shapes and effects, and more.

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Best of all, with the Team Showcase plugin, there’s no need for any other plugins to display lists of images with reviews, testimonials, and other content. This one plugin does it all. Of course, as one of the most popular team member WordPress plugins, it’s designed to support other plugins as well.

As far as features go, Team Showcase has them in spades. One nice feature is the ability to add social media links for each team member. The other features are almost too many to list.

Team Showcase Top Features:

  • Drag-and-drop sorting and reordering
  • Filter by categories
  • PHP function and shortcode generator
  • Widget-ready
  • Pagination support
  • Four different social icon styles
  • Background image and effects

DV Team

This is another premium, fully responsive team members WordPress plugin designed to help showcase team members, portfolios, product galleries, and more.

Its clean design is available in square, rectangle, masonry, thumbnail, and filterable grid styles, providing plenty of options for any website and its team.

In fact, it allows for unlimited teams, team members, and categories. There are six custom post options available as well, including: standard, gallery, video, image, quote, and link.

All icons, colors, font sizes, and basically everything else on the page can also be customized via the plugin’s settings menu. With five custom widgets and a social icons bar as well, the DV Team plugin offers a ton of flexibility and a lot to like.

All in all, the plugin delivers a great design, is easy to use, and has almost limitless potential to work anyway you want.

DV Team Top Features:

  • Clean, fully responsive design
  • Ability to create unlimited teams, team members, and categories
  • Multiple grid styles and post formats
  • Customizable colors, font sizes, icons, and more
  • Five custom widgets
  • Social icons bar

Team Members Pro

The Team Members Pro plugin by WP Darko is another top pick. This feature-rich WordPress team member plugin can showcase up to five team member profiles per line and include member photos, bios, rank, social links, and more.

It works by adding a “Teams” section to a user’s WP dashboard. Here, they can add members and feature all of the info above. Teams and team members can also be reordered at any time. With the use of shortcode, they can also be displayed anywhere on a site.

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Team Members Pro offers plenty of other great features too. One neat feature is the ability to add a second photo, which appears when someone hovers over the main photo.

Speaking of photos, the plugin also has built-in photo filters to give them a standard, vintage, black and white, or saturated look. There’s also the ability to choose between squared photos, rounded photos, inside-the-box photos, floating photos, and photo borders.

Team Members Pro is also updated regularly, providing its thousands of users with a secure, glitch-free experience.

Team Members Pro Top Features:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Unlimited teams and team members
  • Photo filters and design options
  • Hover-over second photo and info box
  • Up to five social links for each team member

TC Team Members Pro

Designed by the WordPress team, TC Team Members Pro is an excellent plugin to highlight team members and share their details in a multitude of ways.

It offers seven different layout styles and several different overlay effects. However, what users really like is its ability to show more details about team members in a separate pop-up window for added professionalism and design depth.

One of TC Team Member Pro’s other great features is the ability to add 20+ different social icons. From LinkedIn to Pinterest, it makes following team members and the companies/websites they work for incredibly easy.

Using TC Team Members Pro is easy too. Once the plugin is installed, it will have its own menu in the WordPress dashboard right below “Posts and Pages.” From here, users can add team members, their personal info, images, and links to their social media profiles.

Multiple teams and unlimited team members can be added, and the shortcode can be retrieved from the plugin’s automatic shortcode generator when their details have been entered. Fully responsive and supported by all of the latest browsers, it’s undeniably one of the best team member WordPress plugins out there today.

TC Team Members Pro Top Features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Unique pop-up window
  • Unlimited teams and team members
  • Custom post and category types
  • Seven different layouts
  • 23 social icons
  • Multiple overlay and hover-over effects
  • Automatic shortcode generator
  • Works with all WP themes

TLP Team Pro

This team management plugin for WordPress provides amazing responsiveness and plenty of features that allow it to shine on any device.

Unlike some other team member plugins with just a few layout options, TLP Team Pro offers a remarkable 33 different layouts to choose from, giving users more than enough choices to create a terrific team member section. There are 14 grid layouts, one table layout, nine isotope layouts, and nine carousel layouts for endless design possibilities.

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The customization options are boundless too. Users can customize colors, images, and even create pop-ups for single members deserving a little extra attention or praise.

TLP Team Pro can be used to add unlimited teams and team members, and it can filter by either department or designation. In addition to social icons, users can also add email addresses for improved contact flow and greater transparency and trust as well.

TLP Team Pro Top Features:

  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • 11 layouts to choose from
  • Visual composer
  • Several customization options
  • Single-member pop-ups
  • Dynamic image resizing
  • Email, web, and social icon buttons

Cherry Team Members

With Cherry Team Members, there’s no need to spend money to create a great looking, fully functional team members section. In addition to being completely free, it’s integrated with the Elementor plugin to make building great team member pages with WordPress point-and-click easy.

Using the plugin, companies and websites can showcase the position, personal info, contact details, and skill level of each team member on any chosen page. Plus, like the plugins above, there are several customizable settings to create the perfect look and feel.

For example, Cherry Team Members can be used to define the number of team members appearing on each page, the number of columns on each page, and choose the preferred templates and image sizes for both single team member and team pages.

Cherry Team Members Top Features:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Elementor Page Builder integration
  • Unlimited teams and team members
  • Wide-range of configuration options
  • Includes team and single team member page templates
  • Dynamic image resizing
  • Free

Choosing the best team member WordPress plugin is no easy feat. While everyone loves choices, there are dozens of team member plugins available these days, which can make deciding on the right one difficult at best. To make it easy, we’ve given the rundown on seven of the best team member WordPress plugins out there today. Now it’s your turn to give one a try and provide your website with the human touch it needs.

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