10 Tips To Boost Your Business Website Conversion (2021)

As a business owner, your daily list of tasks should definitely consists of boosting your conversion rate and grow the revenue. There are several techniques to apply which can change the behavior of a potential customer on your website. By testing and changing various on page elements which might convince people to take an action or make more out of your current loyal customers.

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1. Improve your page speed

The first on our list is usually overlooked but it significantly affects conversion on your website. In accordance with the results of several studies, 47% of users expect the page to load in 2 seconds and 40% leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds. 79% of people will more likely avoid buying products from a website after a bad experience. (Source: Akamai, 2009). In addition, page speed is one of the factors which can influence ranking in Google. There are several tools to test whether you have a problem with the speed or not. As a result, the tool provides an analysis of issues you should focus on. For example, check out google pagespeed tool!

google page speed testing tool for conversion

2. Find out what converts the most

Your customers look at your product with different importance. Here comes the challenge for you to test which of them is creating the biggest conversion. You can change their position, promote them with ads or social networks in order to find out the biggest impact on conversion rate. Once you know the best selling propositions, you’ll be able to adjust the strategy to get the most of coming customers.

3. Simplify sign up form and check out process

Sing up form should be as simple as possible. Ask only necessary things you need to know. The aim is to find a compromise between marketing information and design. Try to check for errors along fulfilling the form and let the person know that username has been taken or passwords don’t match. Another method how to simplify the sign up form is to add the social media sign up way.

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social media sign up

At the checkout, make sure the entire process is smooth without bugs and dedicate enough time for testing. Don’t let customers give up when they are ready to take an action.

4. The power of testimonials

Before buying a product you also go and see what others are saying about the item. Therefore, take advantage of testimonials and reviews and let them help you to optimize conversion rate. Take the objections of your product on one side and public opinion on the other side. Make sure there is a review that speaks about all of the objections. A good strategy except allowing people to review a product on site can be also placing the testimonials to the point of shopping process when your customers decide whether to buy or not to buy.

Testimonials image

5. Add a chat button

The option to talk with the real person and discuss questions before buying a product or service is also a way how you may convince an undecided visitor to your customer. It’s easy to process which doesn’t cost much, but the pay-off in the future is definitely worth the investment to grow conversions.

live chat button

6. Testing the design of landing page

The testing of landing page can be divided into two steps. First, one is testing different designs in order to find out which one works better for your customers. Try different layouts using images and texts. The second step consists of customizing the best design with the results you’ve just found out.

7. Buttons or links: what creates more conversion?

Buttons are science itself. With the right text, they incline to have more clicks because they are obviously more visible. If text links are not working, try to replace them with buttons. Play with the shape, position, text, but don’t swamp your site with too many buttons. You may try to offer a strategy of two buttons – one very nice and visible with bright color for your full product and a second one with lower standing (e.g. free trial). Of course, you want to sell your product, but a free trial is also kind of outcome that may turn to full commitment.

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8. Test your calls to action on landing page

Put as much effort as possible to test your calls to action that will maximize the revenue. Before you start, you have to find an answer what action taken by customers will create the biggest profit. Check out 7 call to action formulas on wishpond.com.

9. Modify particular landing pages geographic areas with better performance

Do you know where is your major revenue coming from? Get to know specific areas which create more conversion and customize a landing page for a certain area with simple deals or promotions. It doesn’t need to be a big deal, discount code or free delivery might work on conversion rate too.

10. Compare your mobile vs. desktop traffic and optimize costs

desktop vs. mobile

Analyze the traffic and conversion coming from different devices. Then optimize your budget and invest in a device which returns you more of your investments. Investing your time to optimize and test different methods is not easy, but in a long-term view, it will definitely pay off and boost your business.

Check out this cool video and find out what works on website conversion in 2016:

4 thoughts on “10 Tips To Boost Your Business Website Conversion (2021)”

  1. Make the user interface of your website a priority. If your website is user-friendly enough that even people who are not used to browse websites can understand, then there is a high chance that more people can browse through your website in a breeze and buy and get your products and services.

  2. Viktor Vincej, good points indeed, and a composed and well written post. Additionally site’s loading speed is another major factor when it comes to CRO. Testimonials, reviews and social proofs are great ways to convert leads into businesses. Site’s usability on mobile devices is another big factor.
    Apart from all these, CTA text, color, placement, repeatation and size make the biggest and direct impact on sales conversions.


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