Best WordPress Hosting (2022): Reddit Reviews

Finding an excellent WordPress hosting service requires plenty of research on customer feedback and reviews. Getting firsthand opinions from those who’ve already experienced their services provide you some much needed insight on what to expect from a web host. We’ve compiled several comments on Reddit from users discussing the best WordPress hosting you can get today.


Best WordPress Hosting Reddit Reviews - SiteGround

SiteGround offers both standard shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting services. Interestingly, hosting plans for both are priced the same at every tier, so you should definitely get the managed plans if you’re going for SiteGround.

Here’s what Reddit users said about SiteGround’s WordPress hosting:

Page loading speed is excellent at SiteGround thanks to their caching features:

SiteGround’s support team is quick at responding to customer concerns and requests:

Overall, SiteGround can boost the speed of WordPress websites significantly. Moreover, having a helpful support team within easy and quick reach makes them a top choice for sites of varying sizes.

Digital Ocean

Best WordPress Hosting Reddit Reviews - Digital Ocean

Unlike most hosting providers who are keen on attracting clients and businesses, Digital Ocean tunes their services specifically for developers. They’re the most mentioned name in Reddit discussions involving setting up and managing your own server.

Check out what Redditors had to say about Digital Ocean:

Customer support is topnotch at Digital Ocean, in addition to other outstanding perks:

Note that Digital Ocean isn’t for everyone – it’s clearly meant for web developers who want to get into the nitty-gritty of running servers.

WP Engine

Best WordPress Hosting Reddit Reviews - WP Engine

WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting plans designed for growing business and large enterprises. Focusing solely on the WordPress platform, WP Engine’s servers are optimized for speed, security, and performance. They handle all server-side maintenance and configurations, allowing you to focus on working on your websites.

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Here are a few comments and reviews on WP Engine’s hosting services on Reddit:

There are plenty of fantastic features included in WP Engine’s hosting plans. Here’s a brief rundown:

By specializing in WordPress, WP Engine are true experts on the platform:

For those who want relieve themselves of the burden of managing server configurations and updates, WP Engine’s managed approach will work best.

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