10 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Optimization (2021)

Whether you are a blogger or an eCommerce administrator, keeping your site up to date and fully optimized can sometimes seem impossible. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to WordPress optimization, not the least of which is the question of which plugins work best with which and how can you use that knowledge to your advantage.

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Believe it or not, leaving your site unattended for several weeks without any manual or automatic optimization can have severe consequences on both your ranking and overall site performance. So what can you do when it comes to WordPress optimization through automated plugins in order to keep your site operational?


Optimizing your data and back office can be tricky if you don’t have any coding or programming knowledge. WP-Optimize represents a tool designed to ensure that unnecessary data (spam content, unneeded data, inappropriate comments, etc.) gets deleted immediately or in set intervals. This ensures that your content is always well optimized and ready for use. You can easily set up the level of control you are willing to give the plugin or simply have it clean and optimize the entirety of your website.


As the name might suggest, Smush works in favor of optimizing your images in order to boost loading times and make the website lighter overall. The question of what is SEO optimized content comes down to several factors such as keyword or image optimization. Smush ensures that any image files that end up on your website get converted into a format that’s easier to handle, regardless of the initial size of your files.

Super Cache

WordPress is widely known as one of the most accessible and well-optimized hosting platforms. As such, it offers a plethora of options when it comes to caching and static HTML file generation. Super Cache allows you to generate static files from your dynamic website pages in order to ensure fast and responsive website navigation. This allows your site to load much faster than ever before because the amount of data it needs to process lowers drastically.


WordPress sites are usually a combination of various different languages. As such, there is bound to be excess code lying around without your knowledge. WordPress optimization through Rocket allows you to get rid of unwanted CSS or JS code that serves no purpose. In doing so, you will solve many of your previously unknown bottlenecks and allow the site to load much faster in the process.

Post Title Formatter

SEO is one of the most important features of curated content. If you design your site without thinking about SERP or site visibility, you are putting yourself in a risky position. Post Title Formatter serves to optimize your article and post titles in order to achieve a better SEO. You can set the plugin to automatically capitalize letters, add or remove full stops as well as add or remove commas depending on your needs.


Thinking about your mobile users is just as important as catering to the computer audiences. Hammy is a plugin that allows you to convert and optimize images based on the platform the visitors are using. In doing so, Hammy converts original images into more accessible, smaller files that are easier to handle for Android/iOS users. In doing so, you will raise your SEO level and get very used to using a professional WordPress content curation plugin.

WordPress SEO

As one of the most robust and all-around top ranked plugins for WordPress, the WordPress SEO is an all-in-one tool for anyone looking for proper SEO and content optimization. It focuses on a number of SEO issues such as keyword optimization, alternative text inputs, title optimization and overall SERP. The tool is designed to do the majority of the heavy lifting for you and is equipped with out-of-the-box automated features that can take care of your website even when you are not available in person.

Sitemap Generator

As the name suggests, this plugin aims to deliver a high-quality sitemap of your website in XML and is highly customizable. Sitemap has become a huge issue of big websites with large amounts of content, meaning that the load times for their visitors are largely slowed down. Doing yourself a favor when it comes to WordPress optimization and using Sitemap Generator will allow you to not only manage your data and accessibility but also ensure that your visitors only access curated content in the process.

Lazy Load

Not all of your visitors will have high quality bandwidth connections to rely on. Plugins such as Lazy Load ensure that anyone can access your content by optimizing it in a way that allows for a step-by-step loading process. This means that the user will only download data that is required for immediate viewing and not the entirety of the page they just clicked on. This is an amazing way to ensure not only a good SEO but also a high traffic margin on your site.

SEO No Duplicate

Last but not least, knowing that your content is unique and well-regarded on the web is an important feature of well-curated content. SEO No Duplicate ensures that your content is seen as unique and original in regards to other articles and content pieces on the web. The reason for using this tool to optimize your own content is because many people resort to copying other people’s content. In using SEO No Duplicate, you ensure that your content is seen as your own and not a copy of someone else’s work.


Getting your content curation plugins up and running shouldn’t take too long once you have decided which ones are good for your needs. Make sure that you test and try out as many of them as possible. Always make sure that the plugin you are downloading is legitimate and comes from a trusted source. Using malware or spam plugins will do your site no good when it comes to SEO.

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