7 Best WordPress Plugins for Donations in 2021 (FREE & PAID)

NGOs, nonprofits, charities, crowdfunding projects, and fundraisers can use plugins to accept payments on WordPress. Donation plugins make collecting donations online from individuals and businesses easy.

Small non-profits can use one of these plugins to get going on a low budget. Medium size non-profits can use them with growth in mind. Large non-profits can enjoy the consistent support offered by the developers of plugins.

The free versions we’ve selected have the basic features needed to take donations. We’ve also included some plugins with fabulous features. You’ll have to upgrade to get access to those, however.

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The intensity of collecting money from donors makes buying a professional license worthwhile. Reliability is the name of the game in online fundraising, as you know. So our list of favorites features donation plugins by developers that offer online technical support.

Regardless of your budget, choosing the right plugin is time-consuming. This list will help you choose the right donation plugin for your organization, fast.

Charitable – Donation Plugin

donation wordpress plugin

The Charitable plugin helps your organization create an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns. Run one campaign at the time or several. Expand a non-profit’s fundraising creativity. This plugin easily accommodates any organization’s demands. An option to display an entire grid of fundraisers is possible with this plugin.

The beauty of this plugin is shortcode makes it possible to embed a donation form on any page. It enables setting goals for campaigns and lets donors control how much they give. Campaigns can be set to expire or continue running for as desired. One powerful feature offered by this plugin is creating automated donation receipts. It also sends offline donation receipts, as well as administrator notifications.

This plugin’s developers have gone above and beyond to help non-profits prosper.

Crowdfunding integration allows your supporters to create campaigns for personal causes. Its front-end campaign submission form relies on Stripe Connect to send them payments.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is made possible with a front end submission form, too. The plugin enables your fans to become the brains behind your fundraising efforts. Supporters simply create the campaigns for you and share them with their friends.

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Email marketing integration make this plugin unbeatable. Compatible email marketing and newsletter programs include MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Mailerlite, MailPoet, Mailster, and Active Campaign.

Collect funds with Stripe and Authorize.net.

Worth noting is how this plugin offers extensions to enhance operations. Deploy user avatars, donor comments and anonymous donations is incredible. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

10,000 charitable causes trust the Charitable plugin to help generate reliable income.

SKT Donation – Charity and Fundraising Plugin

Gain access to exceptional technology without having to pay commissions on donations. This plugin offers a wide array of valuable features. It can help you manage a donor database, set up recurring donations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Use this plugin if you want to set up accepting donations within 5 minutes. Its shortcode is post, page and Page Builder friendly. The plugin makes it possible to place forms within widgets and footer sections, too.

Enable a wide array of payment gateways. Accept PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Dwolla, Braintree, and credit cards. The professional version comes with 24/7 Skype support. It generates tax-deductible receipts.

Design control is included. Adjust the text size and color of code generated by this plugin as needed. This feature makes it easy to make donation forms to match any WordPress template.

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PayPal Donation

This plugin is popular with charities that depend on PayPal for donations. Users can make donations with their existing PayPal account. New donors have the option to use their credit card to donate.

It only takes a minute to learn how to use Paypal Donation. Setup instructions are featured on this plugin’s settings page. Instructions on setting up a Sandbox are included there, too.

Control language and currency with this plugin fast. It has built in support for every language PayPal supports. Collect donations in 25 currencies as well.

Those looking for a lot of design control will enjoy this plugin. Manage the look of payment buttons. Use its donation widget. Add unique images to buttons so that it matches your current theme. Choose how the PayPal payment window will open. This is obviously a simple yet highly-customizable plugin.

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The professional version enables donors to choose from 20 different contribution options. It also helps you collect daily, weekly and monthly donations.

The developer has a support ticket system, for your convenience.

Over 20,000 websites rely on it.

Woocommerce Donation Plugin

Set up a secure option for donations with WooCommerce and this plugin. It’s high-customizable. Support is said to be exceptional, too. At a cost of $19, you can’t beat this deal.

Show users their donation amount in the cart. Generate reports on donations. Allow donors to give any amount. This donation plugin does all this and more by seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce.

The plugin is ideal for non-profits that need to create product orders at the time of donation. Imagine the awesome fundraising campaigns you can run with this. Set donation amounts and offer donors t-shirts, mugs, posters and more. Set up drop-shipping and you have a power-packed donation machine with this plugin.

Cryptocurrency Donation Box – Bitcoin & Crypto Donations

This plugin is ideal for digital anonymity-focused nonprofits. Accept donations with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and more. Over 20 forms of cryptocurrency are available to use.

If you don’t make all of the options available at once, notify visitors they’re welcome to contact you. Then add the option they need at a later point in the website’s development. Don’t miss a funding opportunity. The ability to accept a wide range of cryptocurrency with this plugin is a huge advantage. This plugin’s creators are most likely to keep up with the new players in cryptocurrency, too.

Another advantage this plugin offers is hassle-free integration with Tip and MetaMask buttons. Converting coin payments into QR code is another option with a secure PHP QR library.

An option to add shortcode to any post, page or sidebar can prompt donors to help out wherever its effective.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

Create a donation shop for a grassroots campaign with this plugin. This plugin enables you to host more than one campaign. Simply name each new project and then associate a donation with a product.

The option to add forms and contribute an undefined amount is available. What’s unique about this donation plugin is that it features a donation widget. This option is only available in its premium version. It looks slick on the front end.

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The developer of this plugin ensures it will remain compatible with any of its themes. Gutenberg editor users can add shortcode to insert an entire donation form with a click. The ability to add shortcode quickly makes this an ideal plugin. Anyone who needs to place a donation form into posts should try this plugin.

Donations Made Easy – Smart Donations

Watch the success of live fundraisers with this all-in-one donation plugin. It also offers the option to send a donor to PayPal after he’s selected a donation amount. That’s a convenient choice if setting up SSL on the website isn’t a practical option.

Powerful PayPal IPN notifications can enable, too. Doing so will let you analyze how well a campaign is doing within a specific window of time.

This versatile plugin also provides visitors with satisfaction feedback. Select the “Slider Donation” option to add style to the website. Then users will see happy and sad faces, which correspond with the chosen donation amount.

Custom forms and an assortment of button styles are one of this plugin’s best features. Display fundraising goals to encourage visitors to make larger donations. Set reoccurring payments to ensure ongoing revenue. Show loyalty with a donation wall that features your top donors.

Helpful Advice

This overview of 7 useful and powerful donation plugins should make deciding which plugin is best for the non-profit clear. Consider the organization’s existing online payment methods. Do you need to accept cryptocurrency payments from donors? Will PayPal payments be necessary? Are credit card donations with an option to mail in a check best for the organization? Is accepting all forms of payment options from donors the wiser choice? Keep factors such as controlling the amount given, or, enabling undefined donation amounts. And if keeping things simple is required, let that need to narrow down your final choice.

Anyone of these plugins will help build a powerful fundraising platform. So it’s understandable this might not be an easy choice. The plugin with the features your non-profit can benefit most from is the one to choose.

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