8 Best WordPress Rating Plugins 2021

When web designers are looking for rating plugins, they have several choices. There are many styles of plugin that might be helpful on a website, and someone who spends their days designing these sites can use any of the plugins they like.

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While each of these plugins has a different style, they all achieve the same goal. Consider all these factors when reading through each of the plugins that are listed below.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

When developers are using YITH, it allows the website owner to post any reviews that they get from customers. This is a powerful thing because it can help sell products quickly. However, there are some reviews that are just too long. To solve that problem this plugin allows the user to add a summary that shows a short description of the review so that the customer can read through that review easily. Someone who would like to scroll through the reviews to see the star rating and a couple of sentences.

The rating plugin also allows the user to expand the reviews if they want without going to a new page. The rating plugin also allows for editing of reviews that may include profanities or vulgar language. If the owner of the website feels the need to respond, they can respond within the plugin. This means that the owner of the site can interface with the customer instead of settling for a bad review. Some customers who are given a second customer service experience will change their review to something positive.


Reviews are one of the most popular of all the rating plugins. People choose this one because it allows the website owner to choose the sort of ratings they want to see. Plus, users can submit ratings in writing that the owner can respond to. When the user sets up an heir rating system, they can choose from the star, number, or percentage system. The site can be designed in the style that the owner prefers while the user can still submit ratings.

Plus, the ratings can be expanded or collapsed when people want to read them. This is a good place for the owner of the site to talk to an unhappy customer, and it allows other people to input their own reviews on top of what they see. This particular plugin can help create something of a community that can debate reviews or ratings because everyone has their own opinion on how nice a product is or how it works.

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Yet Another Stars Rating is the YASR plugin that is designed like a bulletin board for the owner of the site and the people who use it. The idea behind this plugin is that it uses freeform language to allow search engines to find blurbs from ratings. This also allows the owner of the site to write their own reviews and interact with customers.

Since the reviews are likely going to have the names of the products and/or services, the search engines will continue to bring up these reviews in search engine results. Plus, there are people who will start a true debate in this rating plugin about each product. The users can add their star or number rating to each product, and they can even share these ratings so that other people can see how the product performs.

WP ULike

WP ULike works in many different places and in 40 languages when it is applied to a website. This particular plugin is meant to be used in places like blog posts, product descriptions, and even in member profiles on certain websites.

This plugin can be used when people are trying to create a community on their website, and this plugin has dozens of themes and even more parameters that the designer or website owner might like to try. Someone who wants to customize their website can even customize the rating pages. These pages also allow for the owner of the website to leave their own reviews or send comments to unhappy customers.

Multi Rating

Multi Rating can be used by more than just website owners. Digital marketers can use this plugin and its many templates to conduct surveys and get extra information from followers or customers. The plugin can be adjusted to look like a product review or a survey, and it fits well into any page no matter what the size.

Multi Rating is easy to use for someone who wants to put the number, star, or percentage rating on a survey, and these reviews could be shared if the website owner wants to activate that option. When using this plugin, the website owner needs to decide how much they want to say when filling out the form for each product or service. When the site has a clear voice, it is very easy for people to pick up on that voice while reading moments. Plus, the site owner can interject their opinion into any review.

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GD Rating System

GD Rating is actually meant for website reviews across each page. This particular plugin can be used when the owner of a website wants to learn how they can improve the site. When the owner wants to leave a spot to review each page, they can decide where the review slot will go, if the reviews will be displayed, and how the site will be rated. This is a good plugin for beta testing, and it could be used for someone who is sending a sample page to a client.

GD Rating can be left on the website, or it can be removed when the pages go live. Developers trust this plugin because it helps them learn how to improve their work. IF the GD rating system is being used as a way to pick up reviews throughout the site, the owner of the site could put the comment bar on each page to take requests from the customers or to ask the customer what is missing. This is especially important for things like listicles.


When the website owner is writing up blog posts, they need to put comments under those posts so that people can talk about it. The comments can be placed on products or services that are sold on the site, and the comment section will extend so that people who are filling a thread can comment on each other’s posts instead of just creating one long string of comments that will be hard to read and track with.

These same comments can be placed under product descriptions because the website owner might need to send comments to their customers about product reviews. This is a good way for people to give more customer service to unhappy customers, and it is also easy for someone to think of what they might say to encourage more people to buy. This could be the place where the website owner reminds customers that there are only a few more items left.

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WP Product Review Lite

When people are using this particular plugin, they can use the plugin to set up a place where reviews can be left on each product. This plugin works well when the owner of the site wants to get comments on blog posts, and it is a very easy way for someone to set up comments for new stories they have posted. Someone who does not post much to their site can use this simple comment bar because it allows for easy reading.

The plugin also allows the website owner to customize the experience for everyone. If someone is reading a positive comment, those comments could be green. The negative comments could be marked in red, and there could be a yellow box for all the neutral comments. The boxes can be redesigned using themes that are allowed through the plugin, and the owner of the site can make their comments look like the rest of the site. This is a good way to make a consistent design for the website. Plus, this is a very good way for the owner of the site to encourage people to leave comments. The design of the comments bar could draw a lot of attention to that section.


Anyone who would like to add a ratings or reviews bar to their website needs to find a plugin that will do all the work for them. Any of the eight plugins listed here will work very well, but there are many small differences that people need to be aware of. Someone who wants to get ratings for their site can use a plugin that was made for rating webpages. The other plugins are helpful in reviewing products, and still, others are good for writing comments on blog posts. Choose the style that makes the most sense for the site’s design.

There are many small differences that people need to be aware of. Someone who wants to get ratings for their site can use a plugin that was made for rating webpages. The other plugins are helpful in reviewing products, and still, others are good for writing comments on blog posts. Choose the style that makes the most sense for the site’s design.

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