15 Best WordPress User Profile Plugins (2022)

So you’ve done a pretty good job to get people to your site, you’ve got a visually appealing site, call to action button for registration, but people are still not creating user profiles on your site. What could be the problem, you wonder.

Easy registration of site users will be a big factor in determining whether people sign up on your site or not. Keep people interested in your site by making their user profile registration easy and straightforward. Customize your registration process easily and effectively with WordPress user profile plugins.

Such plugins allow you to add custom fields such as contact number, time zone, and so on. Think it sounds complicated? Well, it’s not.

Luckily there’s no need for you to learn how to code or even hire a coder to have it done. All you need is a good user profile plugin for WordPress.

There are hundreds to choose from but we have done selection for you. Simply find the one that is highly rated, offers support and matches your needs.

Maybe you’re looking for User Management Plugins!

What to Look For in a WordPress User Profile Plugin for Your Site?
With so many user profile plugins available, not all will be good for you. Each WordPress profile plugin has different features so you need to be careful with the one you settle for.

Now let’s take a quick look at the best WordPress plugins for user profile registration that you can choose from. Our collection features both free and premium options with various features including two-factor authentication, login redirects and the ability to replace the image on your login page.

Here are 15 best WP user profile plugins:

Youzer – Community & User Profiles Plugin – PREMIUM – BEST RATED

4.98 out of 5 stars – based on 407 ratings – $49


Youzer is a Community & User Profiles Plugin and it’s the right choice for your business. It comes with all the features you need to bring life to your website and give your website users much more space to express themselves and interact with each other.

What makes Youzer very unique is the modern, responsive and eye-catching design which comes with many profile headers variation ( 14 Header Styles ), powerful admin panel with over 700 options to take the full control over your community, 16 color schemes, +22 profile widgets, +22 WordPress widgets, a very creative 404 profile page and also you will have the ability to add unlimited custom tabs and unlimited custom widgets.

One of the things that make Youzer the best WP user profiles plugin is the huge number of the powerful social features starting with the social wall that contains more than 10 Post Types ( Status, Quote, Link, Photos, Slideshow, Audio Video, Files, Embeds … ), Members Directory, Groups Directory, Global News Feed, Friendships, Groups, Follows, Messages, Notification, Mentions, Reviews, Notices, Badges, Ratings, Likes, Comments, Notices, Emoticons, Bookmark, User Tags, Sticky Posts and many more social features …

Youzer also comes with an advanced and secure membership system where you can manage signups and it includes the social login and registration, ajax login, login popup, unlimited registration fields, information privacy, captcha, limit login attempts system, hide the dashboard and toolbar for users, +240 forms style and the ability to disable the whole membership system with one click and much more!

Also, Youzer is integrated with many popular plugins like buddypress, bbpress, woocommerce, mycred, mailchimp. for all these reasons and the ratings that the plugin received and the amazing support they provide, Youzer proved that they are the best community and user profiles plugin in the market.


4.37 out of 5 stars – based on 1700 ratings – $39

UserPro is another popular WordPress user profile plugin that allows you to create a searchable members directory. You can also create customized and elegant looking profiles giving your users a lovely experience. The plugin also comes with a fully responsive design and high-resolution design animation and elements.

The plugin is translation ready and comes with support for 12 languages. You can choose from 5 skins as well as change your layout. You can also take advantage of the over 350 FontAwesome icons.

All these features will help you to create a better-looking user membership site with an elegant interface and that is also fully functional. This plugin works well with any of the 2020’s WordPress themes and plugins as long as it’s well coded. It also utilizes SEO norms and has a social connect integration for quick sharing.

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User Profiles Made Easy Plugin – PREMIUM

4.31 out of 5 stars – based on 616 ratings – $30

This plugin does exactly that; makes user registration easy. You can easily integrate login, registration and front-end profiles to your WordPress site removing the complexity of users having to register on the back end.

You can easily customize your sign up forms and profiles by adding custom fields. You can also customize them to match the rest of your site.

The plugin has a search-enabled member directory, a fully responsive design, login options that allow members to use username or email, reCAPTCHA to prevent spammers, WooCommerce auto-sync, built-in FontAwesome icon support, and more.

ProfileGrid – FREE User Profile WordPress Plugin – BEST FREE PLUGIN

4.7 out of 5 stars – based n 91 reviews

ProfileGrid is definitely the most powerful FREE user profiles WordPress plugin which can be also used for groups, communities, paid membership websites, woocommerce, restricted content websites, directories etc.

It’s powered by some amazing features which might be sufficient enough for you and you might not need premium plugin at all. It also comes with basic WordPress.org support, so you won’t be left out but don’t expect a lot!

Some of the major features are:

  • multiple profile types
  • advanced group options (roles, fields, privacy levels,)
  • multiple group access for each user
  • filtering of users
  • WordPress groups rolls mapping
  • membership limits.
  • etc.

Admin features include:

  • creating / editing / managinfg users and groups
  • memebership rules setup
  • emails templates and notifications
  • user search / filtering area
  • custom fields options
  • useful shortcodes
  • and many more..

User Registration – WPEverest – PREMIUM

30 000+ trusted users – starts $69

User Registration plugin provides you with an easy way to create frontend user registration and login forms. The plugin can also be used to create membership sites with user profiles for registered users. Users can easily edit their profile details form their account page.

Drag and Drop fields make ordering and creating forms extremely easy. The plugin is lightweight, extensible and can be used to create any type of registration form. The plugin comes with built-in handy features like shortcode support, google recaptcha, email notifications, admin approval for registration, auto login, role selection and more.

Also, one can boost the plugin functionality with premium add-ons like social login, content restriction, MailChimp integration, Woocommerce integration and more.

Ultimate Member – FREE & PREMIUM

4.3 out of 5 stars – based on 909 reviews

ultimate member plugin

This is one of the best member management plugins for WordPress. This WP user profile plugin features a front-end user registration and login and edit profile option. The plugin also allows you to add custom fields in your registration form.It also features a conditional logic feature for the form fields.

This feature allows you to customize your registration forms and display input fields based on the user’s earlier input. There’s also a drag and drop form builder that lets you create your forms easily. Say bye-bye to spammers with the Google reCAPTCHA feature available as a free extension.

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Ultimate Membership – PREMIUM

4.52 out of 5 stars – based on 604 ratings – $29

You can see most of the features and settings of this plugin in the video! It’s definitely on of the TOP plugins on Codecanyon and for its price, I would say pretty advanced. It comes with all important features you are looking for, such as multi-level subscriptions (unlimited), restrict pages, different types of payments, social media logins, coupons, protections, free and paid memberships and much more.

There are 7000 websites out there running on this plugin and it thinks that says a lot about quality/credibility. Reviews are 4.5 out of 5 which is phenomenal and support is high quality as well. No need to think about it more. It’s only 29USD.

Restrict Content Pro – PREMIUM

starts at $99

Restrict Content Pro is one of the top best premium membership plugins available. The plugin gives you the ability to charge users to use your website and also create an unlimited number of membership levels that have different rates, terms and/or benefits for each level. You can also restrict specific parts of your site to allow you to have a public blog for traffic generation while still providing members-only posts and pages.

Restrict Content Pro also generates a membership signup report to give you a chance to see the number of users who have registered on your site. Other features include easy to set up, customer support, unlimited subscriptions, member management, discount/promo code support, PayPal payment support, earnings reports, data import/export and more. These features make it easy to customize the plugin to fit your needs.

MemberPress WordPress Profile Plugin – PREMIUM

starts at $149

MemberPress is one of the easiest to use plugins with very robust features. The plugin is easy to set up on any WordPress site. You can automatically setup login, accounts, pricing, and thank you pages for your web users. Adding your membership plans is also very easy and straight forward.

The plugin allows you to restrict access to any content you wish such as posts, pages, tags, files categories, and so on. There’s also a content dripping feature that enables you to show certain restricted content to users after a chosen time. You will find this feature to be handy if you are selling online courses and other learning materials.

MemberPress plugin integrates seamlessly with MailChimp, AWeber, MadMimi, and GetResponse, email services. It also integrates with Amazon Web Services and BluBrry if you want podcast hosting. It also comes with built-in PayPal and Stripe payment support.

WooCommerce Memberships – PREMIUM

5 ouf of 5 stars – based on 48 reviews – $199 / years

This plugin is specifically built for people using WooCommerce. This is a powerful plugin that adds membership site features to your WooCommerce site.

If you’re already using WooCommerce, this plugin allows you to use your WooCommerce core for your membership site. The plugin supports all payment gateways supported by WooCommerce. It also integrates with almost all of the integrations available for WooCommerce.

The plugin also has a feature that allows you to give your members discounts and to also create account pages that list all your user’s perks and access areas.

Users Ultra – PREMIUM

starts at $60

This is a free WordPress profile plugin available in the WordPress.org directory.  The free version has useful features such as recurring payment, MailChimp integration, WooCommerce integration, detailed stats, 5-star rating system, front-end publisher, elegant user panel, user photos and galleries, YouTube and Vimeo videos support and space for private messages.

The pro version, which is a premium option, has added features including a custom role on registration, Shortcodes for user profiles, a custom role for social media registration, priority support, and displaying fields by user roles.


PAID VERSION starts at $89

S2Member is a popular free WordPress membership plugin but it also has a pro version. The plugin is available to anyone for download. The pro version has a content dripping feature to allow you to show certain hidden content to chosen users.

While the free version supports PayPal, the pro version supports Authorize.net and Stripe as well. Both versions work well with MailChimp, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

User Meta – FREE Plugin

5 out out of 5 stars – based on 1 review

User Meta is another awesome free plugin that lets you add custom fields to your registration forms and user’s profile page. There are Shortcodes to display the registration form or you can also use the Edit Profile options on the front-end. This plugin comes with other features such as avatar support, file upload, hidden fields, and others.

You can also choose to get the premium version with features such as password reset, front-end user login, custom widgets for profile/login forms, etc.

RegistrationMagic – FREE & PREMIUM

4.5 out of 5 starts – based on 341 reviews – PAID version starts at $89

This is an advanced user profile WP plugin that allows you to create both registration and contact forms. The plugin allows you to create custom fields with multiple components, has reCAPTCHA support, and the unique name and form description feature. This feature allows you to name and describe your forms.

The plugin also has a redirection feature that when added, redirects the new user to a page of your choice. This feature is especially great for sales funnels. There’s also an auto-responder component that currently supports MailChimp. This component allows you to customize your welcome messages.

WordPress IP Banner – FREE PLUGIN

4 out of 5 stars – based on 9 reviews

Even though you want as many subscribers as possible, sometimes there will be people you want to ban from your site for good. You also want to ensure that don’t have spammers in your membership site. WordPress IP Banner is a great plugin to users using their IP address.

The plugin allows you to ban a user either temporarily or permanently. You can redirect the banned users elsewhere, for instance, a simple page with a warning. The plugin is very easy to install and use and costs $8 only.

Wrap it up

If you’re looking for a great WordPress user profile plugin, any one of these will be a great choice. Before you install any of the plugins, ensure that it’s compatible with your WordPress site version.

We totally hope that you will find at least one of these user profile plugins for WordPress useful for your site!

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  1. Hi – I’m looking for a plugin to create user profiles. But I don’t want communities, user directories, comments, posts, etc. I’m not building a social site, there should be no interaction between the users. I’m building a site purely so members can create (and modify at any time) a fairly lengthy (about 35 questions) user profile. All of the plugins I’ve tried are either not lengthy or are for the purposes of interaction between users. I just want people to login, then be able to fill out the long user profile that only they and I can see. Any idea what’ll work for me? Thanks!

    • I’m not sure. Maybe you can ask some of the developers of plugins in this article directly. I think you will be able to adjust profile and setting in terms of “no interaction”. On codecanyon, you can submit pre-sale question to the author they will tell you if it’s possible.

  2. Hi, I am building my site in WordPress. Can anyone recommend me any plugin which full fill following requirements.

    1) Developing customer profile login/register.

    2) Allow customer to add, update and delete and also save vehicles and match dealerships in their profile for the future use.

    3) Allow customer to subscribe the site and send them notification match with their profile.

    4) Add search functionality for the customer to search for the vehicles that they qualify for.

    5.) Customers need to be able to receive notifications for new match dealerships, updated inventory from match dealership that are subscribed to our website.

  3. hi, i need a user plugin tool with this important feature:

    – display an filtrable (by role or category) the users on a map
    – a private message system to send messages to specific group user then I would like to know if a user has read the message or not. is it possible to display all sended message in a list with a field indicating the status (read | not read)?



  4. Thank you for this list. Any reason you didn’t include Profile Builder Pro from Cozmoslabs? If you have any feedback on that plug-in, I’d appreciate it.

  5. Hi there, I would love to know what plug in do you use for thise site..

    We need a plug in that does the ff: and can be customizable for future add ons.

    User account page with payment billings


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