Business Insider: Ultimate Crowdsourcing Guide For Startups (2020)

In the field of business, crowdsourcing comes as a powerful tool to generate data from consumers that supports in improving growth and overall performance of businesses, particularly for start-ups.

The concept of crowdsourcing happens around us all the time, especially in this digital age when almost anyone around the world can participate and give recommendations to solve an individual problem.

As a matter of fact, the proven effectiveness and popularity of crowdsourcing in the business industry prompted innovations to the method, and now new platforms, tools, and strategies of crowdsourcing are made.

One of the greatest results of crowdsourcing will be the designs for the 2025 version of the BMW and MINI of the giant automaker BMW. There has been no shortage of auto models and creative ideas for the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brands, BMW and MINI. However, the global luxury automaker company crowdsource for designs and direct insights so that they will know what their consumers want.

Here are the ways that crowdsourcing can also help boost your startup business.

Donation-based Crowdfunding

Perhaps you are one of those businesses who are in dire need of investors who can fund your startup for free. According to a survey conducted by the National Venture Capital Association, 82% of small businesses back themselves up with self-funding. However, you do not have to do it that way anymore or even continually reach out for contribution from your loved ones.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to fund your startup is through crowdfunding. Be popular wherever you go and then sell your products to your established networks when it is at its high level of quality.

There are many places on the internet that you can use as a platform to gain donations that will be enough to help start your business. You just need to promote your product or let people know that you need their financial assistance to launch your start-up successfully.

You can now develop your products at least part by part using the financial support that you gained after it has reached the public and its popularity.

Channel Your Work Progress The Right Way

Crowdsourcing is the smartest way of helping your startup grow instead of finding a contact for support and prospects for potential business partners, SEO builders, writers, and advertisers which make you spend a lot of time and money like many other businesses.

These days, you can now find the people who work for these jobs for just a small amount in micro-tasking sites. Aside from saving huge sums of money, you can also save time which you should invest in much more important business projects for your start-up business.

Pick The Right Talent

One of the most important factors in your startup is recruiting the right talent for tasks that include human involvement rather than artificial intelligence such as verification, photo moderation, and transcription depending on the kind of start business that you have.

Crowdsourcing can also help you fill the labor gaps including short-term jobs and other primary tasks in your company. Through taking advantage of crowdsourcing, you can win the right recruit for your startup business and at the same time make sure that no time will turn to waste.

You may have established your business start-up presence on the internet through social media and have built a network of connections where you may recruit, but it’s not a guarantee that you will find the right talent that you are looking for your business. It is when you can use crowdsourcing to come into action.

There are a lot of websites nowadays where you can find talents and candidates, carefully nominated by talent scouts for jobs that are supplied by different employers. Think about how time-efficient it is for you to find the right candidate for your start-up.

Test Your Work First

Before making your work go live for all, testing it first is highly recommended. It is because most of the miserable failures that start-up websites experience are because of just one mistake and you do not want to make it, do you?

If your problem is that you do not have someone or any contact support to do the testing for you, then use crowdsourcing to get the job done in no time. You can gain many significant insights that you may need to help you out in your startup just by letting the crowd use your portal and just pay them.

Access Custom-design Work

Make use of crowdsourcing which is a cost-effective method to help you in your start-up needs particularly in the area of obtaining custom-design work.

Whether it’s a website design that you are working on or improving a logo where you need some help, you can utilize various crowdsourcing sites and other platforms to source ideas for branding purposes, websites, and other projects that your start-up needs.


Crowdsourcing is an efficient and cost-effective method that you can utilize to improve the performance of your business, guide you to innovations, build a greater customer participation, and solve problems that your startup may be facing right now.

While it is true that crowdsourcing is a powerful means of making effective ways to support your business and achieve its goals, keep in mind that there are also possible pitfalls that may come with it. That is why you should also go through some quality controls to help you avoid committing those mistakes.

Author Bio – Patrick Panuncillon is the head of the online solutions company LinkVista Digital Incorporated which serves to outsource contact support. He is accomplished in the field of SEO and currently spends his time managing his company and maintaining healthy global business partnerships.


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