10 Ultimate Cart Abandonment eCommerce Plugins to Enhance Sales (2021)

The number of abandoned user baskets continues to grow steadily with each passing day. According to the latest statistics, in 2019, on average, about 67.91% of all site visitors don’t complete the product buying process.

As a matter of fact, “Shopping Cart Abandonment is an unpleasant situation in which a customer starts the product purchasing process but leaves it suddenly without completing the transaction”. It means customers are not buying from you. This problem hurts you a lot when you face lots of competition in the online market space. Always remember that abandoned shopping baskets kill the profitability of nearly all eCommerce business opportunities.

In this situation, the owners of E-commerce stores don’t know how to reach out to customers and request them to complete the online purchase. So, if you run WooCommerce stores, there are some custom plugins that can help you reduce the scale of the problem & drive more business growth in an easy way.

Here’s the list of 10 Ultimate handpicked cart abandonment WooCommerce plugins that will help you to enhance your sales rapidly.


1. Abandoned Cart Lite WooCommerce


You can use this plugin to deal with the high-shopping cart abandonment rate. It works smoothly in the background and automatically sends email notifications to customers about their abandoned orders. You can set the time of Email delivery as per your needs & encourage customers to complete transactions as soon as possible. Subscribe to its premium version if you want to use its additional features & functionalities.

2. Save Abandoned Carts

WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture Plugin truly acts as a helping hand when you combat the high rate of Shopping cart abandonment to control the declining sales & encourage customers to make more transactions. It allows you to watch who leaves your website without completing the transaction. You can contact visitors and remind them of the abandoned cart. You can offer them some discounts to customers and encourage them to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Based on the setting, the plugin automatically delivers Email notifications to customers & let them know about the abandoned carts.

3. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce

This plugin lets you know the total number of abandoned carts by customers and view the latest activities/trends on your website. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it starts working and recording when individuals leave their carts. Based on the report, you can create personalized newsletters, send them to concerned customers, and urge them to complete the transaction. The whole process can easily be automated with the help of this plugin. When the shopper comes to your website & completes the transaction, it shows “recovered” message to you.

4. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

As an E-commerce website owner, you must have experienced the problem of shopping cart abandonment. It creates problems in business at a time when there is tough competition in the market & you struggle a lot to generate more sales.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart helps in your fight against this problem by delivering automated personalized Emails to shoppers requesting them to come back and complete the transaction as soon as possible. You can offer some discount to customers to encourage them for transactions. A simple yet very useful plugin for E-commerce website owners (who run WordPress based shopping sites).

5. Jilt for WooCommerce

Jilt is the right tool to combat the problem of Abandoned Cart. Once you install and activate this plugin on your website, it automatically sends (based on the setting made by you) personalized newsletters to customers regarding the abandoned cart & urges them to complete the transaction. Jilt’s abandoned cart recovery solution automates the Email Marketing efforts, sends recovery emails to customers, and increases the business volume up to a great extent.

6. Cart Reports

Cart Reports is an ideal WooCommerce plugin that offers real-time metrics on your customer’s carts, helping you to get more information about the abandoned carts. It automatically collects data about all abandoned carts and informs you instantly. Based on the data, you can create personalized newsletters & send them to shoppers appealing them to complete the left transaction as soon as possible. The plugin comes with comprehensive tracking reports and quick view dashboard widgets, allowing you to view the progress made to combat the shopping cart abandonment rate. You can customize Email templates & create amazing newsletters to allure customers for transactions.

7. Social Coupon for WordPress

This plugin helps you to generate leads and sales through social media websites. There are many frequent online shoppers who don’t view their Emails regularly. As a result, all your Email marketing efforts go in vain without fetching instant results. So, you can use this plugin to share your product link, a discount coupon, useful content, etc, on different social media channels and encourage customers to buy your products and services in quick successions. You can use this plugin to combat the high rate of shopping cart abandonment & stimulate sales up to a great extent.

8. Carts Guru

Crats Guru is perhaps the best plugin when you struggle to eliminate the problem of shopping cart abandonment. You can use it to get accurate reports on the abandoned carts & manage business marketing activities accordingly.

With the proper use of this plugin, you can convert more than 20% of all abandoned carts comfortably. based on the settings, it automatically sends personalized Emails to customers & encourages them to complete the transaction.

It also helps in SMS Marketing & customer retargeting. IT also makes automatic calls to customers & helps you to generate more business opportunities. The plugin can be used for Facebook & Instagram Retargeting and social media premium ads.

The plugin lets you view the details of abandoned shopping carts on the same window or dashboard of your website with all key details. You can offer some discounts or freebies to customers & request them to complete the product buying process as soon as possible.

9. ShopMagic

It’s a complete arsenal for all professional Email marketing individuals who strive for speedy growth E-commerce business and generate more business opportunities. With the help of this plugin, you can easily automate Email marketing efforts. You can design custom emails based on the order status. The plugin has Email Templates, which allows you to customize your Email, impress customers & urge them to complete the abandoned transactions as soon as possible. The plugin automatically creates Personalized Customer Discounts and gives customers a 1 time-only coupon code. This plugin allows you to redirect customers to any page to sell more products once a purchase is made by them.

10. Abandoned Cart Email Plugin

This is a premium plugin for all WooCommerce website owners who are troubled with the high rate of shopping cart abandonment and want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. After installation, WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin sends automated reminders to customers ( as per your settings) and remind them of their abandoned carts.  

You can use some discounts and freebies to encourage customers to complete their incomplete transaction. The plugin allows you to send multiple email reminders to customers manually or automatically and reduce the scale of shopping cart abandonment problem.

Final Words

Shopping Cart Abandonment is a major problem for all E-commerce business organizations. They take a lot of efforts to deal with this problem. All those individuals who run WooCommerce based E-commerce websites can use these plugins to deal with this problem in an easy way & increase sale by leaps & bounds.

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