CompTIA Network+ Certification Exams (2021): Overview, Benefits, Preparation Tips

Nowadays, everything is connected by networks. Computer networks continue to grow, and networking proceeds to change in its dynamic. It is like a vital artery in modern day communication that dictates how we connect, communicate, and collaborate. It opens the door of opportunity for endless possibilities. For these reasons, the skills required to perform in a networking capacity are priceless, and guarantee you a place in any company or organization.

CompTIA, Computing Technology Industry Association, is one of thelargest and most eminent vendorsof the IT certifications worldwide. CompTIA is highly regarded in the IT industry because of the high standards it embodies through its certification exams. More importantly, it is renowned by most IT tech companies because of its commitment to producing IT professionalsthat are vindicated by their professional competence and skills.

CompTIA Network+ certification is a performance-based credential that assists an individual develop an IT career by testing practical skills required to configure, operate, and troubleshoot wireless and wired networks. This credential certifies that an IT specialist has the profound knowledge and ability to:

  • develop and realize functional networks
  • configure, operate, and sustain basic network devices
  • apply such devices as routers and switches to create sustainable networks
  • distinguish pros and cons of present network configurations
  • introduce network protocols, standards, and security
  • troubleshoot problems with a network

CompTIA Network+ Exams: General Overview

There are two exams that are associated with the Network+ certification:

1. N10-006: retirement – 8/31/18 for the English language, and 1/31/19 – for other languages

The certification examination draws upon the configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of general wireless and wired network devices, as well as emerging technologies, including cloud, virtualization, and mobile technologies, and unified communication.

2. N10-007: launching – March, 2018

The certification examination covers crucial security concepts that assist network specialists to work with security practices, typical service models and basic cloud computing techniques, innovative virtualization and hardware technologies.

Both certification exams contain 90 questions of various format, for example, performance-based, multiple-choice questions, drag drops. The test duration is 90 minutes with the passing score of 720 (the scale of 100-900). The recommended experience includes the valid CompTIA A+ credential and 9-12 months of networking expertise.

CompTIA Network+ Exams: Benefits

There are hundreds of reasons why you should take the N10-006& N10-007 tests. But the main benefits are:

  1. International AccreditationCompTIA Network+ exams are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and they are fully ISO compliant. Therefore,they are supremely popular and globally accepted by many companies seeking for qualified IT professionals.
  2. Vendor-Neutrality – The skills you learn can be applied to any organization or company, anywhere in the world. The certification exams ensure that you are versed in a variety of technologies, both current and emerging.
  3. Increased Marketability – CompTIA Network+ tests are so popular and in high-demand that employers don’t think twice about hiring candidates who have attained the certification.
  4. Higher salary – Companies today recognize the value of having IT professionals with expertise in building and maintaining networks thus they rush to promote young specialists as they emerge.

CompTIA Network+ Exams: Preparation Tips

There areno shortcuts for passing the Network+ exams. The only proven way to takethem is to study smart, learn all the necessary concepts and methodologies associated with networks, and apply them practically. The more you do that, the better your chances of becoming a Network+ certified specialist.

Let’ssee some effective and useful tips for your exam preparation:

STEP 1 – Set a date to take the exam

This is critical. Don’t leave this step for last – after you feel comfortable enough with what you know. It is best to commit yourself to a deadline before you start studying. That way you condition your brain to focus on what is to come, and inevitably force yourself to work towards the goal.We recommend 3months’ timeframe. Visit the CompTIA website to get all the details you need on how you can purchase the exam, schedule a date, and take it.

STEP 2 – Devise a study plan

Everyone learns at a different pace and more than often, they tend to learn effectively depending on the method by which they consume the information. Some lean more to books and other traditional methods, while most millennials grasp faster by videos or audio. Whichever is your preferred method, at least 3 hours a day should be dedicated to complete focus on studying.

STEP 3 – Get study materials

There are tons of resources out there for you to choose from. Likewise, there are tons of sources that are not be fit (neither up-to-date, nor credible).Thosecan cause you to waste your money and time. You need information that is reliable and accurate.It’s highly recommended visiting CompTIA, Udemy, PrepAway Network+ Exam Questions and other related websites.

STEP 4 – Commit and start studying

Gathering all the information in the world will not be of any help if you do not buckle down and commit to studying. Be deliberate every day for at least 3 hours. Do not exhaust yourself, and go straight through. Take a break at hourly intervals. That will greatly ease pressure off your brain and eyes. That is crucial for helping you keep a steady focus and retain what you study.

STEP 5 – Do practice questions

This is by far the most valuable part of your study process. It helps you assess and validate your own knowledge and skills before hitting the actual exams. You will quickly be able to pinpoint most, if not all, of your weak areas and be able to go back to your material, or even do research, to help strengthen your knowledge. Furthermore, the last month should be dedicated to practicing exam questions. There are tons of sources onlinewhere you can find examdumps, but you will need to carefully evaluate them to ensure they are providing you with accurate information.

When all that has been said is done, congratulations, you are ready to pass the CompTIA Network+ exams.

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