Best contact form plugins for WordPress in 2021

Ongoing contact form conversions are critical for small and large businesses. Maintaining that conversion rate is essential to online success. So we recommend contact form plugins that offer a high-level of developer maintenance. This ensures your contact form stays compatible with WordPress’s ongoing code updates.

Another important thing to look for in a contact form is a high-level of technical support. This factor adds to successful conversions on a long term basis. We suggest you go with a contact form plugin that’s also versatile and capable of scaling with a company as it grows.

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Here are our recommendations on 7 plugins that enable the above ideals. We’re sharing these with you because they’re updated often. They’re also raved about for ease of use. Each of our picks is also versatile and they all offer superior support.

Contact Form by WPForms

Maria Cristal shares WPForms is the “best plugin ever.” Her enthusiasm for this plugin suggests she finds it reliable and stable.

WPForm’s user community is robust and active. So you should be able to get technical support from this user community. More than 2 million webmasters choose WPForms. It’s a popular go-to contact plugin for a variety of reasons.

This plugin comes with lots of convenient frills. Use it to support any company’s or blog’s ongoing growth. WPForms is compatible with a lot of newsletter and email list tools. The plugin, therefore, can help you make good use of email addresses as well.

Try this plugin if you plan on using MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, Drip Forms, Campaign Monitor Forms or GetResponse Forms.

This plugin can collect PayPal and Stripe payments as necessary.

WPForm’s most attractive features include pre-designed form templates. Spam protection, conditional logic, uploads and signature fields are also available. An option to capture information despite form abandonment is included.

The plugin’s option to make a conversational contact form can make doing business online more personal. Interactive forms tend to boost form completion rates (if that’s a concern).

Users report they were able to create a contact form in minutes with this plugin. Reviewers report WPForms is simple, intuitive, elegant and perfect. With over 4,000 positive 5-star reviews, we recommend this plugin as a go-to contact form solution.

We suggest you consider using this plugin’s sister plugin. It enhances a WPForms contact form’s performance.

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

The positive buzz around this plugin is the result of its ability to send emails reliably. So if reports that your company’s email is ending up in a client’s spam box occur, grab WP Mail SMTP along with WPForms. Its ultimate purpose is to make it easy for you to ensure that emails reach their destinations.

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The Internet community seems comfortable and quiet about this plugin. That’s a good sign as it touts having over a million active users. This suggests there’s a wealth of understated public support for WPForm’s sister plugin.

Consider WP Mail STMP a problem-solving plugin to support your contact form. Jim Madsen claims WP Mail “saved my butt.” Ronald Huereca shares it’s the best plugin he’s ever used. And Philip Jones reports, “it works perfectly; easy to configure.”

Remember this plugin whenever there’s an STMP related issue with the WP Forms plugin. It includes setup options for Gmail, Microsoft, Amazon, SendGrid, and other STMP providers.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is an “open source” WordPress plugin created by Takayuki Miyoshi. His latest releases of Contact Form features improvements to the server-side validation process. This update increases spam security. It also added Constant Contact integration. Miyoshi is obviously on top of keeping bugs out. So we recommend it as a reliable contact form plugin.

The beauty of this plugin is that it’s supported by a company named Codeable. This customization partner certified by the plugin itself is helpful. You’ll be able to chat with experts about a problem instead of looking online for a solution. The plugin’s time-saving support option includes free estimates.

Contact Form 7 supports up to 60 languages translations. That’s an ideal feature for collecting contact information from international customers or clients.

Other features the plugin offers include the ability to manage multiple contact forms. It’s customization markup is simple. Akismet and Google’s reCAPATCHA spam filtering are also available.

Miyoshi created two other plugins to enhance Contact Form 7. His Flamingo plugin enables saving copies of messages in a database. Bogo makes using Contact Form 7’s multilingual options easier.

Over 5 million installations of this plugin makes it an industry leader.

Ninja Forms

Another industry leader in the content form market is Ninja Forms. Use it to deploy the classic but minimal contact form approach. It also supports a multi-step contact form approach. What’s great about Ninja Forms is its ability to execute conditional logic. That means you can tailor contact forms to the needs of a customer and increase conversion by doing so.

Ninja Form’s conditional logic gives you greater control over user submitted information. It also encourages a user to complete the contact form process. You’re able to capitalize on rewards for the final outcome of completing a contact form, too. Research how incentives can encourage users to complete contact forms. Then let Ninja Forms help you apply an incentive strategy to help you achieve a higher conversion rate.

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Other features this plugin offers include file uploads and anti-spam options. It also comes with an assortment of form layouts and styles. These options make it possible to create secure complex forms without CSS coding.

Add-ons include support for a bunch of useful integrations. Use this plugin to connect your contact form to the apps you use most. SalesForce, Slack, Trello, Highrise CRM and Excel Export, MailPoet, CleverReach, Sendy and the Insightly CRM are all supported by Ninja Forms.

The Ninja Form team provides its own support. William Alexander calls the support “killer.” Stan Horst states this contact form plugin has “awesome support.” You can also lean on the plugin’s robust user community for answers to any questions you may have, too. But if you run into trouble, the plugin’s maker will be there for you.

Over a million websites use Ninja Forms as one of the most powerful contact form solutions out there. It’s great for beginners as it doesn’t require code knowledge. Developers love this plugin because it’s versatile. It features built-in hooks, filters and custom field templates.

Contact Form by WD

Contact Form by WD is another simple and easy contact form builder that’s ideal for beginning and advanced users. We consider it a rising star plugin. With only 40,000 active installations, users reports on the plugin are overwhelmingly positive. Niels Monberg shares it’s a “great and easy to use plugin.” “Easy, simple, reliable,” is how Bill Dorgan describes it. WebDorado is doing something right because we haven’t seen any bad reviews on it in an entire year. This may be because the team offers premium support.

Premium support includes unlimited support from WebDorado’s customer care and plugin development teams. The company stands by to ensure a successful installation. It’s also ready to help you with more advance needs.

As far as features go, the plugin enables form pagination. Conditional logic, section breaks, and data validation ensure that customers submit accurate information. File uploads and payment integration are useful options available in the premium version. If you’re looking to feature a map on your contact form, this plugin makes it easy.

Forminator Contact Form, Poll & Quiz Builder

We really like this free contact form plugin because it’s fun and simple. Drag and drop blocks make it easy to assemble a contact form. Use it to collect information with interactive content to generate more conversions. Forminator makes it possible to add feedback widgets to your website, too. Polls, real-time results, quizzes, and payment options add to the plugin’s functionality. This plugin can also performs math calculations within a contact form. That makes it possible to provide estimates and quotes for your customers if need be. Such great features makes this plugin a highly-converting lead magnet to remember.

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Forminator also integrates over 1000 useful web applications. Who could ask for more?

This is a reliable contact form solution because it is maintained by WPMU DEV. The support this company offers exceeds expectations. Live chat and email support make providing rapid support possible. Craig Rice states, “WPMU will not disappoint.” Many share the company’s customer’s service team goes the extra mile to help. Some report issues resolution within minutes. That makes this plugin ideal for those who expect a lot of web traffic and contact form activity.

Everest Forms

Everest Forms offers a lightweight, fast, and responsible form plugin worthy of consideration. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy to create sophisticated contact forms. The plugin features options for drop-down menus. You can use check-boxes and radio buttons to help users share key information with you. There are no restrictions on the number of forms you can create, either. So this plugin is ideal for situations when there’s more than one contact person in need of a dedicated form.

The premium version gives users the option to upload files. Users can also add a signature, include an address, a desired password, a phone number and more. A geolocation feature helps you collect data such as a user’s IP, country, and zip code. Its built in style customizer makes matching a form to your website’s design simple.

Other notable features include a dashboard section for viewing new submissions. Its ability to redirect submissions is handy when key staff members are absent. This contact form comes with dedicated support.

Everest Forms will have your back if you ever have any issues.

As you choose a plugin, stay mindful of the number of form fields you’ll be using. Your decision on which contact form plugin to use should suit long-term needs.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind as you make your choice. Multi-step lead forms tend to convert up to 300% higher than the classic single form approach. How so? Well, multi-step forms reduce psychological friction because they appear less overwhelming. Be sure to ask a low friction question before requesting more sensitive information, should you decide to go this route.

We hope we’ve helped you simplify the process of choosing the best contact form for reliable conversions.

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