Create A Content Strategy For Your Web Within 2 Hours (2021)

Online marketers with good SEO strategy also need a corresponding content strategy. Without this, it will be difficult to achieve significant results.

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A good SEO and content strategy work hand-in-hand. Online business owners and marketers must know their audience, business, and goals. With this in a pocket, the question on the content plan would be much easier to answer. However, we have outlined a 3-step guide that can help anyone to create an incredible content plan within 2 hours.

Check the Area (Competitors)

The competition in the business world is increasing every now and then. So, online marketers must be a step ahead of their competitors. A good content strategy begins with weighing the weaknesses and strength of those in the same niche or using the same keywords with you.

  • Use the right tools

There are many tools to carry out competitor analysis. Each one of them offers great insight that can help the online marketer to know more about the competitor of choice in a particular niche. The most important thing is for the online marketer to determine the area of the competitor’s business he or she wants to analyze or spy on.

Most of the competitor analysis tools can help to track down a rival’s website. They can provide valuable information anytime changes on the website are initiated. These changes can be a new product launch or banner placement.

Another way is to carry out backlink analysis to have more insight on how to form your SEO strategy. Tools such as Moz can help with that. If a high authority site is linking to a potential competitor, it is left for the online marketer to come up with a strategy that will help to close the gap by obtaining similar high-quality links.

  • Emails/Posts

Online marketers can also analyze their competitors’ weaknesses and strengths through their email newsletters and posts. A personal email (not a business email) can be used to subscribe to their email newsletter to regularly receive posts from competitors’ websites.

Research Keywords

Keyword research is important in every online business. After taking time to brainstorm on the topic to write on, the next is to research for the right keywords to use. There are strategies to consider when searching for keywords. These keywords need to be relevant the niche to appear natural in the content.

How to carry out keyword research:

  • Enter the topic of interest into the Google keyword planner tool to have insight on keyword ideas. It will unveil related terms of what potential visitors are searching for.
  • Choose the best keywords and make a list with them. Words that have low competition are a great opportunity. Even though they have low search volume now, there is a high possibility of them increasing.
  • SEMrush is another great keyword research tool to use. It helps to predict the performance of any keyword and the competition such would have.

The last step is to combine data from the Google keyword planner as well as SEMrush to know if the selected keywords fit the content plan.  Another great keyword research tool is Spyfu. This tool can help to determine the number of keywords competitors are ranking for.

Ahrefs on the other hand is a tool for keyword research and SEO. It helps to reveal the keywords a competitor is ranking for and the amount of organic traffic the website is getting. The tool also helps to reveal the best performing content a website has.  

Create Content Strategy

After the competitor analysis and keyword research, the next step is to create a result-driven content strategy. See the steps below.

  • Create compelling and high-quality content

The focus should be to create high-quality and compelling content with the keyword that is being targeted. The post should be interactive to reduce bounce rate and keep visitors on the site much longer.

The more interesting and helpful the content is, the more it will convert or visitors are likely to share it. This is good for SEO because there would be more backlinks to the site from multiple sharing.

  • Decide on content length

Though the information at the writer’s disposal determines the length of content, it is always advisable to move for lengthy contents. There is no guarantee that a long-form post of 2000 words will rank higher than that of 500 words, but it is best to choose long-form posts because they convert better, looks better and share better.

  • Use targeted keywords

After research the right keyword to use, the next step is mapping a strategy on how to use them. However, these are areas the targeted keyword must be placed.

  1. URL
  2. Page title
  3. Headline
  4. Image & Videos
  5. Meta Description
  6. Body of the content

With these steps, anyone can create a good content strategy in a couple of hours. All it takes is to follow the steps and act accordingly. A good SEO and content strategy is vital to the survival of any online business. Once that is achieved, the n success would be inevitable. The competition in the online business world is increasing every day. But with what we have provided, it would be very possible for online marketers to create successful marketing strategy for their online business.

About the author: Brenda Allen is a professional content writer at essay writing service She came to this profession after years of teaching English Language. She’s definetely able to cope with any content after dealing with students assignment.

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  1. Thank you very much for the information 🙂 Obviously, for every business that wants to succeed, you will need to plan your content strategy and content marketing plan, is not it? 🙂 It is obvious that this is the key to your success, and the opportunity to work on your own errors. Without a properly constructed strategy, it is unlikely that any project will succeed. But I’m afraid that as a novice in these matters, even with your recommendations, I’m unlikely to be able to create my content strategy in two hours. How much time did it take for the first time?:) Even your recommendation for using many tools to analyze the competition of your niche, and competitors in general, can take quite a long time while you master the necessary tools. And things like page headers; Meta Description; Body of the content, generally can load you for a few days to form the idea correctly.
    But in any case, thanks for directing me to the right way, Good luck! 🙂


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