How to Create a Website That Will Strengthen Your Brand (2022)

Promoting a brand or a company means making others know about it and generating considerable interest in it. As the modern world cannot be imagined without technologies and the Internet, creating a successful website to develop a company is a must. Whatever your company deals with, it will certainly benefit from an efficient website. Numerous tools, widgets, and plugins provide you with unlimited possibilities to empower your website and your company. Are you eager to find out key principles that can be applied to create a powerful website and strengthen your company? As an example, let us have a look at the collection of ready-made fashion WordPress themes, developed by TemplateMonster, that can be adjusted to different requirements and companies. Here, we share 10 tips that can be used for various web pages and companies.

1. Think about Style and Layout

The layout of the page and the color scheme of the website are the first things that will impress your visitors. The appearance of the website should match the general characteristic style of your company. If you prefer classic and reserved style, choose layouts with light colors. In case you are ready for an extraordinary look, select radiant or bright colors. You may also apply contrast in colors to highlight certain elements. As an illustration of a multi-colored fashion WordPress theme, take a look at Style Park WordPress theme that will definitely present your company to the best advantage.

2. Save Space with Smart Structures

It is possible to attract your customers’ attention and present various objects or projects, at the same time saving precious space on the home page, with the help of different widgets. You can use Slider and Carousel widget to showcase latest arrivals of goods in an online store, to demonstrate goods on sales, or to represent your best projects in interior and exterior design, in music and art, or in any other sphere. Moreover, sliders will make the presentation more engaging than an ordinary image gallery.

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3. Organize Menus and Categories

Easy website navigation is achieved when the page elements are carefully organized. If your online store deals with different goods, add Product Categories Tabs that will help you organize your items into an effective menu. Dropdown menus are considered to be systematized and convenient, as they contain categories and subcategories. In a fashion online store, for example, arranging such goods as clothes, footwear, accessories and so on will be an easy undertaking with fashion WordPress themes.

4. Use Visual Effects and Video Integration

When you showcase goods or projects, it is possible to find a use for video. Think about various types of content, such as images and video, and decide what will represent your goods better in different cases. Content modules in templates usually allow you to add different types of content to your web page, so you can promote certain goods in a video and arrange galleries of other goods. Additionally, numerous visual effects, such as Parallax effect, increase interest in your website and make fascinated visitors scroll your page down.

5. Add Search Form and Product Sorting

A great variety of goods, services or projects presented on a website can make visitors confused, as they can get lost in their searches. In this case, an efficient Search form will greatly facilitate the process. Moreover, Product Sorting options will give a possibility to filter search results according to several criteria.

6. Take advantage of Wishlist and Compare Options

Wishlist and Compare options are especially beneficial for an online store, as customers have a chance to find out peculiarities of similar goods comparing them. Also, clients can add different goods to their wish list, think about the differences, and make a choice later, without having to search for these items again.

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7. Allow Choice between Languages and Currencies

A multilingual and multi currency site should be your purpose if you want your brand to be successful in different currencies. Giving visitors a possibility to browse your site in different languages will expand your audience. This concerns not only stores that sell products but also blogs that can be written and translated into different languages. For instance, you can post news and tendencies in a fashion blog in different languages with fashion WordPress themes, as you can find WPML ready templates. In addition, an efficient international online store suggests that people from different countries will buy your goods, so they will appreciate the possibility to look at prices in the currency that they prefer.

8. Calendar and Appointment manager

A successful company is used to careful planning of events, so a calendar placed on the website will help both managers and clients to organize events and take actions. Thus, it will be easy to arrange the delivery of goods or to show when your company’s discounts start. Additionally, your clients will get a possibility to book a meeting with your company’s representative using Appointment manager. This will be especially important for various companies that provide services and organize regular events, workshops or classes, such as sports clubs, music and art schools, agencies and so on.

9. Include Social Options and Newsletter Subscriptions

News about a successful company should travel really fast, so social media cannot be overestimated in this case. A possibility to share images and updates in social networks will promote your brand significantly. So, Facebook like box, Instagram Board, or Twitter button will make your news fly. Otherwise, if you do not want to connect your website to social networks, but still do not mind the possibility to stay in touch with customers, you can answer their questions with a contact form. Moreover, to inform your clients about any hot deals or bargains and to keep them up-to-date, use newsletter subscription.

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10. Regard Responsive Design

As more and more people prefer using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to surf the Internet, choosing a responsive website design for your company will increase the chances that visitors will come back to your web page. Responsive websites adjust easily to different browsers and screens, so you will be sure that your website looks awesome on any device. All the images will be rendered correctly and your customers will not feel restricted. For example, responsive fashion WordPress themes give a chance to create a portfolio of a model, a fashion blog, or even a fashion store, and in any case, the website will look incredible on any gadget.


There are various ways to help your brand become more successful with a website. To create an efficient website, you should think about your customers and their needs in order to adjust the style of your website and to choose the most appropriate tools.

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