24 Creative Web Designs for Inspiration in 2022

Unique collection of creative Web Designs for inspiration. All modern trends of web design 2020 are included in this showcase. Enjoy and BE INSPIRED!

creative wordpress themes
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If you’re after motivation and inspiration for a website you’re about to create, you’ve got to the right place!

Every web designer have experience with lack of inspiration for a project! Sometimes it just happens. It might be different client in an unknown sector, business (logo) colors or just need for creating something different what will stand out from the crowd.

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This collection contains top designs with modern 2020 web design trends such as:

  • Big & Bold Typography
  • Asymmetric Layout Shapes
  • Animation elements
  • Customized Pictures
  • Full-width forms
  • Split Layouts
  • 3D Elements & designs
  • Hidden web menus
  • Voice UI
  • Parallax Elements

We only showcase few basic screenshots and brief description of elements and backgouround of the webiste. Make sure you visit the websites itself and scroll through. It’s a ton of amazing desigs! 😉

Ecommerce Product Design – Headphones

 product - webdesign inspiration


This is definitely the most popular design we’ve posted on our behance lately. It’s a super professional product presentation meeting all the modern web design trends of 2020. Beautiful combination of trendy branding, unique layout, clean design, PRO photography makes it one of the best product pages out there.

What’s more, this is only 1 single demo design of this WordPress theme which is one of the bestsellers in 2020. There are more than 100 pre-designed pages, ready to use. Make sure you visit live preview as well, this is not PSD (pic) only! It’s fully functional website theme. It’s has been featured in few of our collections and it’s definitely gonna be a big inspiration for web designers.

APPLE – AirPods PRO Website

APPLE really stood up their website game in 2020 and won “site of the month”in January on AWWWARDS.com. They came up with amazing scrolling effects and transitions to showcase their newest product in high LEVEL.

Visit website here.


This visual and audio masterpiece is representing one of the most popular activists from 2020, Greta Thunberg. You definitely heard about her lately and if not, you will soon.

Check the website here.

INTERIOR Website Concept – DIVI Theme

creative wordpress theme

Divi definitely belongs to this collection because there has been amazing amount of work done on it and the results is killin’ it!

Divi is WordPress theme for websites and amazing inspiration how to be creative with objects, background and colors in your website.

Template is very clean, modern and full of amazing features. You can preview DIVI live demo to see what I’m talking about. Guys from elegant themes challenge themselves obviously and decided to put great effort in new update.

BRUNO SIMON – 3D Portfolio

Outstanding portfolio that Bruno created is amazing 3D web project that will blow your mind. It’s super interactive and creative showcase that is super unique.

Check it here.

BOMBY – Creative Web Design Agency Concept

Brook is super popular web theme from Themeforest! It’s highly advanced graphics web product which stands out of crowd everywhere.

It comes with many color combinations of very bright colors, minimalistic elements, and trendy 2020 typography. On live preview, you can also see lots of moving elements and stunning video backgrounds. Check out the live link and all the other demos, we are sure that just scrolling through those for few minutes will boost your creativity and bring new ideas!

It’s BROOKx37, meaning it’s not only 1 design but 37 pages in one. All of those are very similar but different at the same time. All demos represent a different way of using this theme, such as creative agency, business website, artist portfolio, web designer portfolio, graphic design showcase website, etc. The options are endless with Brook create theme.


Mind Reading / Book Concept

Inside The Head comes from Sweden by SARA SVENSSON. It’s a publication representing various feelings, confusions, and experience of young people. It’s sort of an online book/reading which you can control just by few drags and clicks.

Graphics are highly representative and artistic with a modern touch. You should definitely have a look to get inspired and also spend some time reading to learn something about young people, it’s very interesting. ENJOY! It’s been also announced as one of TOP 20 web designs in 2020 and that’s def. something.

LaCasa – TV show showcase

LaCasa is stunning and unique website showcasing one of the Spanish TV shows. It’s super interactive and connected with 3D visual tour.

It’s been nominated on AWWWARDS.com as one of the best design in 2019. What definitely big deal on this design is responsivity. This crazy design and functionality is fully mobile-friendly and works with no issues. The only problem is the speed but it’ kinda understandable. Make sure you visit live preview, you have to see that! Enjoy your LaCasa tour.

Creative Agency Concept

Locomotive — Montreal Web Agency

This website is representing a popular Canadian creative agency offering marketing services. As you can on screenshot it’s very well organized, clean and very creative. But what you can’t see is the functionality! There are tons of creative CSS effects right on the homepage but what’s also super impressive are subpages, such as, team, careers, contact, agency etc.

They are all customized and filled with creative/interactive effects. Check out also their interactive Instagram feed / blog by clicking option in right top corner called “play”. Visit live version in order to get the right inspiration for your next creative project!

LoFlo – Artist Portfolio Creative Web Design

Lo-Flo Records - Website for Inspiration

LoFlo Records is the portfolio website of Jane McNealy, pianist, composer and singer-songwriter from USA. You can’t really see much see on screenshot since it’s impossible to make a good one!

Scrolling experience is just something I’ve never seen before and portfolio is smoothly connected with SoundCloud. Other subpages are made the same but it’s really interactive and intuitive. Check out live version to get some great inspiration for your next web design project!

Sporty Landing Page Design


web design inspiration

Sports Authority is a super famous web design of lookbook from pinterest! It’s been rocking there since beginning of 2018. It’s created by Jason Kirtley from Texas, USA.

The purpose of the design is landing page for eshop, showing off different products in action and explaining the story on various sports disciplines.

Liquour – Creative Web

rumchata web design 2016

Rumchata is very unique website concept with amazing functionality. It comes with amazingly smooth scrolling and interesting parallax sections which are super creative as well. Social media interaction also plays a huge role on the web. The bast part are the recipes.

Since website is presenting alcohol (rum) it’s an amazing idea to give visitors ideas on how to prepare lovely cocktails from. Feel free to scan the website by yourself and find out other interesting stuff to get some 2018 inspiration for your web design project! Rumchata web design has been nominated also as “site of the day” on awwwards.com, so good luck & cheers & enjoy your drink.

HELI – Creative WP Web Design Template

theme for creative web design inspiration

Heli is WordPress theme from themeforest with meeting all the modern web design 2018 trends. With it’s clean black & white design Heli caught attention of TF visitors and became one of the weekly best sellers.

When it comes to functionality, that’s whole different story because it’s packed will really cool stuff. Visit link in the beginning of paragraph and find out more about Heli by yourself. You can preview live demo as well and try real user’s experience.

SHOPKEEPER – Trendy Barber Website & Shop

shopkepper for web design inspiration

This design is very popular on themeforest marketplace, which is one of the biggest shop with web design resources, such as, graphics, plugins, WordPress themes etc.

Shopkeeper rocks in the ecommerce category and it has been definitely bestseller for couple of days! There is plenty of eshop inspired by design of this template. It has bunch of different version which are truly advanced when it comes to the quality of design. All elements on the website meet current web design trends of 2018 even that template was created a year ago!

Probably the biggest graphic asset are hipster photos which are really popular nowadays in almost all industries. Then minimalist style if products and description are just something what people really love, since apple rolled out their branding. If you look at the theme there is actually nothing too special about it, it’s just the perfect combination of 2 very modern trends.

You should definitely keep these things in mind while designing your website. You have to meet trends and show something your target group likes to see! Smart branding, intuitive design, creative approach are essential nowadays.

NO8 Design – Creative Website Design Inspiration

web design inspiration

Another amazing wp theme for web design inspiration! It’s been rocking in some of our collections and also on pinterest where the template has hundreds of repins and likes. It’s a very powerful template which you can use for creating modern online portfolio. Definitely comes with most unique design which I’ve seen lately and designer deserve 5 star rating for this web.

Considering it’s web template not just single design website the level of quality is very high. For more information and live preview of NO8 visit the markeplace website. On our preview picture you can only see half of the design of homepage. Whole web has much more page and elements included.


web design inspiration 2015

APIDURA is shop with cycling stuff and it’s definitely should be part of this cool collection Web Design Inspiration 2020!

It’s based on a simple design and unique play with background. Picture in the background is related to the topic and there other amazing elements. I’m not sure when the website was build but it still rocks in 2020!

It’s definitely one of my favorite and it rocks on pinterest as well! It has been pinned to 10k+ boards all around the world. I believe the sales power is strong because the way how the branding is promoted is phenomenal and very creative. Go a head and check it live here.

RESTAURANT – Creative Web Inspiration

creative webdesign for inspiration

Very creative and tasty website for restaurants. Design is based on vintage & retroelements, handwriting font and clean professional photos of food.

GOFISHING – Creative Web Design

creative website for fishing

Very creative website for fishing business. Amazing interactive elements are amazingly included in design. You can find eshop inside as well!

See more info here.

Web Design Agency

creative web design 2015

This website represents web design company in Belgium. Beautiful combination of colors and minimalism seems like winning strategy in 2018 and probably still wins in 2020! Check live version here.

Craft Beer Web

creative website for brewery business

White frontier is website for brewery company. Great branding elements of 2018, such as, hipster, retro, vintage are mixed together into this masterpiece. Check live preview.

Creative Coffee Web

creative eshop web

Coffee brand website representing and selling products. Very clean design and creative photos are great combination for remarkable layout. See here.

Junction – Craft Beer

creative pub cafe website

Creative website with in hipster style representing pub/cafe.

See live version here.

QED – Creative Web Inspiration


Introduction - QED Group

Minimal, metro and flat together in this epic combination! Website represent HR agency in czech republic. See live version here.

ANAKIN – Creative & Minimal Web


creative agency website

Amazing agency website! Creative and unique design show off the brand in stunning way. This is a great example how to push branding a head in 2020! See live version here.

Make sure to scroll throughout the whole website, you’ll bump into amazing work and a lot of inspiration.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of creative web designs for inspiration in 2020 and you’re going to create something even more outstanding! In case you will let me know and I can add your work to this collection.

Remember there are plenty of resources for inspiration and you are able to learn all the trends and how to implement them. You can save a lot of time by visiting one of my best WordPress themes collections and you can pick pre-designed stuff. You won’t be 100% unique but your client will be satisfied for sure.

Disclaimer: This article about creative Web Designs contains few affiliate links from which we might earn some commissions because we participate in affiliate programs. This income helps us to fund our website and keep it running.

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