Dell 7212 Latitude Rugged Tablet (2020 Review)

Just like gaming laptops, rugged notebooks can be costly. While purchasing these laptops, you are paying for particular features, such as portability and robustness. If you are using these tablets or notebooks, there is no need to worry about minor damages, knocks, and dents. The latest example of a rugged tablet is Dell 7212 Latitude 11.6-inch rugged tablet. Along with its durability, the Dell 7212 Latitude features excellent battery life, super bright screen and comfortable keyboard. This model allows you to recover deleted files free with built-in recovery software.


  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • Intel Core CPU i5-7300U
  • Upgradable RAM to 16GB
  • 256GB Hard Drive
  • 11.6-inch Display Size
  • Inter HD 620 Graphics
  • 3.5 x 2.0 Inches Touchpad
  • 3 Years warranty


The black 7212 Dell Latitude features a beautiful black panel, grippy material, and a hard finish. This tablet weighs 2.6 pounds without an optional keyboard, second battery and kickstand. Kensington lock slot of Latitude is located on the left area, and other ports are on its right side. A rubber flap is protecting ports from dust or water during travel or work. For extra protection, a flat is covering the power port and other hides the USB port Type-C, USB port 3.0 and headphone jack. Find your stylus pen on the upper edge of the display. The stylus pen slides in a slot and is hitched to 7212 Latitude via one stretchy cable.

Another door is covering the RS-232 Micro serial port on the right side. You can find its fingerprint sensors toward the top-left corner of the tablet’s back. On the back of 7212, you can find a camera in the center of top bezel adjacent to right corner. Every shooter has a unique physical switch. You can find these switches on the upper edge that glides over sensors. This tablet can be a great choice for privacy lovers who have to slap a tap over a camera lens.

Security and Ruggedness

The 7212 rugged Latitude tablet is a durable model. During an experiment, the Latitude (power off) was dropped on plywood from 4 feet, and it didn’t get any scratch. The magnetic cover of keyboard popped off, but it reattaches within a few seconds. The tablet passed different tests simulating dust storms, rain, and temperatures. The tablet comes with water resistance (IP65 rating), so it can survive some squirts of fluid. No doubt, it has built-in software to recover data, but you can get better results with RecoverIT. This software is equally suitable for free data recovery mac.

With 2.0 TPM chip, you can secure your passwords. The tablet features a built-in smart card validation reader. The model allows you to upgrade a fingerprint reader and smart card contact-based reader. With a unique data protection facility, you can use this technology for business and personal use. The Dell 7212 Latitude comes with a colorful and extremely bright matte screen. An option keyboard features smooth keys for effortless typing.  

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