Difference Between Copywriter and Standard Writer?

There is a problem of terminology in the content marketing. Actually, this problem is common for any sphere of business that includes professionals of different profiles. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain to an outsider what differs one profession from another. Such misunderstandings often affect fundamentally different concepts, such as ‘writer’ and ‘copywriter.’

Difference between web copy and web content?

The substitution of these concepts misleads marketers, customers, and representatives of these professions as well and causes a crisis of professional identity among the creators of original content. The vague definition and variety of opinions allow everyone to form their own ideas about these concepts. It’s time to finally figure everything out.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a sort of ‘arranger’ and imitator. Obviously, a writer can’t be described by these features. A copywriter can be defined as a specialist that:

  • Has no education in the writers’ sphere of activity;
  • Must write a certain number of words or characters;
  • Has no industry specialization;
  • is solely guided by financial benefits, and not by vocation;
  • Does not own copyrights;
  • Cannot claim a high salary, as there are no guarantees of first-class work;

You can call yourself a copywriter if: 

  • You are not attached to the writing sphere, and you would gladly change the field of activity if you were offered a better contract.
  • You will agree to most of the proposed projects.
  • You do not read much. Reading books, magazines, and newspapers is not your type of leisure.
  • You work within a strict framework. If you need to write 500 words, you write exactly 500 words.
  • You do not feel proud of your work. The idea of showing what you write to your loved ones never comes to your mind.
  • You do not write in your spare time. After all, it is your work.
  • You think that you write well enough, and putting effort into improving skills is a waste of time.
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If at least one of the descriptions presented fits you, then you are most likely a copywriter, not a writer. But if you dream of wearing the proud title of a writer, do not be discouraged. The first thing you need to do is change your way of thinking and become an independent or commercial author.

Who is a writer?

It is necessary to separate the profession of the copywriter from the writers’ field of activity once and for all and find out, who writers are. 

A professional writer on Contentmart is a creator. Previously, writers could be called journalists and storytellers, investigators and researchers. They were taught to write, had their own style and point of view. They were people, who longed to create, fascinated by the romance of literature, history, and facts. Today, such people can be called commercial freelance writers.

The essence of the writer’s work lies in the definition of the concept of ‘author.’ It is a person, who creates something new (idea or plan).’ To be called an author, you must:

  • Have original ideas and share them; use your own thoughts and experience to create unique content.
  • Follow trends and news.
  • Love to read and do it regularly. Read books, magazines, blogs, follow the works of other authors.
  • Write in your spare time. You can start your own blog and share your thoughts there.
  • Have a portfolio that proves that you are a first-rate author.

In conclusion

As you can see, these professions are different. However, they have many similarities as well. Both types of activity imply the ability to shape thoughts into meaningful sentences in a literary form. Both assume the ability to write about something specific. Both professions, after all, give an opportunity to earn a living. But! The main difference is in the accent on the form of the text. For a writer, it is typical to use the form for submitting material. The copywriter is closer to a journalist, for whom the content (and not the form) plays a more important role. The writer uses the form to attract the reader, while the copywriter is mostly focused on the content.

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