E-commerce Website Speed Optimization Guide (2021)

Website loading speed is an important factor in your site’s success in 2017. As visitors patience is dwindling rapidly while browsing websites and web applications, it has become necessary for site owners to ensure the faster loading of their websites.

RULE N.1 in 2017 is AMP

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You should also keep in mind that website loading speed is also an important factor when it comes to your site’s ranking in Google’s SERP. Google prefers fast loading sites and ignores the slower ones. Is your site slow? If yes, then you must cast a quick look at some effective tips to make your site faster:

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Revamp Website Design And Structure

Website design and structure largely contribute to the loading speed of a site. If your website is full of unoptimized images, lots of needless elements, redirections, heavy files, widgets/Plugins, plenty of ads, etc, then your site will be slow. In order to speed up your website, you can make the following moves-

  • Renovate your website design and make it as simple as you can. Use only necessary elements that are helpful to grow your E-commerce business. Remove unused plugins/extensions, apps, needless redirections and all such things. Display commercial ads in a controlled manner.
  • When you upload images on your site, use the right image format and compress them. It will reduce pressure on your site’s server while uploading images.
  • Clear needless website database off (such as login details, data from plugins/extensions, spam comments, trash comments, etc,) from time-to-time. By doing so, you can decrease your site’s database size significantly, which makes your site faster. Erasing website database manually takes a lot of time. In case you run a Magento site, you can make use of Magento extension to automate this process.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – HOW TO SETUP!?

Shun Mediocre Web Hosting

The majority of website owners use the shared hosting to run their sites. They do so with an intention to diminish the cost to operate the site. But, using sharing hosting can expose your site to multiple security risks and make it slow.

Therefore, you should invest in reliable web hosting to make your site faster and keep it safe from various online security breaches. While operating Magento E-commerce sites, you should choose the best Magento hosting services for the smooth operation of your website.

Reduce HTTP requests to the site’s server

When buyers land on your E-commerce site and generate requests for searching products/services, their requests are sent to the site’s server. The server finds the matching result from its database and displays them.

When there is a huge influx of HTTP requests, the server takes some time to display the requested results. It may make visitors unhappy and the possibility of lead generation vanishes if visitors leave the site.

Therefore, you can take some steps to reduce the HTTP requests to your site’s server-

Combine CSS and JS files

Both CSS and JS files work to display the information requested by website visitors. If these two files are independent, they make round trips to the server to help visitors find what they are looking for on websites. If you merge CSS and JS files and make them one, it reduces pressure on the site’s server and displays results quickly.

Use a CDN

When your website goes online, it is available to all on the World Wide web by default. It helps you to get international buyers on your site and increase your E-commerce in all geographical locations. But, it causes some problems also.

If you are not using a CDN (content distribution network), customers living in distant locations can face website loading issues. For example- Suppose your website is hosted in the USA. If a customer is trying to access it from the UK, the request generated by the customer has to travel a long distance to reach the main server of the site and display the results. It takes time which can frustrate the customer.

To avoid this hassle, you should use a good quality CDN. It is a network of the distributed servers of your site. When you use a CND on your site, user’s requests are directed to the nearest server in place of the main server and results are displayed immediately. It reduces pressure from the main server of the site, which makes it faster.

Website caching

Website caching is an effective way to speed up your site and improve user experience up to a great extent. When you implement website caching, different page elements (such as JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) are stored within the HTTP protocol when visitors land the website for the first time.

When they revisit the site in the future, the browser retrieves their data from the stored location and displays them easily without generating any HTTP request to the site’s server. This reduces the network traffic significantly and improves the responsiveness of the site easily.

Check Website Loading Speed Frequently

When you run an E-commerce website, it is important for you to keep a close eye of the site’s loading speed as it is related to the volume of business you generate. Fast loading websites are likely to generate more business for its owner than slow websites.

Therefore, you should check your site’s speed at regular intervals using free resources (pingdom, gtmetrix etc.) and find out the elements that are making your site slow. Just finish them off as soon as possible and make your site amazingly fast.

Downsize Resources

WYSIWYG resources have made it easier for web developers to create awesome websites. But, on a number of occasions, they write messy codes which can slow down sites noticeably. Unnecessary coding increase the size of websites or its pages.

Therefore, it is very important for you to erase identify and erase extra space between codings, link breaks, etc. This will help you to minify codes. Just reduce the amount of HTML, CSS and JS codes to make your website and webpages light & fast.

Bottom line

Website loading speed is an important factor to ensure your site’s decent placement on search engines, customer satisfaction and expansion of your E-commerce business in 2017. Implementing all these tips will help you make your E-commerce website faster.

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