Efficient Tools for Multi-channel E-commerce Trades (2021)

As per the data of the Census Bureau, e-commerce accounts in the USA have 8.5% share of total revenue in trade. Experts expect a consistent increase in online sales. Forrester predicts that the 9.32% average annual growth rate of e-commerce will be stable through 2020.

For an active online presence of your brand, you should be optimized for and active on multiple channels. Multi-channel retail aggregators, mobile apps, social commerce options and engines for price comparisons are huge sales drivers. The largest marketplaces account for almost 44 percent of the global ecommerce sales.

These things will not work if your brand is unable to provide integrated and consistent customer experience across all channels. It can be hard to consider it in sync from several perspectives, including inventory management, shipping logistics, product information, branding assets, and order fulfillment. You can try any of these tools:

Create Seamless Presence of Omni-Channel

BigCommerce offers a single hub for sales channels. Along with some tools to manage a website, the platform assimilates with Pinterest, eBay, Facebook, Amazon and Google Shopping. It links your inventory to different marketplaces, the point of sale solutions and social media.

You can efficiently manage your sales across different channels with reflex synchronizing. It allows you to augment inventory, skip cumbersome entry of data and avoid errors. Integrations of BigCommerce with numerous POS systems like ShopKeep and Square mean you can individually sell on these platforms. Merchants get more time because everything will be operated from a dominant location, making it easy to deal with the backend of multi-channel retail. It allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Offer Multi-Channel Stellar Support

When you use multiple channels to connect with clients, it may be difficult to manage customer support and service. To manage the conversations of your customer support from a place, you can get the advantage of Freshdesk. This tool work regardless of the channel a customer selects to initiate a support application.

Freshdesk comprises of feedback widget, live chat, an incorporated phone channel and email ticketing that may be installed for your customers. Integrated phone channels can save you from hardware installation and upfront cost.

It has channels to provide social media support, available for Twitter and Facebook, so you may track your customers and address their concerns and questions. The primary platform saves effort and time and helps you to enhance customer satisfaction.

Involve with one Branded Mobile Application

Maximum internet traffic originates from smart devices, such as mobiles, laptops, and iPads than desktops. If you want to get the advantage of multi-channel marketing, you should connect with your clienteles via mobile devices.

With the help of Shopgate, e-commerce companies can create several mobile applications for their patrons. This platform is great to develop apps for iPad and iPhone, Android apps and mobile websites. You can incentivize loyalty through QR codes or coupons in push notifications and ads for regular deals.

Feel free to create custom apps without any coding knowledge to save money and time. Creation of app with Shopgate is cheaper than hiring a developer. Fortunately, shopgate assimilates with sixty leading platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Volusion. You can easily sync Shopgate with the current store within a few minutes.

Contrast Shopping Engines

Multi channel ecommerce merchants need GoDataFeed to advertise their items on different shopping engines like Shopzilla, Facebook, Google Shopping and Bing. It will increase by almost 20% of your online traffic. You should include comparison engines in your advertising strategy. It may take time to handle everything manually. If you want to save time and avoid errors, you can trust on GoDataFeed.

Use of GoDataDeed can make everything simple because it offers a single integrated point to push out a catalog of your product and automates regular feed submission to over 200 shopping channels. Integrated analytics permits you to measure revenue, conversions, and clicks across each channel.

Streamline Management of Asset

A platform for brand management can simplify the archives of the digital asset. For asset management, you will need Bynder. This tool is available with a dashboard to find, develop, edit and use the current versions of content like video content, product image, banners, and logos.

It will help you to keep your branding efforts consistent because you can access this library. The integrated modules of project management can make it easy for branding, content and multi channel marketing teams to align their work, tracking workflows and progress.

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