10 Best Emoji Apps for Android in 2021

Emojis are used everywhere, and they are a popular form of communication on mobile devices. However, it is difficult for some people to find the emojis they want or access them when typing. There are eight apps listed below that will be a lot of fun for Android users to try.

Android offers a lot of customization options for users, and these apps provide a lot of that customization. Plus, new emojis could become the user’s favorite when they begin to look through these apps.


Facemoji is an app that provides both typing support and emojis for the user. When someone downloads Facemoji for the first time, they must go through their settings to make this keyboard their preferred keyboard. Plus, the user can set up the keyboard to type in one of many languages that are available.

The keyboard makes it possible for the user to access over 3000 emojis that have been uploaded to the app, and the keyboard even allows for gesture typing. Users can send emoji combos that will send their own message, and the flesh tone adjustments allow the user to send the right sorts of hands and thumbs-up emojis.

Facemoji holds all this functionality in one app, and it is updated often to ensure that users get to see all the new emojis that have come out for Twitter, in the Google style, the Android style, or even in the iOS style. Combining the keyboard and emojis makes it much easier for people to communicate their emotions properly.

Therefore, Facemoji is best emoji app for Android and you should definitely give it a go! You’ll love it.

Mirror Avatar Maker

Mirror Avatar Maker offers not only avatars that you can create, but also an emoji keyboard. The face maker lets you take a selfie, and then that picture is analyzed and the app creates your own personal cartoon character avatar. There are 1,500 personal stickers, gifs, and animojis for texting, all with your cute cartoon avatar, which can display up to 40 different emotions.

New stickers are added every week so you’ll always have more options for sending funny images to your friends. You can even make your own stickers! It supports 20 major languages and the stickers will adapt to the language you select.

The gif maker lets you make animated gifs of your avatar, and they’re all compatible with Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, so you’ve covered with whichever messenger service you want to use.

As far as the avatar maker goes, there are lots of options. You can edit your face features, accessories, hair styles, hats, makeup and more.

If you love making your own avatars and customizing them in several different ways, this is the app for you. So much content, so much customizability, and so many options that you’ll be making stickers and emojis and avatars all day!

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When the user downloads ai.type, they are getting both a keyboard and an emoji app. This is a powerful app that also comes with GIFs and options for customizing the flesh tones of the people/hand emojis. Also, the app allows for searching the emojis and the GIFs when someone is trying to convey the proper sentiment.

The user can try the EmojiOne or Twitter emojis, and they can even download an extra plugin that comes with about 2000 more emojis that might be more exciting. This app makes it very simple for someone to scroll through the emojis, and they are broken up by style so that they are easy to find.

There are backgrounds for the app that allow the user to customize what they see what they are typing, and the keyboard can be slightly adjusted so that it is easier to reach the emojis or the GIFs. Someone who prefers to type in a particular style will use this app because they can still access their favorite emojis and the keyboard at the same time. Even the top row can be changed around so that it has the keys that are most used.

There is a swipe function, auto suggestion for words, and even auto correction if the user needs help with typing. Plus, the cursor is easy to see so that users can use the direction keys and edit words or phrases more easily.


If someone is already using the Swiftkey keyboard, they probably have heard of Swiftmoji. This is the companion emoji app that was created by the people behind SwiftKey. The specialty keyboard that was made just for emojis has all the options that the user needs when they would like to change their flesh tones and get emojis from several different places. The Google, EmojiOne, iOS, and Twitter emojis are all there.

Swiftmoji remembers what the user writes better than most. Sign into this app and allow it to remember the way that emojis have been used in the past or how they are combined with words. When the app can remember all these things, it is much easier to communicate.

Plus, the app allows for a configuration fo the keyboard when looking for just emojis. Download this keyboard to work with the regular Swiftkey so that typing can be a much faster than it was in the past.


Textra is not the regular keyboard app that is listed above. Extra is actually a texting app that will replace the default messenger on anyone’s phone. When the user downloads Textra, they are greeted with the vibrant colors of the app, and the user can change their theme to any color scheme they like. This alone makes the app more fun, and each person who is texting the user can get their own color.

When someone is typing in this app, they get the option to use special GIFs and emojis that have been uploaded to the app. The app makes it easy to find the appropriate GIFs and emojis for any situation, and all the standard emojis are included along with those from Twitter and Google. Because of this, the app can completely replace the regular texting app and make it more fun to text at the same time.

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Kika Keyboard 2020

Kika Keyboard 2020 is an android keyboard that has tons of content available and definitely belongs to the best emoji Apps for Android club. 🙂

There are over five thousand emojis and emoticons in various styles like Blueberry, Gold, Funny, etc. so you’ll always have the perfect emoji for any situation.

There are also keyboard themes available so you can customize how your keyboard looks. There are very popular themes like Spider-Man, Pokemon and Godzilla, just to name a few. Over six thousand themes! There’s even an option to upload your own photo to be used as the background of your keyboard, so even if you’re not feeling one of the many themes already available, you’ll always have the option of putting up your favorite picture to emblazon your keyboard.

There’s also a huge selection of stickers like Justice League, Just Dance, The Nut Job 2 and many more.

The keyboard also comes with auto-correct, which is a must nowadays with anybody who likes to text. Many fonts are available as well so you can choose if you want your messages to look fancy or funny or just plain wild.

With support for over 60 languages like US and UK English, Spanish, Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, and more, you’ll be set in nearly any language.


Fleksy claims to be the fastest of all the keyboards out there because it actually avoids swipe in favor of large keys that are easier to reach with thumbs. Because of this, the app is unique in and of itself. The app also has a number of ways to customize the way that the keyboard looks.

When someone starts on this keyboard, they can decide how tall the keys will be, how many extra keys are on the keyboard, and where they will access the emojis. When someone gets into his app, they will realize that they can get as many emojis as they need along with GIFs.

The app allows the user to search for emojis and GIFs, and it also has a full keyboard of emojis that come from places like Twitter, EmojiOne, and even the iOS style. There are extras like the ability to get popping colors when the user types, and there is even a way for the user to slide the keyboard to one side for on-finger typing. If the user wants to delete a word, they can swipe. Plus, the user can remove any emoji predictions if they do not like what the app has provided.

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Go Keyboard

The Go Keyboard is another one of the standard typing apps that allow for the use of emojis and GIFs. This is a very interesting app because the keyboard allows for traditional typing or swiping. The user can adjust their keyboard as much as they want, remove or add the numbers, and move the location of the emoji button.

Once the user gets into the emojis, they can see thousands of them that were curated from places like Twitter, EmojiOne, Google, and even the iOS style of emojis. The emojis are easy to scroll through, and the user can change their flesh tones so that they can type with a bit more personality.

The GO keyboard will learn how the user types, and it will begin to offer suggestions that make it easier for the user to type long sentences or complete their thoughts. New emojis are added all the time, and there are also things like seasonal emojis that will make it fun when fall and the holidays come, when the Easter bunny is out and about, or when the summer rolls around.


Gboard is the Google keyboard that was created to carry all the functionality that Google has created over the years. Someone who is using this keyboard gets access to the 120 languages that Google can translate. Plus, the use can adjust the theme or layout of the keyboard to make typing easier.

All the data about typing suggestions can be saved to the user’s Google account, and the GIFs and emojis are all proprietary to Google. Because of this, the user gets everything that Google has. This app has the most options, and it allows for swiping or simple tap typing. The user can even search for emojis or GIFs when they are looking for something specific.


Bitmoji - Amoji APP for Android FREE

Bitmoji is much more than a keyboard. This is a place where the user creates their own Bitmoji which is a character that looks just like them. Before the user even types, they will create their character by adjusting everything from face shape and clothes to glasses and hair.

Once the character has been created, there is a lot of special emoji made with just that character. This is a bit different than other emoji apps because it asks the user to copy and paste the emojis that they see. However, it is nice to send emojis that are based on a personal character. Bitmoji can even intertwine the Bitmoji of two people for special emojis to make conversations more fun.


Emojis are a wonderful way for someone to improve the way they type. There are many ways to get the emojis and GIFs that are available on the market, and download them through a keyboard app is the best way to go.

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