How Emotions Affect Your Content: Reviewing Watsonfinds WP Plugin (2021)

The marketing campaign has been planned, strategies are ready to be executed, and the audience is waiting to engage on website with your content. You write down your best ideas and create a piece of content that you hope will persuade and engage them. You finish article, press the publish button, and the sweet wait begins.

After a couple of days, maybe just a few likes and shares, but… you haven’t got the reaction you actually were waiting for even though the article reached thousands of people. Most readers clicked the headline and spent some time reading it, but lost interest and didn’t do anything with it. You start to wonder, “What went wrong?”

Humans are driven by emotions. Everything that we do, the decisions we make, even many of the problems in our lives are caused by emotions. They also are extremely powerful in providing us health, happiness, and mental progress. Humans without emotions would be soul-less, robotic beings. Life without emotion would have no meaning, and where’s the fun in that? It is for this reason, that emotions and emotional response are starting to play a big role in the digital world. Every piece of content we find online will make us react, at a subconscious level, in a certain way depending on the emotions it evokes from us.

Unfortunately, written communication is very different than verbal communication. That’s why it’s often more difficult to express yourself clearly with written words. Copywriters and marketers are always struggling to find the best way to engage and persuade their audiences more with their content. Since the most common way to communicate online is writing, evoking the deliberated emotions within words is crucial for telling a good story.

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A Sentiment Analysis for Your WordPress Content

Wouldn’t be amazing to have something that could predict what emotion will most of your readers feel after reading your content in an assertive way every time you need?

insights - watsonfinds wordpress plugin

Watsonfinds is a top WordPress plugin that analyzes content from posts, pages, products, and comments to provide you insights about the emotions that your audience may feel as they read it. Its main purpose is to help copywriters, brands, marketers or any person to always transmit the intended message by evoking the right feelings with their content.

This idea started when the creators realized that there are so many factors to care about when creating content, like grammar and style, which makes it very difficult to assure that your words will manifest the desired feelings on others.

Once installed, a new button will appear in the text editor’s toolbar, which you can click every time you want to know the level of joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear that your content may produce on your audience.

Using the timeline, you can modify and improve every sentence without losing track of your progress until you get the content that will emotionally inspire the reader to meet your objective.

How can a WordPress Plugin do that?

Watsonfinds relies on IBM’s Watson algorithm which can actually read and process a set of complete sentences, analyze the language, context and culture to interpret the content like a human would do. Thanks to IBM Watson and artificial intelligence, the plugin can recognize the intended message and make a prediction on how it will be perceived by the human mind and what feelings it will yield on readers.

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Benefits of Using Watsonfinds

People are more susceptible to the emotions that a message can convey than the words that the message contains. As humans, when we read a text, we tend to focus on the tone and subliminal cues to make a judgment about the meaning of the message and even the perception of the identity and personality of who created that message.

With the insights that Watsonfinds will provide about your content, and form a prediction of how the content will perform, you will enjoy the opportunity to adapt and tailor every word to make the right impression.

From writing an important email to a colleague, that you intend to come across as confident and analytical, to creating an article that triggers joyfulness on the audience, Watsonfinds will improve the way you communicate to generate the results you expect.

You can try out Watsonfinds for free by downloading it from the WordPress plugin directory. To learn more about how it works, check out the plugin’s official site.

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