Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress FIX (2020)

Earlier people did not have the advantages of technology that they have now. With passing years man has developed and brought so many vital changes in each sector of our lives. Similarly the online industry has reached new heights in the recent years with the emergence of Internet boom. Millions of websites have been created and we come across at least one of them every day.

How To Fix Internal Server Error in WordPress

But building a website is not an easy task and it requires a lot of elements and hard work to give it an amazing shape. To help us do that, WordPress was invented. WordPress is an open source software that has been used by millions of people in the 21st century for creating personal and business websites. Despite of being so popular and favorite among the people, WordPress has its own set of problems that every other user faces. So in this article we are going to talk about a common error that the users of WordPress face “Error Establishing A Database Connection” and how it can be fixed easily.

What is a Database?

Databases are set of tables that have all the data and important information about your website stored in them. A WordPress database contains lots of different information related to your site-

  • User data like Passwords, usernames, social media details, and many such more important things. Whenever anyone tries to register it on your website, it is added to the database of your site.
  • Database contains all your posts that you have ever made in your page. Each post you create on WordPress is always saved to your database, including the different parts of the post like body, title, metadata, and even the date when it was published.
  • Every comment that has appeared on your website is also stored including the identity and othet important details of the person.
  • All the categories and tags that you have efficiently being putting up is also stored in the databases. So it stores the taxonomy.

What is error “Error Establishing A Database Connection”?

In simple words if you want to understand what the error means, it notifies you that WordPress is unable to establish a secure connection to your website database. When you visit an address in the Internet, the website tries to reach it by setting up a connection between the website database and the host, but when it fails, like in this case, it displays the error “Error Establishing A Database Connection”. Therefore if your site’s database has been changed or altered it will display this error.

What can be the reasons for such an error?

There are numerous reasons for which people fall into the problems. Similarly there are always easy tweaks which you can always use to get the website working once again. But first let us look at the conditions which lead to such an error-

  • Incorrect login details about your website like address or spelling mistake will not allow you to reach your website.
  • The servers where your databases are stored could be dead or unresponsive for a long period of time. Therefore still recovering or unresponsive due to an increase in the traffic.
  • Corrupted files of WordPress can also be result in the display of such error. That is why it is important to choose a website builder who provides you with the best security service to keep the website from getting corrupted.
  • Addons, themes, Bad plugins, as well as data-transfer interruptions all are a part of a corrupted database of your site. If a database gets corrupted you will not be possible for you to recover it completely.

So by reading till here, you now know what is the error and why the error is caused in WordPress. Now we will talk how you will get to fix the problem within a few minutes in WordPress.

  • You can easily use the WordPress’ Repair Database Feature which helps you to troubleshoot any kind of database error that appears in the screen. For doing this you will need File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, like FileZilla. To use the FTP just log into your account using the log in credentials provide to you and enter the necessary fields that have been told to be filled. If you are a 000webhost client then simply log into your account and turn on the FTP option which helps you to get access to the backup. So you will be able to fix the database by clicking on Repair Database. All the necessary information will be shown to you.
  • If the above method is not working, then simply in the 000webhost’s control panel, click on Manage Database and change the password to your site. By changing the password you will now get a new credential for connecting to your website which will fix the error of establishing the connection. Save the changes you just made to wp-config.php and you are good to go.
  • There is another method which can help you to resolve the problem. This is the last option which you must opt for and it is the option to restore the previously saved backup of your WordPress site. In the control panel select the option for backup and follow the necessary steps which will be shown to you and install the last backup which will redirect the website’s database to the last saved credentials.

Repairing an “Error Establishing A Database Connection” is not that terrifying as you may think it to be. Just follow the necessary steps and get the job done. If you are a 000webhost client then you will get to fix it with even more ease because of its versatile control panel and other necessary site development features that gives you better accessibility over other web hosting clients. So the next time you face such a situation, just remember the three steps we have discussed in the topic and after following one of them will surely secure a good connection to your website once again. 

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