Maximize Facebook potential for marketing through a few simple guidelines (2020)

Facebook is a social media platform that is visited by millions on a daily basis. As a result, most companies that want to achieve some form of success try to establish a marketing foothold on this prosperous domain. That’s easier said than done however. Facebook might be the home of millions but it is also the place where regular people have a chance to become as famous as celebrities and gain more attention than fully developed enterprises. With that said, it’s not an impossible mission either. With the help of just a few simple guidelines regarding how you approach the various aspects of this platform, you will be able to maximize Facebook’s potential towards yielding a highly impactful marketing solution.

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The little things

As with many other things, the trick is in the details and it’s important to pay extra attention to these little aspects of posting and being active on Facebook. While other strategies might be successful in their own way, this is what has been the most impactful so far. Try using these base principles for your Facebook activity and notice how numbers start going up.

Keep it simple when posting

As different specialists such as helix house might tell you, a simpler approach to your Facebook posts will be much more effective than long, complicated and overly thought out posts, whether we’re talking about simple text or imagery.

The problem with complex imagery and text

Having a long post with a lot of complicated metaphors, phrases, and overall syntax will not make people appreciate your cleverness, but instead simply skip past your post in their news feed, being too bored or uninterested to dedicate their spare time reading everything you want to say. That’s what makes simple posts so effective: the fact that the reduced length and simplicity in vocabulary is much more appealing to the average Facebook user. Now, we’re not saying that you should dumb it down into oblivion, but keep in mind that not everyone you’re trying to get to check out your business might be specifically trained in what you’re preaching.

When it comes to imagery, the same fundamental principles apply. When an image is overly complicated with a lot of things you have to keep track of, not to mention added text and logos and symbols, it becomes too much of a hassle for users, similarly to how complicated text is dismissed. People respond to clever, but it has to be clever AND short. Try to focus your Facebook endeavors towards small posts with simple and yet effective messages. It’s the same reason for which a TV ad isn’t two hours long. It’s all about condensing as much information into a small frame without losing cohesion or depth.

Evoke your motivational side in order to invoke more likes and shares

Social media has become something way too complex to be put into just one category, but if you were to break it down, the core of social media is represented by people’s desire to connect with similar individuals. People are built to respond to other people, and every person has a deep sense of compassion and a need for reciprocation of that feeling towards themselves.

What this means is that you need to base your Facebook posts around people’s desire of connecting with others. The best way to do this is through motivational posts which present a common interest and appeal. If it brings people together, it’s very beneficial for your endeavors if it’s under your “banner”.

Free brand awareness

It might some rather silly to invest resources into posting motivational posts on Facebook, especially if your business endeavors have nothing to do with motivational content. Not that there’s something wrong with being positive and seeing the good things in life, but what’s the point of it strictly related to business? The thing is that, these posts are often shared within groups, both large and small. People share them with co-workers, family members and friends, and even within community groups. They have a whole lot of meaning for all kinds of people and posting them will reward you with invaluable brand awareness through the post shares that follow.  Every person that will be sensitized by that motivational post will likely end up on your Facebook page, and thus begins their journey of discovery towards your brand and mission.

Work to understand the platform and reach out to your targeted demographic

If your company or business targets a specific demographic, it’s important that you don’t just focus your efforts on general promotion. You need to make sure that your posts and shares reach people from the demographic you are targeting.

A lot of different types of people visit people daily but even so, it’s not different from real life in the sense that groups and communities are formed around the same types of people. You can find all the religious people in religious Facebook communities while athletes and sports fans can be tracked down while investigated the section of a popular sports page which shows you who liked that page. Every post you send out needs to hit its target in order to make your time and efforts worthwhile on Facebook.

Stay away from joint endeavors

A very big mistake that people make when they’re trying to use social media to their advantage is assuming that all social media platforms are the same thing. This is incredibly wrong and it will lead you towards a lackluster campaign. If you are going to use Facebook to your advantage, you need to forget everything you know about other platforms like Twitter or Instagram. What works there will not surely work on Facebook, simply because of the way the two networks are separately built. Take the time to devise a fresh and Facebook-specific strategy for how you want to approach the platform.


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