Finding the Right Digital Expert for the Right Job – Creating a Perfect Fit

You wouldn’t hire the housekeeper to cater your wedding, so why do people think that anyone who is involved with the Internet can accomplish any digital task? The truth is you need to find the right person for the right job.

Graphic Designer

If you are looking for someone to design images and graphics, you need a graphic designer. A great way to tell if the designer that you’ve chosen does great work is to look at work that they have already done. Browse through their portfolio and see if their style fits your needs.

You can also look at their educational background and see if they have a degree or certificate in graphic design. Adobe tools are the industry standard in graphic design. Photoshop and Illustrator are the two main tools that most designers use.

Adobe also offers an Adobe Certified Associate ACA and an Adobe Certified Expert ACE certification that can help showcase the designer’s qualifications.

Digital Store Development

When creating an online presence, you want the most qualified team to do the job. Things to consider are having a functional website or store, that is user-friendly, fast, reliable, and looks amazing.

Finding the right expert on digital depends on a few factors. Looking at past work and even talking to current and past customers can help you gauge what type of work they do and how smooth the process of working with them is.

Also, take note of what services they offer. Are they a full-service agency? Do they offer several solutions from WordPress to Magento development by BingDigital? Do they understand brand development, logo design, and print design? Are they also well-versed in digital marketing and visual media, such as photography and video?

Do they have the proper certifications? Are they a certified solution partner, do they have development or solution specialist certifications? Last but not least, you can find out a lot about a person just by talking to them. Ask questions and find out if working with these people is something that you would enjoy.

Social Media

Finding a social media expert can be a little more challenging. Almost everyone uses social media, and almost everyone thinks that they are an expert. The best way to tell if the person you’re talking to is really a social media expert is to ask for examples of previous campaigns where they achieved results.

You can ask about traffic, conversions, and other metrics that show hard and fast increases. Take a look at their profiles or campaigns that they have worked on and notice their style, humor, and the type of images they use. What one person thinks is funny another person might find offensive. Find someone whose message and style fits your personality.

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing encompasses many things. From content marketing, SEO, PPC, to email marketing, you need to find a digital marketer that focuses on what you need. Certification, experience, and of course past results are good indicators of how successful a campaign ran by this person will be.

No matter what type of digital expert you are looking for it’s very important to find the right person that is qualified for your specific job. A little due diligence and time and effort is time well spent when hiring the perfect partner to complete your project.


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