7 Free Marketing Tools for Identifying and Targeting Your Customers

Knowing your target audience is the core of any marketing strategy and unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to grasp “whom they are trying to reach “.

Thousands or maybe millions of your potential customers are out there but the problem is how to figure them out. What sites do they visit when they come online? What they share on forums or on social media sites? What people they are inspired from or they follow online?

These are the questions that you should know about your target audiences and without having an answer of these questions, may lead you to an undetermined path, so it is a perfect approach to first identify them, then create your marketing strategy based on those results.

There are some splendid tools that will help you to have an insight of your target customers and will provide you with a glance at their online activities.

Tools to analyze target audience is primary

Google Analytics

It a free web analytics tool that offers you statistics and analysis for a successful SEO campaign. It provides you with insights on how user interact with your website.

There are two major building blocks that Google analytics work with i.e. Dimensions and Metrics

  • Dimensions are attributes that inform you, from which origin a session has started and indicates the URL as well.
  • Metrics are the analysis of dimensions like how many pages have been viewed in a session.

Google analytics is embedded with your website and runs a tracking code that tracks information of your user, like how much time one has spent on your webpage etc. and generates a cookie on visitor’s system as well.

It also helps you track conversions on your website. For example, if you need to know the number of persons who registered through a revamped sing-up form, you can go so be setting goals in Google Analytics.

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The ease of filling a registration page matters a lot when you want the users to swiftly sign-up on your eCommerce website. You can modify the code according to the platform you use. The WordPress users can take benefit of WooCommerce registration plugin in adding user-friendly fields that allow drag and drop functionality of adding relevant fields into your web store’s registration forms.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a fusion of Google keyword tool and GoogleAdwords. For making your product advertised for more exposure this tool aids you in creating meaningful ad campaigns. It tells you which keywords you should target and this tool is sufficient to drag thousands of audiences on an average basis.

The tool provides you an interface to type your desired niche-based keywords like diet, nutrition, medication etc. Keep in mind that you have to be specific here as the information you will submit goes through the Google’s internal databases and come up with the meaningful and keyword-based results that you may haven’t considered to target before.

You can also enter your information in the form of phrases as well as “healthy breakfast ideas” etc.


As an owner of a product-based business or a service providing business, you need to know which keywords you should target to reach your potential customers but also you should be aware of your competitors as well, how they are performing through their website.

Domain overview option will tell you a list of your top competitors, their keywords, a list of backlinks they have generated for their websites and how they have advertised their products or services.

The software also lets you know about the competence of a specific keyword or phrase you enter on the search bar.

Off course as a free user you are limited to only a few insights buts as a small business these are enough to manage your future marketing policy.

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Facebook Audience Insights

For a successful business approach, you need to know about online activities, interests, and work of your potential customers. These terms are greatly affixed with how they interact with social media platforms. Talking of social media, Facebook has captured a major share of the social market, having its users increasing day by day.

If you are willing to know your target customers then it is ideal to utilize your Facebook’s ads, targeting specific demographic locations. Facebook lets you know the day your target audience is most engaged. This gives you insights on how and when you can reach them with a social media campaign.

Other than that, you can also see which sort of posts (photos or videos) attract your customers more, through that approach you can guess what your potential customers are up to, what they like most by giving there likes and positive comments.


Ahrefs has as an image of a Giant keyword finder and competitor analysis tool in the SEO arena. It will not only tell you how many backlinks are associated with your competitor’s site, but you can also check which kind of content let them have more visitors on their site.

Also, if your competitor has ranked very high against a specific keyword that doesn’t mean you can’t compete him, there would be other aspects that he wouldn’t have covered yet and you can definitely hit those to draw more power.

More than that, the tool contains different tabs like Site explorer, anchor text, crawled pages, referring domains, SERP analysis, daily stats, etc., that you should really need to explore.

It is one of the best SEO tools when it comes to developing an online marketing strategy but in a free version, you will not get all from it.

Survey Monkey

Survey monkey is a widely popular tool that conducts surveys to judge individuals interests and asking questions to know their likes and dislikes. This technique is perfect for the target audience of similar interests.

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The surveys include a quick poll, competitive analysis or a customer feedback for some specific products. Its reporting features are amazing that offers a huge amount of data analysis and reports. The data and reports then can be shared between team members and every team member can individually suggest his/her opinion based on the analysis.

This tool is also coming in a free version and paid version. Its paid version contains some additional tools that can help you get most of it.


Similar to Sem rush and Ahrefs, Alexa also offers its services to access data, regarding your site and your competitor’s site. One can know the number of users landing on the website, searches performed per month, keyword analysis, etc. On the basis of these statistics, you can improve presences, ranking, and exposure of your website.

You can see where your website stands from the rest. Alexa has a unique ranking system that counts your website’s statistics on the bases of average unique visitors daily and the number of page views from past 3 months.

Alexa offers you all a great opportunity and all the necessary tools to fully monetize your website.


All of these tools come with a free and pro version so you should better consider which one suits you best. By spending your time in research and knowing your target audience’s interests will surely help you to achieve most from your marketing campaigns.

Have you used one of the tools? What are your suggestions? Let us know in your feedback

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