FREE Rife Multi-Purpose Theme (2021): Reviewing A Popular WordPress Theme

What is Rife theme, how it is different, and can it come in handy for you – lets try to answer these question in this short review.

Rife is Multi-Purpose Creative WP theme that has rich option for creatives, photographers, designers and many other that like to show their works with lot of visual effects. It will also be useful for other folks that just want to create some static pages or write a blog.

OK, but there are tons such themes out there, so how Rife theme is different? Well, Rife theme aims to give new way to access theme for demanding users. Key thing, is the distribution of Rife. It is premium level theme, with hundreds of options, that is totally free to use for personal or commercial projects. Basically you can setup sites for your clients without need to pay a single $ for theme license. Folks at Apollo13Themes prepared theme that could easily go head to head with most popular commercial themes, and just give you right to use it as you want.

So were is the catch, or rather where is the cash – you may ask? Catch in this case is that theme is released for free, and it will be that way, but instant access to updates get only those who pay some cash, like 49$ per year for access to updates. Other free users will be left behind maximum 3 versions. Apollo13Themes explains this on their site:

“Unless there is some serious critical fix in newest version of theme, free version will be at most 3 releases behind it. Now, lets say with new release of WordPress whole theme breaks, cause of some nasty hidden bug, and displays white blank page(I know this is horror scenario). We will release fix as soon as possible with next version  and both paid and free version will be in newest available version.”

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So if you are hungry for features in new versions then you should invest in updates plan, otherwise you can use free version forever – cool.

Other thing is case of support. Everyone needs some hint from time to time, mainly when you use advance tools like Rife theme. Sometimes you may need help with setting up options in proper way, other time you need help with CSS modification to tweak your newsletter. Also there are thousands of server configurations out there, with even more plugins that you can possibly install. Often it takes only one option in one of those to make your site not working correctly.

 For such scenario folks at Apollo13Themes give you access to their online documentation and their support forum. However in free version you get access to this forum in read-only mode. If you need direct help you will have to pay, and their support plans starts from around 12$ per month.

Time to say a bit about theme. Rife comes with hundreds of options that you can easily change, to tweak many things to your needs. This should make all, or almost all, of your work done without need for any code tweaks.
Theme includes a premium plugins that you get for free like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. It also comes with the many predefined demos(at the moment of writing there are 10 demos to chose from) and more will be added soon. It can help you start your site, thanks to included in theme demo importer that will to do all things for you. Next you just swap content and you are done.
Rife was specially prepared to work with WooCommerce plugin so there is option to use it as base of your online shop. You can even connect your albums photos with products in your shop, so you have more options to present your goods.
Theme is also translation ready, so if you plan on using WPML or native WordPress translation you shouldn’t face any issues. Folks that like to show up their photos for sure will find useful their powerful media manger for working with photos in albums and works.
There are many more features that you can see in premium themes of that quality, so best would be to just give it a spin and check what you can do with it.

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Download and use it for free HERE.


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